1977 Wonder Bread Star Wars Trading Cards

1977 Wonder Bread Star Wars Trading Cards


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1977 Wonder Bread Star Wars is one of the few trading card sets released in North America that doesn't carry the Topps name.

The small set remains popular today with collectors with professionally graded versions showing particular strength.

1977 Wonder Bread Star Wars Set Details

The 1977 Wonder Bread Star Wars trading card set has 16 cards. Key characters, droids and spaceships are the focus. Card fronts have a black border with a large Star Wars logo running up the right side. A yellow nameplate includes both the character's name and the actor portraying them. In the instance of droids, there's the full name in the first line and an abbreviated one below. The majority of the images should be familiar to Star Wars card collectors as most were also used during Topps' original run of cards based on the move.

1977 Wonder Bread Star Wars Trading Cards 1

Card backs are rather plain. They have a short description of the character or ship on the front. There are no real visual elements.

1977 Wonder Bread Star Wars Trading Cards 2

1977 Wonder Bread Star Wars cards were distributed one per loaf of bread. Bread bags came with a label promoting the premium. Because of it, even the bags carry value today with collectors looking to make a master collection. Black borders are hard to keep in top condition in regular packs. Now place those cards in a loaf of bread that's stacked on shelves, tossed in carts and squished between a jug of milk and a bag of bruised apples and you've got a set that's condition sensitive. However, a mail-away offer let collectors order a full set direct from the factory, including a special holder.

Today, a lot of top-grade cards have been professionally graded. While PSA 8s and 9s are still relatively inexpensive, Gem Mint 10 examples can run into the hundreds, if not higher. This is in large part because the set is so popular with Star Wars collectors and gem mint copies are so rare. Sets that haven't been graded remain very affordable as the set size is so small and the supply is somewhat plentiful.


Set Checklist

1977 Wonder Bread Star Wars Checklist

1977 Wonder Bread Star Wars Trading Cards 3

1 Luke Skywalker
2 Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
3 Princess Leia Organa
4 Han Solo
5 Darth Vader
6 Grand Moff Tarkin
7 See-Threepio
8 Artoo-Deetoo
9 Chewbacca
10 Jawas
11 Tusken Raiders
12 Stormtroopers
13 Millenium Falcon
14 Star Destroyer
15 X-Wing
16 TIE -- Vader's Ship


1977 Wonder Bread Star Wars Trading Cards 4

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