The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made

There are hobby superstars and then there's Michael Jordan. He transcends everything before him and Michael Jordan cards will be the measuring stick for everything that follows.

No matter the release, Michael Jordan cards sell. While there are thousands that command anywhere from the price of lunch up to a hefty house mortgage, there are some elite standouts.

Shop for Professionally Graded Michael Jordan cards on eBay.

The list of Michael Jordan cards that follows isn't only about value, although there are certainly tons of investment-worthy pieces here. Rather, we look at 23 Michael Jordan cards that could be considered cornerstones of almost any collection. They chart his early years, crazy inserts, limited parallels, autographs and memorabilia cards. Above all, they catch our attention.

This is by no means a definitive list of the best Michael Jordan cards. There are too many of them. Elite Michael Jordan cards are like pieces of art done by the masters. Every time these cards pop up, they seem to break records. Here are 23 Michael Jordan cards worth gawking at and dreaming of adding to your cardboard collection.

23 of the Best Michael Jordan Cards

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1986-87 Fleer Michael Jordan RC #57

The 1986-87 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card is one of the most important cards in the history of the hobby. For modern card collecting, one could argue it's as iconic as the 1952 Topps Baseball Mickey Mantle is for vintage collectors. However, given its popularity and value, MJ rookie fakes are a huge issue, so be careful when shopping.

Those looking beyond his first Fleer card are in luck as there are also many more key Michael Jordan cards from the 1980s.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 1

1996 SPx Michael Jordan Autograph

The 1996 SPx Michael Jordan Autograph is his first signed basketball card. These die-cut beauties feature on-card signatures and rarely surface for sale.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 2

1996-97 E-X2000 A Cut Above Michael Jordan #5

Is it a basketball card or a buzz saw? 1996-97 E-X2000 A Cut Above cards were inserted 1:288 packs, making any given card extremely tough to come by. Given the intricate design, condition can also be be a problem.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 3

1996-97 Flair Showcase Legacy Collection Row 2 Michael Jordan #23 #/150

The road of high-end Michael Jordan cards is paved with a ton of low-numbered parallels. While the 1996-97 Flair Showcase Legacy Collection Row 2 Michael Jordan isn't the rarest, it is certainly one of the most beautiful. Mixing an action shot in the foreground with an emotional foil portrait in the background, the card beams with elegance.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 4

1996-97 Metal Net-Rageous Michael Jordan #5

The 1996-97 Metal Net-Rageous Michael Jordan is another outrageous mid-90s insert that's ridiculously tough to find. Loud and proud, cards from the die-cut set can be found 1:288 packs.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 5

1997-98 E-X2001 Jambalaya Michael Jordan #6

Another wild insert from the era, 1997-98 E-X2001 Jambalaya focused on basketball's best dunkers. And when you're talking about the game's best dunkers, Michael Jordan is king. Inserted at a very tough rate of 1:720 packs, Jambalaya remains one of the most desirable insert sets ever created.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 6

1997-98 Fleer Thrill Seekers Michael Jordan #7

Mixing a holofoil shimmer, a matte front and some horrible fonts, there's no doubt what era the 1997-98 Fleer Thrill Seekers Michael Jordan came from. Cards in the ten-card set are a case hit, falling 1:288 packs.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 7

1997-98 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Michael Jordan #23 #/100

The grand-daddy of parallels, if you've got a 1997-98 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Michael Jordan, you've got a few tuition payments for your children's college education. And text books. And a lifetime supply of Kraft Dinner. The blazing red background is perfectly appropriate for Jordan. Although numbered to 100, only 90 of the famed Precious Metal Gems cards are red. The remaining ten are green. And if you have one of those, you may be able to trade it for a house, white picket fence and all.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 8The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 9

1997-98 Ultra Star Power Supreme Michael Jordan #SPS1

If you haven't figured it out by now, Fleer ruled the wild insert designs, parallels and tough pulls of the mid- to late-1990s. The 1997-98 Ultra Star Power Supreme Michael Jordan is a case hit parallel that mixes a die-cut design with holofoil. Individual singles in the 20-card set appear 1:288 packs of 1997-98 Ultra Series 2 Basketball.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 10

