2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black Trading Cards Checklist and Odds

2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black Trading Cards Checklist and Odds

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Embracing the dark side, 2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black brings the chromium brand to the Star Wars galaxy for the first time.

Collectors might recognize the style from Topps Chrome Black MLB.

The four-card Hobby boxes deliver one encased autograph.

2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black Base / Refractors

With 100 cards in the base set, 2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black features "the most sought-after characters."

Each box contains two base cards and one limited parallel.

2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black Base Refractor Parallels Breakdown

  • Base Refractor - #/199
  • Green Refractor - #/99
  • Blue Refractor - #/75
  • Gold Refractor - #/50
  • Orange Refractor - #/25
  • Magenta Refractor - #/10
  • Red Refractor - #/5
  • SuperFractor - 1/1

2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black Trading Cards Checklist and Odds 1

2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black Autographs

As for the autographs, the 2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black checklist offers four options.

Look for Topps Chrome Black Autographs cards along with Topps Chrome Black Autographs B Design cards, which feature a smaller Refractor rainbow. The Maul card showcases the "B" design.

2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black Trading Cards Checklist and Odds 2

There's also the Dark Side Autographs insert.

2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black Trading Cards Checklist and Odds 3

The Galactic Black Autographs set is another choice.

2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black Trading Cards Checklist and Odds 4

Release Date: November 2, 2022
Product Configuration: 4 cards per pack, 1 pack box, 12 boxes per case

2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black Hobby Box Break

  • 1 Autograph
  • 1 Base Parallel


Set Checklist

2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black Checklist


Subject to change.




Base Set Checklist

100 cards.
REFRACTOR PARALLELS: Base Refractor #/199 (1:2), Green #/99 (1:4), Blue #/75 (1:5), Gold #/50 (1:7), Orange #/25 (1:14), Magenta #/10 (1:34), Red #/5 (1:68), SuperFractor 1/1.

1 Darth Vader - A New Hope
2 Obi-Wan Kenobi - The Phantom Menace
3 Yoda - The Empire Strikes Back
4 Han Solo - A New Hope
5 Luke Skywalker - A New Hope
6 Chewbacca - A New Hope
7 R2-D2 - A New Hope
8 Princess Leia Organa - A New Hope
9 Boba Fett - Return of the Jedi
10 Darth Maul - The Phantom Menace
11 Ahsoka Tano - The Mandalorian
12 The Mandalorian - The Mandalorian
13 Emperor Palpatine - Revenge of the Sith
14 C-3PO - A New Hope
15 Lando Calrissian - Solo
16 Grogu - The Mandalorian
17 Jabba The Hutt - The Phantom Menace
18 Admiral Ackbar - The Force Awakens
19 Count Dooku - Attack of the Clones
20 Kylo Ren - The Force Awakens
21 Rey - The Force Awakens
22 BB-8 - The Force Awakens
23 Poe Dameron - The Force Awakens
24 Finn - The Force Awakens
25 Greedo - A New Hope
26 K-2SO - Rogue One
27 Captain Tarkin - The Clone Wars
28 Mace Windu - Attack of the Clones
29 Chirrut Îmwe - Rogue One
30 Bib Fortuna - The Phantom Menace
31 Qui-Gon Jinn - The Phantom Menace
32 General Grievous - Revenge of the Sith
33 Wicket W. Warrick - Return of the Jedi
34 Enfys Nest - Solo
35 Mon Mothma - Return of the Jedi
36 Vice Admiral Holdo - The Last Jedi
37 Wedge Antilles - Return of the Jedi
38 Qi'ra - Solo
39 Jar Jar Binks - The Phantom Menace
40 Sebulba - The Phantom Menace
41 Padmé Amidala - The Phantom Menace
42 Jango Fett - Attack of the Clones
43 Hunter - The Bad Batch
44 Wrecker - The Bad Batch
45 Tech - The Bad Batch
46 Crosshair - The Bad Batch
47 Echo - The Bad Batch
48 Omega - The Bad Batch
49 Captain Phasma - The Force Awakens
50 Grand Admiral Thrawn - Star Wars Rebels
51 Asajj Ventress - The Clone Wars
52 Moff Gideon - The Mandalorian
53 Fennec Shand - The Mandalorian
54 Koska Reeves - The Mandalorian
55 Kuiil - The Mandalorian
56 IG-11 - The Mandalorian
57 Greef Karga - The Mandalorian
58 Mayfeld - The Mandalorian
59 Cobb Vanth - The Mandalorian
60 Peli Motto - The Mandalorian
61 Bo-Katan Kryze - The Mandalorian
62 Axe Woves - The Mandalorian
63 Ezra Bridger - Star Wars Rebels
64 Sabine Wren - Star Wars Rebels
65 Kanan Jarrus - Star Wars Rebels
66 Captain Rex - Star Wars Rebels
67 The Grand Inquisitor - Star Wars Rebels
68 Zeb Orrelios - Star Wars Rebels
69 Hera Syndulla - Star Wars Rebels
70 Saw Gerrera - Rogue One
71 Jyn Erso - Rogue One
72 Cassian Andor - Rogue One
73 Galen Erso - Rogue One
74 Bodhi Rook - Rogue One
75 Director Krennic - Rogue One
76 Kit Fisto - Revenge of the Sith
77 Boushh - Return of the Jedi
78 Biggs Darklighter - A New Hope
79 Zam Wesell - Attack of the Clones
80 Bolo - The Bad Batch
81 Commander Cody - Revenge of the Sith
82 IG-88 - The Empire Strikes Back
83 Anakin Skywalker - Revenge of the Sith
84 Supreme Leader Snoke - The Last Jedi
85 Rose Tico - The Last Jedi
86 Beaumont Kin - The Rise of Skywalker
87 Aurra Sing - The Phantom Menace
88 Cad Bane - The Clone Wars
89 Nala Se - The Bad Batch
90 Lama Su - The Bad Batch
91 Cut Lawquane - The Bad Batch
92 Vice Admiral Rampart - The Bad Batch
93 Quinlan Vos - The Clone Wars
94 Lobot - The Empire Strikes Back
95 Max Rebo - Return of the Jedi
96 Salacious B. Crumb - Return of the Jedi
97 Pao - Rogue One
98 Sidon Ithano - The Force Awakens
99 Plo Koon - Revenge of the Sith
100 Cid - The Bad Batch


