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Trading Card Manufacturers

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From their humble beginnings in New York during the early 20th century, Topps has blossomed into a multi-million dollar corporate powerhouse.


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Upper Deck

When Upper Deck debuted on the baseball card scene back in 1989 they caused a frenzy in the hobby the likes of which had never been seen before.


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Panini is a new name on the hobby scene for North American based collectors, having just come into existence just a few short years ago. However, the Panini story really starts with that of long time industry staple Donruss.


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In The Game

Even a small company can have a big impact on the hobby of sports cards. In The Game has been proving that for more than a decade, blending creativity and innovation with a strong sense of history to make products that continue to excite hockey collectors.


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Press Pass

Press Pass is younger than most of the surviving sports card manufacturers, but it's managed to carve out a nice niche for itself by trying new things and steering clear of battling other companies for licenses in the biggest pro sports.


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TRISTAR's sports card division produces Minor League Baseball and Wrestling Cards.


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The Leaf brand was resurrected by Razor owner Brian Gray in 2010 and brings a style of product very similar to that of the now defunct baseball manufacturer.


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SAGE is involved exclusively in the football card industry, specializing in the pre-season rookie niche.