1997-98 Ultra Stars Gold Michael Jordan #1

1997-98 Ultra Stars was the set's Series One case hit. Of those, ten percent were given the Ultra Stars Gold treatment. Basically, the 1997-98 Ultra Stars Gold Michael Jordan is an impossible parallel of a nearly impossible set. And it's got all the flash and jazz collectors expect and love.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 11

1997-98 Upper Deck Game Jerseys Michael Jordan #GJ13

The first Michael Jordan game-used jersey card might not be the prettiest. But it's still the first. With 22 cards in the set, even odds of one per case would make it tough. Try 1:2,500 packs for any given card in the set. That's 1:55,000 packs for the 1997-98 Upper Deck Game Jerseys Michael Jordan. There's also an autographed version that is numbered to 23.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 12

1998-99 Fleer Tradition Playmakers Theatre Michael Jordan #9 #/100

Limited to 100 copies, the 1998-99 Fleer Tradition Playmakers Theatre Michael Jordan has a lot going for it. It's embossed and has some great gold shine. Collectors should beware of versions that have neither embossing or serial numbers. These were likely in the Fleer archives when the company went out of business and the assets were sold off.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 13

1998-99 Hoops Slam Bams Michael Jordan #1 #/100

The 1998-99 Hoops Slam Bams Michael Jordan is a strange beast. While it has some great photography, the overall design is among the busiest you'll ever find. Oh yeah, it's numbered to 100 copies so it commands attention whenever it pops up.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 14

1998-99 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Michael Jordan #1 #/50

Instead of numbering to 100 like the previous year, the 1998-99 Metal Universe Precious Metal Gems Michael Jordan has just 50 copies. The parallel's immense popularity and the low numbering make this one of the ultimate Michael Jordan card prizes.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 15

1998-99 SkyBox Molten Metal Fusion Michael Jordan #41 #/250

The 1998-99 SkyBox Molten Metal Fusion Michael Jordan is unique with its tiny die-cut dots that combine to create the legend's portrait. While the basic Fusion parallel is numbered to 250, a Titanium version is much tougher with just 40 copies.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 16

1998-99 SkyBox Premium Star Rubies Michael Jordan #23 #/50

Resembling something Pacific might have created with their Prism lines a few years earlier, the 1998-99 SkyBox Premium Star Rubies Michael Jordan is one of the most desired parallel cards of all-time. Numbered to 50, it pictures Jordan preparing to drive to the hoop.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 17

1998-99 SkyBox Thunder Noyz Boyz Michael Jordan #9

Who names these cards? Although title might be horrible, it's memorable — kind of like those late-night TV jingles that stick with you for months on end. The distinct die-cut design and rarity (1:300 packs) make the 1998-99 SkyBox Thunder Noyz Boyz Michael Jordan one of the greatest insert cards in the hobby.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 18

1998-99 Upper Deck Game Jersey Autographs #/23

Upper Deck made six different Michael Jordan autographed jersey cards in 1998-99, all of which are numbered to 23. All rank among the best Michael Jordan cards ever.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 19

1999 Upper Deck Employee Game Jersey Michael Jordan #/275

Upper Deck staff have gotten some amazing exclusive cards over the years. Perhaps none are more beautiful than the 1999 Upper Deck Employee Game Jersey Michael Jordan. Numbered to 275, the card pictures Jordan making his original last shot. The card was produced just for staff and wasn't inserted in packs.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 20

1999-00 Upper Deck HoloGrFX Shoetime Autograph Michael Jordan #MJA #/23

When you think of Michael Jordan, a handful of iconic things come to mind: the number 23, his impressive dunks and his signature shoes. The Air Jordan line is bigger than the game. Yet, it has only appeared on a handful of Michael Jordan cards. The 1999-00 Upper Deck HoloGrFX Shoetime Autograph Michael Jordan is among the first of just a few signed shoe cards of the great.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 21

2000-01 Ultimate Collection Signatures Gold Michael Jordan #MJG #/25

The greatest strength of the 2000-01 Ultimate Collection Signatures Gold Michael Jordan is its simplicity. And autograph. And limited numbering to 25.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 22

