1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 Trading Cards

1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 Trading Cards


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With the release of a new Star Wars film came more trading cards from Topps. 1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 was, at the time, the largest single series release for the franchise. The 132-card base set is double what any of the five series made for the first film. The 33 stickers triples any of the Star Wars sets.

Following a title card, 1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 begins with ten "Star File" cards that profile the film's main characters. The most notable is that of Boba Fett. The next 100 cards recap the film, save for a couple of major spoilers. The legendary artwork of Ralph McQuarrie is spotlighted on 13 cards toward the end of the set before two checklists close things out.

Unlike the cards from the first Star Wars film that mixed puzzles and text on card backs, 1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 uses text throughout the base set.

Inserted one per pack, 1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 Stickers offer a lot of variety. The first 22 feature die-cut letters with characters inside. The idea was that collectors could decorate their books, lockers, walls or anywhere else by building their name or anything else they may want to write out. Characters take the spotlight in the final 11 stickers, although some have up to four different small ones. Stickers have a puzzle on the back.

This is the first of three sets for The Empire Strikes Back. Besides the numbering, Series 1 cards can be identified by the red inset borders. 1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 Stickers have yellow backgrounds.

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Set Checklist

1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 Trading Cards Checklist

1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 Set Checklist

132 cards

1 Title Card
2 Star File - Luke Skywalker
3 Star File - Princess Leia
4 Star File - Han Solo
5 Star File - Chewbacca
6 Star File - See-Threepio
7 Star File - Artoo-Detoo
8 Star File - Lando Calrissian
9 Star File - Yoda
10 Star File - Darth Vader
11 Star File - Boba Fett
12 The Imperial Probot
13 Planet of Ice
14 "Where's Luke?"
15 Droids on Patrol
16 The Hidden Rebel Base
17 New Rebel Strategy
18 General Rieekan
19 Leia's Plan
20 Prey of the Wampa
21 "Examined: Luke's TaunTaun
22 "But Sir, I Mmmh . . . Mffh . . . "
23 In Search of Luke
24 Frozen Death
25 Skywalker's Rescue
26 Luke's Fight for Life
27 Rejuvenation Chamber
28 Surgeon Droid
29 Artoo's Icy Vigil
30 Metal Monster
31 Zeroing In On Chewie!
32 Han Solo Aims for Action!
33 Destroying the Probot
34 Death of Admiral Ozzel
35 The Freedom Fighters
36 Rebel Defenses
37 Armed Against the Enemy
38 Joined by Dack
39 The Sound of Terror
40 Suddenly . . . Starfire!
41 Rattled by the Enemy!
42 Might of the Imperial Forces
43 The Snow Walkers
44 Luke . . . Trapped!
45 Escape From Icy Peril
46 "Retreat! Retreat!"
47 Headquarters in Shambles
48 Han's Makeshift Escape
49 Invaded!
50 Vader and the Snowtroopers
51 Snowtroopers of the Empire
52 Millennium Falcon: Getaway Ship!
53 Emergency Blastoff!
54 Battle of the Star Destroyer
55 Fix-it Man Han Solo
56 A Sudden Change of Plan
57 Misty World of Dagobah
58 The Creature Called Yoda
59 "Welcome, Young Luke!"
60 Journey Through the Swamp
61 Yoda's House
62 Artoo Peeking Through
63 The Secret of Yoda
64 The Princess Lends a Hand
65 Repairing Hyperdrive
66 Star Lovers
67 "Pardon Me Sir, But . . . Ohhh!"
68 Mysterious and Deadly Chamber
69 Attacked by Bat-Like Creatures!
70 "Use the Force, Luke!"
71 Raising Luke's X-Wing
72 A Need Beyond Reason
73 A Gathering of Evils
74 The Bounty Hunters
75 IG-88 and Boba Fett
76 Enter Lando Calrissian
77 Warm Welcome for an Old Buddy
78 Conniving Pals
79 "Greetings, Sweet Lady"
80 Calrissian's Main Man
81 Pretty as a Princess!
82 A Swarm of Ugnaughts
83 Threepio . . . Blasted to Bits!
84 A Pile of See-Threepio!
85 Escorted by Lando
86 Dinner Guests
87 Host of Horror
88 Deflecting Solo's Blasts
89 Alas, Poor Threepio!
90 The Ordeal
91 The Price of Boba Fett
92 His Day of Triumph
93 The Carbon-Freezing Chamber
94 End of the Star Warriors?
95 Pawn of the Evil One
96 "No! This Can't Be Happening!"
97 The Fate of Han Solo
98 Boba's Special Delivery
99 Observed by Luke
100 Luke Arrives
101 Ready for Action!
102 The Search for Vader
103 "Where Are You, Skywalker?"
104 Dark Lord of the Sith
105 Weapon of Light
106 The Confrontation
107 Duel of the Lightsabers
108 Escape From Their Captors
109 Lando . . . Friend or Foe?
110 Leia Takes Control
111 Blasting the Stormtroopers!
112 Artoo to the Rescue!
113 Spectacular Battle!
114 "Embrace the Dark Side!"
115 "Hate Me, Luke! Destroy Me!"
116 Luke's Last Stand
117 "Do You Have a Foot in my Size?"
118 Probot
119 Falcon on Hoth
120 Snow Walkers
121 The Pursued
122 Darth Vader
123 Swamps of Dagobah
124 Cloud City
125 Lando's Greeting
126 Threepio's Destruction
127 Luke Battling Darth
128 The Final Stand
129 Rescue
130 Ion Cannon
131 Checklist 1-66
132 Checklist 67-132
1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 Trading Cards 1

1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Stickers Set Checklist

33 stickers. Inserted one per pack. The first 22 stickers are letter combos with Star Wars characters and designs inside.

1 F O
2 R I
3 A E
4 B X
5 U I
6 W U
7 M N
8 C D
9 O U
10 H E
11 E O
12 Y U
13 A K
14 A V
15 E S
16 Q L
17 A I
18 I O
19 Z T
20 G J
21 E I
22 A P
23 Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, C-3P0
24 C-3P0
25 Luke with Yoda and Han Solo on TaunTaun
26 Stormtrooper and Boba Fett
27 Trooper Luke Skywalker and Yoda
28 Too Onebee, Bossk and Lobot
29 Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca
30 Boba Fett
31 Stormtrooper and IG-88
32 C-3P0, Lando Calrissian and R2-D2
33 Darth Vader
1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 1 Trading Cards 2

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  1. I have original empire strikes back 4pack still in the packaging, series 1trading cards was looking for a rough estimate of value

  2. I have cards from two sources, and they seem to use different cardboards. This is detectable only on the backs. The whiter cardboard mentions Scanlens in the trademark info and the grey (cheaper?) cardboard does not. Why is this? Are the grey cards from Topps?

  3. PS Scanlens produced the ESB cards in Australia back then…

  4. i have three unopened boxes of series 1 cards. curious about their worth.

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