2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black Autograph Checklist



Topps Chrome Black Autographs "A Design" Checklist

69 cards.
REFRACTOR PARALLELS: Green #/99 (1:12), Gold #/50 (1:18), Orange #/25 (1:22), Red #/5 (1:97), SuperFractor 1/1 (1:409).

A-AB Anna Brewster
A-AD Adam Driver
A-AEH Alden Ehrenreich
A-AK Andrew Kishino
A-AS Andy Serkis
A-ASE Amy Sedaris
A-BD Ben Diskin
A-BDW Billy Dee Williams
A-BED Ben Daniels
A-BL Billie Lourd
A-CF Carrie Fisher
A-CM Cameron Monaghan
A-CS Christopher Sean
A-CW Carl Weathers
A-DBB Dee Bradley Baker
A-DBC Dee Bradley Baker
A-DBE Dee Bradley Baker
A-DBH Dee Bradley Baker
A-DBT Dee Bradley Baker
A-DBW Dee Bradley Baker
A-DC Dave Chapman
A-DLI Diana Lee Inosanto
A-DR Daisy Ridley
A-EC Emilia Clarke
A-EK Erin Kellyman
A-EM Ewan McGregor
A-ES Emily Swallow
A-FJ Felicity Jones
A-FPJ Freddie Prinze Jr.
A-FW Forest Whitaker
A-GC Gwendoline Christie
A-GE Giancarlo Esposito
A-GG Greg Grunberg
A-HC Hayden Christensen
A-HF Harrison Ford
A-HQ Hugh Quarshie
A-IM Ian McDiarmid
A-JB John Boyega
A-JC Jim Cummings
A-JD Julie Dolan
A-JK Jaime King
A-KMT Kelly Marie Tran
A-KSH Kiran Shah
A-MD Mark Dodson
A-MIB Michonne Bourriague
A-MNW Ming-Na Wen
A-MV Mercedes Varnado
A-MW Matthew Wood
A-NA Naomi Ackie
A-NF Nika Futterman
A-NN Nick Nolte
A-NP Natalie Portman
A-PAR Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
A-PK Paul Kasey
A-PL Phil LaMarr
A-PSL Paul Sun-Hyung Lee
A-RAD Robin Atkin Downes
A-RD Rosario Dawson
A-RZ Riz Ahmed
A-SA Stephen Stanton
A-SB Steve Blum
A-SL Scott Lawrence
A-SLJ Samuel L. Jackson
A-TG Taylor Gray
A-TR Tim Rose
A-TS Tiya Sircar
A-VM Vanessa Marshall
A-WD Warwick Davis
A-WH Werner Herzog


