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Hottest Cards: By Player

Curious about the most popular cards available to purchase for a specific player? Our custom-built tool utilizes proprietary technology to identify a player’s hottest sports cards at auction. It analyzes all relevant live eBay listings and then ranks them real-time using popularity-based metrics such as watch counts, page views, internal searches and more.

That means you can see a snapshot of the card auctions driving the card collecting industry for the likes of Michael Jordan, Mickey Mantle, Kobe Bryant, Mike Trout, Derek Jeter, Babe Ruth, Tom Brady, LeBron James, Connor McDavid, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Aaron Judge, Kris Bryant, and many more.

In addition to the hottest sports cards by player lists for various all-time greats and rising stars covered below, you can conduct your own “hot list” search on active eBay auction listings using the same basic process. This free hobby tool allows you to input any search you want and get a customized real-time list.

It should also be noted that manufacturers sometimes issue additional series to regular sets that may also include rookie cards. Rookies released in this fashion are designated as being XRC's (extended rookie cards). For star players, the XRC cards in no way diminishes demand and as a result often see increases in value much like the rookie cards in a regular set. As the current sole licensee of baseball cards, Topps has introduced new terminology in an attempt to differentiate a player's rookie prospect card from their official MLB issue ones by terming the former "First Year" cards. This is to distinguish between a player's first-year for having cards produced in an MLB set from a player's actual MLB rookie year which can often be several years after the first card is produced.