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2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Complete Set - Limited Edition

2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Complete Set – Limited Edition

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2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Complete Set combines each of the base card sets specifically for The Force Awakens into one simple release. The online-only product features a factory format which includes all the cards from the three main Topps products that focus on Episode VII.

Exclusive to Topps' online store, 2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Complete Set contains a total of 310 base cards. Collectors can find 110 cards from Journey to TFA, and 100 cards each from Series 1 and Series 2. The two short prints from Series 2 are not part of this release. Offering something to distinguish the cards from the pack-pulled base, all 310 cards showcase a special "Complete Set" foil stamp.

Unlike many of the other factory sets from the card maker, 2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Complete Set does not include any added exclusives as part of the product.

2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Complete Set is sold directly through the Topps site for $49.99 per box.

Topps also has a Limited Edition set that is capped at 1,000 box sets. These add a Limited Edition foil stamp and cost $99.99 through Topps.

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2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Complete Set - Limited Edition 2

Release Date:  Standard9/14/2016; Limited - 11/3/2016
Product Configuration: 310-card factory set

2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Complete Set Break

  • 310 Base Cards
2016 Topps STAR WARS FORCE AWAKENS Limited Edition Sealed Factory Set 310 Cards $120.00 Buy this product now on ebay
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Set Checklist

2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Complete Set Checklist

310 cards.