Topps Chrome Black Autographs "B Design" Checklist

45 cards.
REFRACTOR PARALLELS: Gold #/50 (1:22), Orange #/25 (1:38), Red #/5 (1:165), SuperFractor 1/1 (1:660).

AB-AD Adam Driver
AB-ADA Annabelle Davis
AB-AL Amanda Lawrence
AB-ASE Amy Sedaris
AB-BD Ben Diskin
AB-BDW Billy Dee Williams
AB-BH Brian Herring
AB-BL Billie Lourd
AB-CF Carrie Fisher
AB-CH Clint Howard
AB-CS Christopher Sean
AB-DBE Dee Bradley Baker
AB-DBR Dee Bradley Baker
AB-DR Daisy Ridley
AB-EM Ewan McGregor
AB-FJ Felicity Jones
AB-FW Forest Whitaker
AB-GC Gwendoline Christie
AB-GG Greg Grunberg
AB-HC Hayden Christensen
AB-HF Harrison Ford
AB-IMC Ian McDiarmid
AB-JB John Boyega
AB-JC Jim Cummings
AB-JI Jason Isaacs
AB-KS Kiran Shah
AB-KY Keone Young
AB-LBR Lynn Robertson Bruce
AB-LM Lars Mikkelsen
AB-MBJ Mark Boone Jr.
AB-MNW Ming-Na Wen
AB-MR Misty Rosas
AB-MU Megan Udall
AB-MW Matthew Wood
AB-NF Nika Futterman
AB-NP Natalie Portman
AB-PK Paul Kasey
AB-PL Phil LaMarr
AB-RAD Robin Atkin Downes
AB-RB Ralph Brown
AB-SLJ Samuel L. Jackson
AB-SS Stephen Stanton
AB-SW Sam Witwer
AB-TS Tiya Sircar
AB-WD Warwick Davis


Dark Side Autographs Set Checklist

15 cards. 1:16 boxes.
REFRACTOR PARALLELS: Red #/5 (1:548), SuperFractor 1/1 (1:2,154).

DS-AB Anna Brewster
DS-AD Adam Driver
DS-AS Andy Serkis
DS-DLI Diana Lee Inosanto
DS-DR Daisy Ridley
DS-GE Giancarlo Esposito
DS-HC Hayden Christensen
DS-IMC Ian McDiarmid
DS-JI Jason Isaacs
DS-PAR Philip Anthony-Rodriguez
DS-PB Paul Bettany
DS-RB Richard Brake
DS-REG Richard E. Grant
DS-SMG Sarah Michelle Gellar
DS-SS Stephen Stanton


Galactic Black Autographs Set Checklist

11 cards. 1:58 boxes.
REFRACTOR PARALLELS: Red #/5 (1:1,616), SuperFractor 1/1 (1:2,937).

GB-AD Adam Driver
GB-AE Alden Ehrenreich
GB-CF Carrie Fisher
GB-CW Carl Weathers
GB-DR Daisy Ridley
GB-EC Emilia Clarke
GB-EM Ewan McGregor
GB-HC Hayden Christensen
GB-HF Harrison Ford
GB-JB John Boyega
GB-NP Natalie Portman


2022 Topps Star Wars Chrome Black Odds / NPN Info


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  1. Nice looking cards but beware that all of the top autograph names are SSP. No guaranteed case hits so expect a lot of dupes of common bottom tier autos. Depending on how the market for the base/parallels shake out, rating may be +/- one star here…

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