2003-04 UD Glass 1-2 Combo Jersey Autographs LeBron James, Michael Jordan #LJMJ #/10

The 2003-04 UD Glass 1-2 Combo Jersey LeBron James/Michael Jordan is the only card from LeBron James' rookie year to combine the pair's signatures and jersey swatches. Numbered to only ten copies, the design is somewhat understated given its significance. The pair have signed many more cards together since then.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 23

2003-04 Exquisite Collection Michael Jordan #3 #/225

When was the last time you saw a modern base card that wasn't a rookie card go for $500? It's unheard of — almost. Michael Jordan and 2003-04 Exquisite Collection are two very special hobby beasts. One is the greatest player, the other is the greatest set.

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 24

The Top 23 Michael Jordan Cards Ever Made 25
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Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Comments

  1. Author

    I have a Michael Jordan Rare Air card, I am trying to find out some information about it. The card is 3″ X 8″ the top half is red and the bottom half is black & white, the print on the card is;
    Bottom Right: Mj 23 94
    Card # 43373 / 55,000

    Sir, if you have any information on this card please contact me…. Thank you.

  2. Author

    Great list and description! But you’re missing one of the most ELITE Jordan inserts, the 1997-98 Finest GOLD EMBOSSED REFRACTOR Michael Jordan Serial #’d to /74. Sold as high as almost $20k for a Gem Mint and $10k for raw Ungraded copies. You should add it to the list.

  3. Author

    i have a topps reigning scoring leader card of michael jordan no:384 its in mint condition just wondering if its worth anything?

  4. Author

    I have a NBA topps star Michael Jordan card, #24. Wondering how much? I also have Larry Bird, Julius Erving and Magic Johnson all in one topps card. I think its a reprint dated 1996Can u help. I would greatly appreciated.

  5. Author

    I have a Michael Jackson special retirement card. It is framed in a small clear plastic frame, and the description of it indicates that it is one of 15,000 cards made. The bottom of the back of the card reads “Sports Stars USA, 1993-94.” I can’t seem to locate another card like it and would like to know the value of the card.

  6. Author

    I have a m1 test reflector Michael Jordon card with the reflected orange border,I was just wondering how much its worth today&how many are still out there.can u give me an insite on this or no

  7. Author

    I have a 1991 Michael Jordan 3-D card showing his back in the background and the front of him running in the foreground of the card. Any idea what this might be worth?

  8. Author

    i have 8 michael jordan rookie cards i had him sign them in chicago. are they worth anything .they are graded high 9s

  9. Author

    I have Michael Jordan special retirement card october 6,1993 sports edition I would like to know whit it’s worth at this time

  10. Author

    I bought a set of 24 gold plated cards entitled Jordan’s las 5 shots as a chicago bull that were captured in this collection. Can’t find any info as to the value

  11. Author

    I have michael Jordan’s upper deck cards 1985-1995 for basketball.what’s the values.

  12. Author

    Upper deck 1985-1995 Michael jordan basketball cards.value is how much

  13. Author

    I have a 1992 skybox dream team card with all players in plastic case believe mint condition how much is it worth

  14. Author

    Hello, I have a collection of cuts of magazines of Michael Jordan’s photos (1600 aprox) from his beginning in the NBA until 1999 aprox.
    Also I have a few cards or cards (335 aprox.) of UPPER DECK belonging to the collections:
    Also I have the posters of different sizes different also.
    If you have interested in my colleccion my contact is: Domingo Segovia +34 699309319

  15. Author

    Hello, I have a collection of cuts of magazines of Michael Jordan’s photos (1600 aprox) from his beginning in the NBA until 1999 aprox.
    Also I have a few cards or cards (335 aprox.) of UPPER DECK belonging to the collections:
    RAREAIR 90
    TRIBUTE 90
    A CUT ABOVE 10
    RETRO MJ 58
    OTHERS 20 aprox

    Also I have the posters of different sizes different also.
    If you have interested in my colleccion my contact is: Domingo Segovia +34 699309319

  16. Author

    I have a Michael jordan card and I can’t find it anywhere On the front is MJ retires on left and across the top high flying mike on the right hand side is card #1.There is no date or even a maker of this card.It tells a story of Michael Jordan on the back.It’s a over sized card and couldn’t be graded by GMA,and they no nothing about this card.Ryan can you help me?The grade company said it was a very rare card.But who make it,and when,and what is it worth?