Journey to TFA
1 Negotiations gone wrong
2 Power of the Podrace
3 A sorrowful good-bye
4 No confidence in Valorum
5 The Sith return
6 Assassination: Failed
7 The mystery on Kamino
8 Supreme powers
9 The Battle of Geonosis
10 The Clone Wars begin
11 Battle over Coruscant
12 Rematch with Dooku
13 A wonderful secret
14 Stopping Grievous
15 Arrest gone bad
16 Order 66
17 Jedi vs. Jedi
18 Duel in the senate
19 Rise of Darth Vader
20 Looking to the future
21 The dreaded Darth Vader
22 The princess and the plans
23 Droids on the run
24 Jumped by Jawas
25 A fateful decision
26 Old Ben's revelation
27 Creature cantina
28 Han Solo
29 Luke's first lesson
30 The end of Alderaan
31 A great disturbance
32 A rescue begins!
33 Prisoner transfer?
34 The garbage compactor
35 Across the chasm
36 Master vs. Master
37 The Rebel base
38 The Rebellion's last hope
39 Assault on the Death Star
40 A time for celebration
41 Luke's frozen expedition
42 Han says good-bye
43 The Wampa dines
44 Luke's recovery
45 The Rebels are found!
46 Imperial AT-AT
47 Snow battle
48 Into the asteroid field
49 Luke's new friend
50 Message from the Emperor
51 A Jedi to be
52 Lessons through failure
53 Bounty hunters
54 Yoda's great power
55 Bespin and betrayal
56 The freezing process
57 Cloud City showdown
58 A terrible secret
59 Luke awaiting rescue
60 Forward to the future
61 Vader's inspection
62 Back on Tatooine
63 The mighty Jabba
64 Jedi unveiled
65 Han Solo's return
66 The Rancor feasts
67 Skirmish at the Sarlacc
68 Yoda's farewell
69 The Emperor's arrival
70 Lessons from Ben
71 Planning the attack
72 Speeder Bike dash
73 The Skywalker twins
74 Luke Skywalker's temptation
75 Battle in the forest
76 Assault on the second Death Star
77 The final duel
78 Anakin revealed
79 Victory at Endor
80 Spirits of the past
81 Finn on the run
82 BB-8 rolls into action
83 Stormtroopers en route
84 Rey pilots her speeder
85 Rey takes off
86 X-wings in flight
87 Kylo Ren, dark warrior
88 The Millennium Falcon Attacked
89 Star Destroyer fallen
90 Poe pilots the X-wing
91 A mysterious figure
92 A Lightsaber from the past
93 Resistance forces in flight
94 Poe Dameron's excitement
95 Escaping on foot
96 Master of evil
97 The First Order
98 Resilient survivor
99 TIE fighters attack
100 A mysterious attack
101 Finn's dilemma
102 The Star Destroyer
103 Captain Phasma
104 BB-8 peeks out
105 Rey, Desert Scavenger
106 A helping hand
107 A wild chase
108 The pursuit gets dangerous
109 "Chewie, we're home"
110 Star Wars: The Force Awakens
TFA Series 1
1 Kylo Ren
2 Finn
3 Rey
4 Poe Dameron
5 Captain Phasma
6 BB-8
7 First Order Stormtrooper
8 Riot Control Stormtrooper
9 First Order Flametrooper
10 C-3PO
11 Teedo
12 Lor San Tekka
13 Constable Zuvio
14 Sarco Plank
15 Ilco Munico
16 Bobbajo
17 Major Ematt
18 Snap Wexley
19 Unkar Plutt
20 Unkar's Thug
21 General Hux
22 Gwellis Bagnoro & Izby
23 First Order TIE Pilot
24 Han Solo
25 Chewbacca
26 Korr Sella
27 Admiral Statura
28 Admiral Ackbar
29 Guavian Death Gang Enforcer
30 GA-97
31 PZ-4CO
32 Razoo Qin-Fee
33 Doctor Kalonia
34 "Crusher" Roodown
35 Jashco Phurus
36 Tasu Leech
37 Quiggold
38 General Organa
39 Bala-tik
40 FN-2187
41 Pru Sweevant
42 Chancellor Villecham
43 R2-D2
44 Strono "Cookie" Tuggs
45 Major Brance
46 Hassk Triplets
47 Athgar Heece
48 Nien Nunb
49 Colonel Datoo
50 Praster Ommlen
51 Unkar's Thug
52 Sidon Ithano
53 Resistance X-wing Fighter
54 First Order Transporter
55 The Finalizer
56 Special Forces TIE Fighter
57 First Order Snowspeeder
58 Poe's X-wing Fighter
59 Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle
60 First Order TIE Fighter
61 Flight of the X-Wing
62 Poe Dameron's mission
63 Invasion of Jakku
64 Stormtrooper Assault
65 The Capture of Lor San Tekka
66 Finn Faces Captain Phasma
67 FN-2187, also known as Finn!
68 Scavenging the Battlefield
69 A Scavenger known as Rey
70 Rey and her Speeder
71 In the Niima Marketplace
72 Rey faces Unkar Plutt
73 Rey Returns Home
74 Rey Dines at Home
75 Teedo's big find
76 Freeing BB-8
77 Teedo walks away
78 Directions to Niima Outpost
79 Rey's new friend?
80 Rey's Invitation
81 BB-8 tags along
82 Unkar's offer
83 Rey refuses Unkar
84 Poe's interrogation
85 Finn's grand plan
86 Crash on Jakku
87 Finn through the desert
88 Battle for BB-8
89 Running from Stormtroopers
90 Rey and Finn's escape
91 Rey starts the Millennium Falcon
92 Finn Fires!
93 Escaping from TIEs
94 Pursuit through the wreckage
95 Into the Super Star Destroyer
96 Free from the First Order
97 The Millennium Falcon!
98 Kylo Ren's Promise
99 A clever hiding spot
100 Han Solo & Chewbacca return home
TFA Series 2
1 Secret Mission
2 Poe Dameron Meets Lor San Tekka
3 The First Order Arrives on Jakku!
4 A Village Invaded
5 Captain Phasma Leads the Attack
6 Flametroopers Burn the Village
7 Kylo Ren's Power
8 Lor San Tekka's Last Stand
9 FN-2187's Conflict
10 BB-8 Gets Away
11 Kylo Ren & General Hux Confer
12 Captain Phasma Makes Her Rounds
13 FN-2187's Plan
14 Tortured by Kylo Ren
15 FN-2187 Guards Over Poe
16 Leading Poe to Freedom
17 The TIE Fighter Hangar
18 FN-2187 Fires Back
19 Kylo Ren Enraged
20 Crash Landing on Jakku
21 Lone Survivor?
22 Rey, the Masked Scavenger of Jakku
23 Rey on her Speeder
24 The Greedy Unkar Plutt
25 Answering a Distress Call
26 BB-8 Follows Rey Home
27 Back at Niima Outpost
28 Unkar Plutt's Offer
29 Rey's Incredible Strength
30 A Shocking Surprise
31 Under Attack
32 Fleeing The First Order
33 Piloting The Millennium Falcon
34 The First Order in Pursuit
35 TIE Fighter Assault
36 Chase Through the Ship Graveyard
37 A Perfect Shot
38 A Narrow Escape
39 Finn Confides in BB-8
40 Preparing for the Worst
41 Han Solo & Chewie Return Home
42 Rey & Finn Meet The Legendary Han Solo
43 Cornered by The Guavian Death Gang
44 Han Springs into Action
45 The Rathtars are Free!
46 A Perilous Departure
47 Jump to Lightspeed
48 General Organa Receives Bad News
49 Arriving on Takodana
50 Maz's Castle
51 The Castle's Colorful Guests
52 Finn Arranges an Exit
53 A Calling Deep Within the Castle
54 A Mysterious Figure
55 General Hux's Grand Speech
56 The First Order Rallies on Starkiller Base
57 The Starkiller Weapon is Activated
58 Repercussions on Takodana
59 Defending the Castle
60 Han & Chewie Battle The First Order
61 Kylo Ren's Arrival
62 The First Order on the Offensive
63 Rey & BB-8 in the Forest
64 Rey Fights Off The First Order
65 Tracked Down by Kylo Ren
66 Rey is Captured
67 Finn Ignites the Lightsaber
68 Battling FN-2199
69 Our Heroes Outnumbered
70 Forced to Surrender
71 Resistance Fighters to the Rescue!
72 Finn Spots an Old Friend
73 BB-8 Reunited With R2-D2
74 Kylo Ren Interrogates Rey
75 Reporting to Supreme Leader Snoke
76 Doctor Kalonia Examines Chewbacca
77 Powering the Starkiller Weapon
78 The Resistance Plans Their Next Move
79 Han & Leia Say Good-Bye
80 A Critical Mission
81 Rey's Awakening
82 Rey on The Run
83 Arriving On Starkiller Base
84 Spotting Captain Phasma
85 Finn in Charge
86 Colonel Datoo Reports
87 Rey Climbs to Safety
88 Finn & Rey Reunited
89 Trapped by Kylo Ren
90 Finn Draws the Lightsaber
91 Finn Bravely Duels Kylo Ren
92 The Duel of Rey and Kylo Ren
93 Resistance Pilots Take Aim
94 Jess Testor Pava Gives It Everything She's Got
95 Waiting In Anticipation
96 The Resistance Succeeds
97 Chewbacca Searches for Rey & Finn
98 Rey & Finn Rescued
99 Return to the Resistance Base
100 May The Force Be With You

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Michael Day
Michael Day

I have multiple 2015 series one base card #58, Poe’s x-wing fighter. I found one to have a stamp on the back marked 061/250. What makes this one more special than the other ones I have?


Were any of the original base cards for any of the force awakens sets autographed?

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