2014 Topps Star Wars Chrome Perspectives Trading Cards

2014 Topps Star Wars Chrome Perspectives Trading Cards


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2014 Topps Star Wars Chrome Perspectives is just the second time the card maker has brought the popular Chrome name to a galaxy far, far away as a standalone set. With it comes one of the brand's staples, Refractors. This also marks the first Star Wars set in a long time that doesn't rely on stickers for autographs.

The base set has 100 cards. The checklist focuses a lot on the characters of the Star Wars Universe. Half of the cards are shown from the Alliance's side, while the other switches to the Empire.

Every pack includes a basic Refractor parallel, which is noted for its rainbow finish. The product also has four additional types of numbered Refractors: Prism (#/199), X-Fractor (#/99), Gold Refractor (#/50) and Superfractor (1/1).

2014 Topps Star Wars Chrome Perspectives  hobby boxes come with two hits or premium inserts. A Helmet Medallion card is guaranteed. These have a piece of metal on the card that's done to look like an iconic helmet from the franchise. Helmet Medallion cards come in both silver and gold versions. Gold parallels are limited to 50 copies each.

The second hit is either an autograph, sketch card or one-of-one Printing Plate. Autographs come with on-card actor signatures. This is the first Star Wars set since 2005 not to use sticker autographs. There have been a handful of autographed sketch cards since then, but all regular autographs since 2005 Topps Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Widevision have relied on stickers. Besides basic autographs, there are Gold (ten per signer), Superfractor (1/1) and Printing Plate parallels.

Sketch Cards put a bit of a new spin on the art format. Cards come with a chromium frame, which means the actual sketch area will be smaller.

2014 Topps Star Wars Chrome Perspectives packs also come with one basic insert. These include Rebel Wanted Posters (1:2 packs), Empire Priority Targets (1:4 packs), Rebel Training Cards (1:8 packs), Rebel Propaganda (1:12 packs), and Empire Propaganda (1:24 packs). Each basic insert set has ten cards.

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 6 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Star Wars Fans, Refractor Collectors, Chromies

2014 Topps Star Wars Chrome Perspectives Box Break

  • 1 Helmet Medallion Card
  • 1 Autograph, Printing Plate or Sketch Card
  • 24 Inserts
  • 24 Refractors
  • 144 Total Cards

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User Comments

  1. Third time for a chrome series: Chrome Archives and Star Wars Finest

  2. Matt Yes, but only the second for the Topps Chrome name. Similar concept, for sure. But in sports where both have deep roots, there’s a difference as far as brand reception.

  3. What’s the difference between the Star Wars Chrome Perspectives USA Edition/Version and the UK Edition/Version?

  4. BiP I just heard of the UK version tonight. The UK version is NOT Chrome. Also, autographs are stickers and no sketch cards. We’re compiling info and should have an article up shortly.

  5. So, I notice that in the autograph insert, you have a redemption card for Ford. I can find other redemption cards for the three autograph cards and for a Ford printing plate… Does the Ford autograph card count towards the gold and superfractor parallel sets as well?

  6. The perspectives two sketch card redemption card are they 1/1…. autographed…. if so by who and who are the sketches of?

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