  17. Author

    I have Chicago Bulls 1998 NBA Champions 6 time champions Limited Edition (0378 of 1,998) Plaque with a picture of a few of the team members and a basketball card which is of Michael Jordan “Team Skybox” and I believe its card #235. How much is this plaque worth?? Its in good condition.

  18. Author

    I have an unmarked Michael Jordan “Greatest Ever” – “Retired Oct. 6, 1993” (top left) – there’s no company name, number or anything to identify it. I can’t find a picture of it anywhere online. He is wearing a red jersey, his tongue is out and the bulls logo has been edited from his jersey. There is also a gold signature across the front.

  19. Author

    Dylan From the way you’ve described it, it sounds like an unlicensed card.

  20. Author

    I think I have the same card as guy above me.

    No logos or even the “BULLS” lettering above the numbers. The background is MJ with his tongue out and Maxwell from the Rockets is defending him (same image in the back of the card). Gold signature across the front. However mine has no “Greatest Ever – Retired Oct. 6 1993” legend/title on it anywhere. But it does have a “(c) Sports Edition” tag in the back, below the stats.

    Any idea what’s the value of this card (if any) or why the logos were edited out?

  21. Author

    Ramiro It’s an unlicensed cards with, unfortunately, little to no value.

  22. Author

    I have a huge MJ card collection in mint condition im looking for buyers?
    I have a lot of the but i have no idea of the value. can someone please help me?

  23. Author

    Since my mum used to work at Upper Deck in the years of 93-97, I’m in possession of a couple of thousands of basket ball cards (and another couple of thousands from other sports).
    all packs being sealed (not opened). Among them 8 complete Rare air (90 cards each) new and never opened, and many other NBA collections.
    I’d like to know if it’d be of any interest. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan, I just happened to be the son of an executive working in this company.
    I don’t really have the time to deal with the selling of those cards, thus I’m looking for some kind of intermediary to make the deals through and in exchange of a percentage to be negotiated.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  24. Author

    I have a michael jordan skybox premium 1993-94 edition how much is it worth in good condition

  25. Author

    i had a numbers of MJ cards which i thought of selling them off. Any idea where i could sell it off? thanks

  26. Author

    Stanley eBay will get you the largest audience. A local shop might be faster but you likely won’t get as much because they’ll need to make a profit too.

  27. Author

    I have a upper deck 1998/99 SP authentic Michael Jordan #1 card. It also has his autograph on it. Is it real?

  28. Author

    Brandon Without a picture, it makes it tough to say. Your best bet is to send it to an authenticator like PSA or JSA.

  29. Author

    Does anyone know about michaels dream team picks of the rookies the year before he retired the first time. They are all in a uncut sheet Schack Morning etc among a few.

  30. Author

    I have a Michael jordan best ever retirement october 6, 1993 card(botton rigth hand side). Gold signature in front. It says Cicago bulls on back with game information. I need information about it.

  31. Author

    I’ve have some Michael Jordan cards never seen before card has no company name trimmed in gold Michael is wearing a yellow wig, an one card Michael has on a cowboy hat I found in my farther-in-law cards he has a card store an he was a collector he has passed now I have everything from the store looking some were to sell please help

  32. Author

    hi have a rare extremely rare card and have a coa for it to. you guy feature it here it is the 1996-97 Metal Net-Rageous Michael Jordan #5 but i have number one and its a miss print it has nets number 15 in front but jordan stat in the back it is certified from beckett as 1996-97 Flair showcase legacy collection row 1 #23 michael jordan wrong front i really want to know how much it is worth i never have seen something like this its a huge mistake from beckett and it is certified from beckett and it 001/150 come on 3 strikes your out lol

  33. Author

    I have jordan high school cards. And ROOKIE cards.also red, gold all mint.many cards.need to check vallue.seen some on yur screen. I have them

  34. Author

    I have a M.J card maybe one of the first to name him NORTH CAROLINA’S FINEST. With number 23 on his NORTH CAROLINA UNIFORM…..THE CARD THAT STARTED IT ALL. INTERESTED?

