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1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 3 Trading Cards

1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 3 Trading Cards


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After a pair of huge sets, 1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 3 scaled itself back -- a little. A bookend to the blockbuster's initial release, the set is filled with an eclectic mix of card types and styles.

The 88-card base set starts with a title card before moving into a subset of 16 character cards. Rather than using traditional photos, these character cards use drawings cast against a single-color background. Story synopsis cards follow with more images and captions. Both the story and character cards use movie quotes to fill the card backs. 1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 3 finishes with a series of "Space Paintings" by the legendary Ralph McQuarrie, a handful of behind the scenes cards and one checklist.

1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 3 cards can be easily separated from the other two sets. All base cards have a yellow outer border that wasn't used in either of the first sets. Series 3 cards are 265 through 352.

The Sticker insert set is also smaller in 1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 3. After have two sets with 33 stickers each, this one is cut back to 22. All are alphabet stickers, similar to those used in the first two sets. Sticker backs can be used to make one of two puzzles. One has the Millennium Falcon in a space chase. The second has Yoda. Stickers are numbered 67 through 88. The can also be identified by their green borders.

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Set Checklist

1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 3 Base Set Checklist

88 cards. Picks up from where Series 2 left off.

265 Title Card
266 Han Solo
267 Princess Leia
268 Luke Skywalker
269 C-3P0
270 R2-D2
271 Darth Vader
272 Boba Fett
273 Probot
274 Dengar
275 Bossk
276 IG-88
277 FX-7
278 Chewbacca
279 Lando Calrissian
280 Stormtrooper
281 Yoda
282 Imperial Ships Approaching!
283 The Courageous Trench Fighters!
284 Too-Onebee
285 Rebel Protocol Droids
286 Within the Hidden Base
287 Calrissian of Bespin
288 Testing the Carbon Freezing Process
289 Flight of the X-Wing
290 Dodging Deadly Laserblasts!
291 The Lovers Part
292 Canyons of Death!
293 Magnificent Rebel Starship
294 Old Friends . . or Foes?
295 Power of the Empire
296 Threepio in a Jam!
297 Swamp Plane!
298 A Hasty Retreat!
299 Hostile World of Hoth
300 Descent into Danger!
301 Luke . . Long Overdue!
302 Toward the Unknown
303 In Search of Han
304 Luke's Desperate Decision
305 Emerging from the Pit
306 Busy as a Wookiee!
307 Portrait of an Ugnaught
308 The Wizard of Dagobah
309 Emergency Repairs!
310 Han on the Icy Wasteland
311 The Walkers Close In!
312 Toward Tomorrow
313 In the Path of Danger
314 The X-Wing Cockpit
315 Hero of the Rebellion
316 Vader's Private Chambers
317 Aboard the Executor
318 The Ominous One
319 Lord Vader's Orders
320 "He's Still Alive!"
321 Lando's Warm Reception
322 The Landing
323 Their Last Kiss?
324 Bounty Hunter IG-88
325 The Icy Plains of Hoth
326 Luke Astride His TaunTaun
327 Rebel Snowspeeders Zero In!
328 Champions of Freedom
329 Inside the Falcon
330 The Training of the Jedi
331 Yoda's Instruction
332 The Warrior and the Jedi Master
333 Imperial Snow Walker Attack!
334 The Asteroid Chase
335 Approaching Planet Dagobah
336 Power Generators
337 Beauty of Bespin
338 Dreamlike City
339 Luke's Training
340 Snow Walker Terror
341 TaunTaun
342 Cloud City Reactor Shaft
343 Yoda's Home
344 Escape from Bespin
345 Deadly Stompers
346 Snow Walker Model
347 Of Helmets and Costumes
348 Filming the Star Destroyer
349 Millennium Falcon Miniature
350 Launching an X-Wing
351 Model Star Destroyer
352 Checklist 265-352

1980 Topps Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Series 3 Stickers Set Checklist

22 stickers. All are alphabet sticker.

67 F O
68 R I
69 A E
70 B X
71 U I
72 W U
73 M N
74 C D
75 O U
76 H E
77 E O
78 Y U
79 A K
80 A V
81 E S
82 Q L
83 A I
84 I O
85 Z T
86 G J
87 E I
88 A P

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