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2022 Topps Now Star Wars Andor Trading Cards Checklist

2022 Topps Now Star Wars Andor Trading Cards Checklist

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Collect limited-time cards for the Disney+ show with 2022 Topps Now Star Wars Andor.

The trading cards are available as a print-to-order release on the Topps website. Each set is sold for seven days.

A similar release came for the show's trailer, as well.

Other Now sets from the popular franchise include Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian.

Topps Now Star Wars Andor Set Details

2022 Topps Now Star Wars Andor takes a consistent approach to the series, with five cards issued for each episode.

2022 Topps Now Star Wars Andor Trading Cards Checklist 1

The initial batch covers the first three episodes for $29.99. This includes 15 cards with free SmartPost shipping. The five-card sets are issued separately by individual episode after that for $19.99.

In addition to the show images on the front, a short summary appears on the back of the card.

2022 Topps Now Star Wars Andor Trading Cards Checklist 2

Overall, there should be a five-card set for all 12 episodes, totaling 60 cards in the 2022 Topps Now Star Wars Andor Season 1 checklist.

Following the end of each sales period, Topps normally reveals the final print run.

Shop for Star Wars cards on the Topps site.

Acting as a chase, look for rare parallels that appear randomly in orders. These are numbered to 49 copies or less.

2022 Topps Now Star Wars Andor Trading Cards Checklist 3

Set Checklist

Topps Now Star Wars Andor Checklist


Subject to change. 



Season 1 Base Set Checklist

5 cards per set. Order sets from Topps.
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/49, Red #/10, Gold 1/1.

Episode 1: Kassa (PR=914 sets)
1 Cassian Andor Halted By Pre-Mor Officers
2 Kassa & His Sister, Kerri
3 Cassian Andor & B2EMO
4 Timm Karlo
5 Bix Caleen
Episode 2: That Would Be Me (PR=914 sets)
6 The Ruins of the Mine
7 Cassian Andor, Maarva & B2EMO
8 Syril Karn & Sgt Linus Mosk
9 A Young Kenari Leader
10 Luthen Rael on a Mission
Episode 3: Reckoning (PR=914 sets)
11 Kassa Searching the Wreckage
12 Brasso
13 Syril Karn Interrogates Maarva
14 Cassian Andor & Luthen Rael Make an Escape
15 Maarva Rescues a Young Cassian Andor
Episode 4: Aldhani (PR=740 sets)
16 Cassian Andor's New Identity: Clem
17 Taramyn Barcona (Vel Sartha)
18 The Aldhani Rebel Infiltration Team
19 Mon Mothma
20 Lt. Meero
Episode 5: The Axe Forgets (PR=670 sets)
21 Karis Nemik & "Clem" Andor
22 A Lesson in Mimicry
23 Arvel Skeen
24 Mon Mothma & Perrin Fertha
25 Syril Karn
Episode 6: The Eye (PR=699 sets)
26 The Day of the Heist
27 Inside the Vault
28 The Eye
29 The Empire in Pursuit
30 Escape in the Rond Freighter
Episode 7: Announcement (PR=687 sets)
31 A Secret Meeting
32 A Request for Data
33 Mon Mothma & Tay Kolma
34 Cassian Andor Bids Farewell
35 Cassian Andor Unjustly Sentenced
Episode 8: Narkina 5 (PR=718 sets)
36 Syril Karn's Interrogation
37 Narkina 5
38 Incarceration
39 Bix Caleen Cares for Cassian's Mother
40 Table 5
Episode 9: Nobody's Listening! (PR=663 sets)
41 Bix Caleen's Interrogation
42 Mon Mothma Addresses the Senate
43 Mon Mothma & Vel Sartha
44 Syril Karn & Dedra Meero
45 Ulaf Suffers a Stroke
Episode 10: One Way Out (PR=679 sets)
46 "Power Doesn't Panic"
47 An Uncomfortable Conversation
48 Kind Loy
49 Freedom
50 "I Need All the Heroes I Can Get"
Episode 11: Daughter of Ferrix (PR=657 sets)
51 B2EMO Deals with Loss
52 Cassian Andor Spots a Quadjumper
53 Mon Mothma & Vel Sartha Talk About Funds
54 Saw Gerrera
55 Standoff
Episode 12: Rix Road (PR=703 sets)
56 Dedra Meero in Search of Cassian Andor
57 Maarva Andor's Last Words
58 Syril Karn Saves Dedra Meero
59 Cassian Andor Rescues Bix
60 Kill Me or Take Me In


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