  35. Author

    i am selling a very unique bb all signed card collection on ebay ( germany,
    one of the cards is:
    Michael Jordan, 2003-04 UPPERDECK, gold
    3/24, EXQUISITE COLLECTION with jersey patch and signed. auction #201004213980 i tried to bring this card on but i did got no feedback from usa, so i guess you can not see that auction at it is now running till to 12-24-13. the current bid is around 1.000 (appx. $ 1400) the card is in perfect condition. i guess this card is much more worth than this ansd it would be much more interesting for the US as the german market. i am planing to stop this action for ending. can you tell me about the real worth of it and how i can bring it to the usa marketplace?
    thanks, joern
    ps.: there are many more signed limited cards on my auction, please take a look on it. thanks and sorry for my poor english, all the best, joern

  36. Author


  37. Author

    I own a unique non circuladed Chicago Red Bull Michael Jordan picture taken during a game in the nineties, with a huge original Michael Jordan signature on the bottom. I would like to authenticate it. It might be one of a kind. Can anyone help me?

  38. Author

    Luiz Vicentini To authenticate it, you’d likely want to contact PSA/DNA or James Spence Authentication (JSA).

  39. Author

    I have jordams greatest ever retired ocober 6 1993 signature and says specoal retirement card in gold at the bottom on the back its number 72 arena sports 93/94 amd another greatest ever retired october 6 93 with jordan and pippen jumping for the ball and 2 new york knick Players behind them and says michael jordan guard .chicago and 1991’1993 stats And a jordan card that says spectacular. Stupendous. Unbelievable on the back and all neon lights on the front with jordan flying through the air on the front.And ive got over 100 other jordan cards including shaq.garnett.stackhouse.ray allen.iverson.rodman.mourning.pippen.grant hill and anfernee hardaway if u can help me price the jordans please

  40. Author

    i have michael jordan upper deck gold autograft #1 card number one is rare i wont to no how much it is im seeing cards with #2345 go for $8,000 or $9,000.

  41. Author

    I hve a Michael Jordan 3time NBA MVP retired card wit gld sig needa now how much its worth or if its worthanything at all

  42. Author

    I have an unopened box set of “Jordan Rare Air & Bonus Deal” cards, I presume purchased in January of 1999 from Shop at Home. Is there any way to determine a value??

  43. Author

    I have a set of McDonalds 1992 upper deck dream team cards I would like to know how to go about finding out if they have any value,

  44. Author

    Hi,I have a signed Practice Michael Jordan Jersey,Actually took it off his back and signed it.I so want to sell Can anyone help! also A rare Photo signed…..And other things MJ.Thanks Linda

  45. Author

    this ain`t no price guide christ

    hey i need info on a baseball players cards the rainbow for2012 topps chrome
    is there two different 1/1 superfactors
    one throwing the ball and one swinging at bat?i really need this info

  46. Author

    I am searching for a Jordan card I got out of a pack of 94 95 skybox that has him standing in his white sox uniform with a bat in his hands and had a gold signature on it , I’m not sure but I think it was blank on the bak as he had no stats from playing baseball yet so the stats were all zero and think it was 1 of 100 in the top corner ? Any info would b great , coz I can’t find anything and hav never seen it again. When I asked about it when I had it 16 yrs ago no card beket or collector had heard of it or seen it

  47. Author

    I have many Jordan cards. This is a lil off the subject but i have this HonusWagner card and was wondering if you would take a gander at it for me?

  48. Author

    i have a michael jeffery jordan collegiate record card. i saw a card like it for $4,000onebay. what is it really worth? it has asmall crease at the top of the card. ootherwise nice.

