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Star Wars

With a several feature films, an animated movie and a TV series, there has been no shortage of subject matter for the Star Wars brand to draw from for trading card products. Starting with the release of the 1977 film, the Topps company has produced an endless stream of trading card sets based on the popular franchise.

A Growing Following

Fans of the Star Wars films have developed into an almost cult-like following. As a result of this rabid fan base and appeal to people of all ages, it should come as no surprise that no other Hollywood property has given rise to a more extensive line of trading cards, comics and toys than Star Wars. The film has proved to be a successful crossover medium for collectors who may have an interest in toys and/or comic books but not trading cards. This brand changed all that bringing new collectors into the hobby as a result.

Plenty of Choices

The Star Wars brand of trading cards has allowed its manufacturer, Topps, to incorporate numerous design and product configurations into the product line. From 3D printing technology to autographs and costume cards, their has been no shortage of choices for collectors to pursue, making Star Wars one of the most successful entertainment trading card lines of all time. A review of the 10 Best Star Wars Sets Ever Made provides a detailed look at how some of these elements have played into the brand’s success.

A Never Ending Story

One might think that with the now dozens of trading card products produced to date, that fans and collectors might be growing weary of the brand. Such is not the case as Topps continues to provide new, and never before seen characters, autographs and costumes into every new release. As an example, it took until 2012 for an autographed trading card to be made of one of the film’s most popular characters, Harrison Ford as Hans Solo. The value of the card exploded beyond everybody’s expectations on the secondary market. With three written, yet un-produced films still left in George Lucas’ arsenal, the mere thought of additional movies has collectors eagerly awaiting each new trading card release in anticipation of the making of the next trilogy.

Star Wars Card Sets

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