  49. Author

    I have a 93- 94 fleer ultra , 2 of 92 upper decker93 MVP Chicago bulls no.AW9all time greats,BARCELONA ’92,no.534 SKYBOX,TOPPS no.199 ToppsBeigning playoff MVP, Michael Jordan, Drexler vs Jordan, skybox1994,Michael Jordan NBA Hoops collect a books from 1990 NBA,Michael Jordan’s playground NBA HOOPS 1990 no.382,NBAHOOPS Chicago bulls no.358, 1990, SKYBOX, Michael Jordan,no.41,UPPERDECK,MAJOR ATTRACTION Micael Jordan, QUEEN LATIFAH,no.341 and much more

  50. Author

    Hi Ryan,

    Great site! I purchased a box of assorted cards, and in it is a clear cello pack of 1993-94 topps stadium club. The interesting thing is, the MJ triple Double on the front seems to be a variation of the one I see online. It is zoomed in (can’t see the backboard), and his last name is in Blue. Any ideas? I don’t want to open the pack, but am very tempted!

    thanks, John

  51. Author

    I have every year gold plated MVP autographed cards of michael Jordan and im lookin to sale them…can u suggest where to do so?

  52. Author

    Hi i have three cards i need prices for..feb 9 1994 special out of retirement card, gold signature. 1993 gold signature retired oct 6 1993. Arena sports 93-94 gold signature greatest.

  53. Author

    my grampa just past away,and left me five big boxes of basketball ,football,andbaseball, all very old all sealed, beautiful collection I don”t know what to do with them…cal 916-226-7251..

  54. Author

    I have macheal Jordan upper Decker winning touches cards and idk if they are rare or not. So help? And I have a agent 23 card of his. But if rare or anything help me out??

  55. Author

    I have Michael Jordan/upper deck 1985-1997 black with gold reflection and signature do they have any value

  56. Author

    I have a 6 by 8 Upper deck Collectible. This is authenticated.
    Says 6 diamond Card. No #
    Says Micheal Jordan no. 23
    Commerative Limited Edition all in Good.
    this jumbo card shows him making a game winning shot.
    Then says limited edition of then just an empty box all in gold. No # inside

  57. Author

    I got s collection of upper deck metal metal case with 4 metal cards in mint condition.The other metal case comes with 5 metal cards and one 24 kt. gold card .I have a 8 by 10 that is also metal and as larger frame with 6 metal cards . Patent# 5363964 & 5538135. Certificate of authenticity set # 1156 and there
    was only 2300 made. Its Aaron limited edition Can you tell me how much this is worth….

  58. Author

    I have a 1995 skybox international Michael Jordan card number 21. I actually have two of them one has Michael Jordan guard and read up the right-hand side of the card.The second one has the red banner up the right-hand side but no Michael Jordan or guard written in the banner like the first one just wondering what it could be worse since I can’t find anything like it on the Internet

  59. Author

    I have 4 1993 stadium club members choice Jordancards but one of them has a yellow round patch on his jersey I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find nothing on this error. What should I do to find value of this card

  60. Author

    That Jordan 98 Upper Deck card auto’d 21/23 was mine…I sold it to Dave and Adams Card World shortly after I pulled it from Upper Deck Ovation

  61. Author

    I am a new card fan…. I have upper deck 1997 GD winning shot for NBA final in Utah what do you think this card is worth?

  62. Author

    I have. A 1984 Michael Jordan/magic Johnson card .its a top picks NNO do you know the maker and. The value

  63. Author

    the card that I posse has a gold peic,e infront of michael jordan Guard and is hit on top rite corner circaling the worg HIT AND ON THE BACKSIDE shows michael with arms spreading to gaurd, under his circled name it reads 2000 Rookie@ PHI, HIT is a trademark of SA@GE COLLECTABLES,LNC.

  64. Author

    I have a real old picture of Michael Jordan a Kodak picture with him standing by a woman and he has a towel on each shoulder one is red and the other is white trying see what would this picture be worth. Also have some cards with him head to head with Magic Johnson, some Clyde Drexler cards, Larry Bird, Hakeem Olajuwon,John Shasky,Hersey Hawkins,Reggie Miller,Isiah Thomas trying to find out are they worth anything ??

  65. Author

    I got a Michael Jordan pop up wheaties cover with a pop up court i wanted to get some information an how much its worth kinda hard to search it up..

  66. Author

    I have a authentic Michael Jordan 18k gold card , with his stats printed on one side and his picture on the other side , and it is titled his retirement and the number on it is 8474/9923 , can you tell me the worth of this card/

  67. Author

    Sir, I have a Michael Jordan card, on the front is michael leaping to the basket with left hand out over basket . He is dressed in red/ black training suit.
    The inscription ,in gold, reads Michael Jordan retired october 6, 1993. The card has a black background with a gold border.
    FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY Limited edition 1/5000.
    What would it be worth to sell?
    Thank You.

  68. Author

    hello i have a card michael jordan collegiate record in perfect condition i want to know how much is possible to have for thanks i know its a rare card

  69. Author

    hi i was wondering if you would be able to value a card i have…it has gold around the edges with gold michael jordan signature..hes wearing a christmas hat…on the back it says sincere wishes for a merry christmas and a happy new year from michael jordans (printed signature)…underneath it says arena sports 1993-94 and on the front it is numbered one of 15,000….. i also have another with gold border and gold foil signature with greatest ever retired oct 6 1993 in gold underneath signature..hes smiling with i think its a 7up cup in his hand… any help would be greatly appreciated…thanking you annette

  70. Author

    I have a question, regarding a Card, it is a mounted Elite gold signature card featuring Michael Jordan, 2/3 of the card is him in his Basket ball uniform, dribbling the ball with Jordan in Gold letters down the side, and the gold signature across his feet with elite written in gold under his signature, the other part has a gold back ground and he is standing in his Sox uniform holding his glove. It still has the manufacturers sticker on the back and it reads. J&J Sports Cards. Exclusive Distributors of Hot Shots Aust.
    A valuation would be appreciated
    Thanks Shelley

  71. Author

    Hi I have a Michael Jordan Olympic card Upper deck USA all time greats seal on the bottom right corner I wanted to know how much is it worth Ryan thanks!

  72. Author

    I have recently found some Michael Jordan upper deck trading cards, I believe they are gold plated with his autograph from 1985 through 1997. They have all his stats on them with pictures. Need to know if these are authentic and how to find out.


  73. Author

    I have this for sale need to know would it sale:
    421 different Michael Jordan cards (7 different cards in customize Michael Jordan screw down cases)in one display book
    31 different Michael Jordan jumbo cards
    2 different Graded cards
    (8.5 & 9.0)
    2 Different Gold cards 22kt
    (#02576 & #256)
    1 set of 5 Michaels Diamond Vision
    1 Michael Jordan mini Jersey
    1 Michael Jordan real one dollar bill
    1 Michael Jordan mini Basketball
    1 unique regulation MVP Michael Jordan Basketball made by Wilson
    (Also have these sets)
    RARE-AIR 90
    TRIBUTE 90
    A CUT ABOVE 10
    RETRO MJ 58
    (May inspect before purchasing)

  74. Author

    I have a mint condition aaner sport card prtd in Taiwan of Michael Jordan playing pool jordan knows pool Michael Jeffery Jordan nickname fats for sale need expert appraisal value i have one already please need help

  75. Author

    I have two Michael Jordan’s upper Deck cards: one is a 1989-90 All NBA First Team (Triumphs) #9 The other is a Rebounding #61. I have had them for about ten years. Are they worth anything???

  76. Author

    I have Jordans Upper Deck signed card No#402 matter of fact I have the hold bulls teams including Rodman. Jordans back to back MVP card 1992-1993. Willing to sell my hold collection.

  77. Author

    I have any over 1000 MJ cards and are looking for a price and buyer. My late sister was a collector. Thank you.

  78. Author

    I have still a aamer sports card rare jordan knows pool shows jordan shooting pool and story on back fats for sale hit me up top collecter

  79. Author

    Sir, I have a Michael Jordan card that was given to me after my father passed back in 2000. I have no idea when it was made but I do know its an Upper Deck. Is there any way you could look atit and tell me anynthing about it? Its more for sentimental value than any. Dad has been gone 16 years. Thank you in advance.

  80. Author

    To whom it may concern I have a Michael Jordan FLIR 91 2 of 6 basketball card the one where he is flying through the universe and its cartoon in mint condition all the way 10 autographed I’m having trouble because my daughter ( Aria Marie Faith Danielson) of only 4 yrs old just passed away by way of cystic fibrosis the card actually belongs to my fiance and he was passing it down to his son but it is now the only thing that we can do to afford this for our daughter it’s what she deserves please contact my fiance at 614 584 0198 his name is Christian Danielson and I would handle it personal but just texting this message is tearing me apart please if there is anything that you can do the best deal that we can get for this card I would greatly appreciate it we will not accept any handouts we are not too proud We just don’t believe in taking from others please to whomever it may concern please contact us and we will send you a picture we stay in Columbus Ohio the game please anything that you can do contact Christian Danielson at 614-584-0198 and we can send you pictures or if there is someone or somewhere that it can be hand delivered in Columbus Ohio if that would make anyone more comfortable sincerely yours Victoria Lynn Tuttle ‘ Danielson

  81. Author

    Big MJ collector here looking for one specific, but have a few bigger ticket cards I’d like to get at some point. Looking for his 97-98 Metal Championship Galaxy as priority. Others I would like to get down the road are: Metal Championship Hardware, 97-98 Big Men on Court, 96-97 Thrill Seekers, Rave Review. If anyone has any let me know! teevo42 at yyaahhoo, thanks! And happy collecting!

  82. Author

    I dont know what’s going on but maybe I have a guardian angel that replaced all my cards and made them what they are now or I’m seeing the cards as I want them to be. Regardless I could describe them all but it will take a really long while because almost all of them are appearing as rare or somehow of value. So please just ask anything about the Jordan’s that I have and I’ll be as specific as possible.. Thanks for all the information and are these easy to sell. And by the way I see numbers and I think some threads and signatures in the cards . I might be delusional so just Awaiting for confirrmation if my statements are valid and true.If so does anybody wants to buy or knows somebody. If confirmed and sold I’m willing to share. Thanks ……..

    a baseball card sold because of a shadow I think just recently. It was big and a comment about if Jeter has one. Yes and for sure. A Michael Jordan has one are these special?

  83. Author

    I have alot of cards that I have been saving for my son all kind but I know next to nothing about them except who they r any way I have Michael Jordan ,Kobe Bryant., Shaquille O’neal , Magic Johnson to name a few is there anyone or any where I could bring them to find out what there worth I start to go threw them but then I start to get over whelmed & give up so a little help would be appreciated thank you

  84. Author

    Hello I have a Michael Jordan card and on the front it has a cartoon version of Jordan captioned “Air Express” and the back it says they call him “money”
    Haven’t seen another like it. Someone please help meeeeee

  85. Author

    Hi I have a sealed pack upper deck authenticated Jordan 5 card collection.1998 front card 70 game winners pics of Jordan rodman in middle and pippen. back kukoc longely kerr harper wondering how much this would be worth thanks jim

  86. Author

    I have several sports trading cards, 23 k gold. How do I sell them??

  87. Author

    Hello I have a Michael Jordan 1996 upper deck card #4790.5000 . Its a 25,000 point card . How much is it worth

  88. Author

    I have 100 all different Michael Jordan cards basketball baseball even a golf card some of them are worth good money just haven’t taken the time to look them all up mostly because no 1 around here are real collector I would like to find someone who would be interested in buying the whole collection

  89. Author

    I have the 1to 6 cans unopened NBA final shots Michael jordan series 1 how much are they worth

  90. Author

    I have Michael Jordan. Basketball cards from 1996 and so forth from Gatorade, upper deck and NBA…..R THEY WORTH. ANYTHING

  91. Author

    MJ, Kobe, Lebron, Shaq, AND Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Magazines. Coins as well.

  92. Author

    Where can I get information about a Michael Jordan card with him pictured leaping, ball in right hand and his autograph in gold and his name “MICHAEL” on the left upper border printed in gold in a vertical pattern? The back says- “The Greatest Basketball Player that ever lived. Retirement announced
    October 6, 1993

    Commemorative Issue 1 of 10,000
    cSports Edition

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