1977 Topps Star Wars Series 4 Trading Cards

1977 Topps Star Wars Series 4 Trading Cards


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It's the set that never ends. 1977 Topps Star Wars Series 4 is yet another release to come out surrounding the initial Star Wars phenomenon. With collectors snatching up the first three sets, a fourth made sense.

As with all the releases in the complete set, 1977 Topps Star Wars Series 4 can be recognized by its borders. This set uses green. The checklist includes an additional 66 base cards and 11 stickers. Stickers fall one per pack.

Although most of the base cards stick with movie stills, several cards toward the end of the set use promotional shots. These add a little variety to a run that's now at more than 250 cards. The base set checklist runs from numbers 199 to 264. Stickers are numbered 34 to 44. They keep the film strip design introduced in the previous set. The only difference is that they use red borders instead of black.

1977 Topps Star Wars Series 4 is home to one of the most notorious cards in hobby history. When it came out, card 207 left little to the imagination as to whether droid C-3P0 was male or female. Over the years, there has been a lot of speculation about the card. Was it a gag by the art department? Was it a visual trick created by the photo's angle? Very few people know for sure but the card has since transcended all the others in the set. It's similar to the 1989 Fleer Baseball Billy Ripken that had an obscene note written on the end of his bat knob. A corrected version of the C-3P0 card was produced and both seem to be available in equal quantities. However, when buying singles, expect to pay a premium, particularly for the obscene version.

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Set Checklist

1977 Topps Star Wars Series 4 Base Set Checklist

66 cards. Continues from where Series 3 finished.

199 The Star Warriors Aim for Action!
200 C-3P0 Searches for his Counterpart
201 Raid at Mos Eisley!
202 Inquiring About Obi-Wan Kenobi
203 A Band of Jawas
204 Stalking the Corridors of the Death Star
205 Desperate Moments for Our Heroes!
206 Searching for the Missing Droid
207 C-3P0 (Anthony Daniels) - obscene version
207 C-3P0 (Anthony Daniels) - corrected version
208 Luke Skywalker on the Desert Planet
209 The Rebel Troops
210 Princess Leia Blasts the Enemy
211 A Proud Moment for Han and Luke
212 A Stormtrooper is Blasted!
213 Monitoring the Battle
214 Luke and Leia Shortly Before the Raid
215 Han Bows Out of Battle
216 Han and Leia Quarrel About the Escape Plan
217 The Dark Lord of the Sith
218 Luke Skywalker's Home . . . Destroyed!
219 The Swing to Freedom!
220 "I'm Going to Regret This!"
221 Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher)
222 "Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?"
223 Han Solo covers his friends
224 Luke's secret yen for action!
225 Aunt Beru Lars (Shelagh Fraser)
226 Portrait of a princess
227 Instructing the Rebel pilots
228 R2-D2 is inspected by the Jawas
229 Grand Moff Tarkin (Peter Cushing)
230 Guarding the Millennium Falcon
231 Discussing the Death Star's future
232 The Empire strikes back!
233 Raiding the Rebel starship
234 Envisioning the Rebel's destruction
235 Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)
236 Readying the Rebel fleet
237 The deadly grip of Darth Vader
238 Uncle Owen Lars (Phil Brown)
239 The young star warrior
240 Artoo's desperate mission!
241 The Rebel fighter ships
242 Death Star shootout!
243 Rebels in the trench!
244 Waiting at Mos Eisley
245 Member of the evil Empire
246 Stormtrooper - tool of the Empire
247 Soldier of evil!
248 Luke suspects the worst about his family
249 Ben Kenobi (Alec Guinness)
250 Luke and Ben on Tatooine
251 An overjoyed Han Solo!
252 The honored heroes!
253 R2-D2 (Kenny Baker)
254 Darth Vader (David Prowse)
255 Luke poses with his weapon
256 The marvelous droid See-Threepio!
257 A pair of Jawas
258 Fighting impossible odds!
259 Challenging the evil Empire!
260 Han Solo (Harrison Ford)
261 Fury of the Tusken Raider
262 Creature of Tatooine
263 The courage of Luke Skywalker
264 Star pilot Luke Skywalker
1977 Topps Star Wars Series 4 Trading Cards 24

1977 Topps Star Wars Series 4 Stickers Set Checklist

11 stickers. Inserted one per pack.

34 The Star Warriors Aim for Action!
35 Han Solo (Harrison Ford)
36 Star Pilot (Luke Skywalker
37 The Marvelous Droid See-Threepio
38 R2-D2 (Kenny Baker)
39 Creature of Tatooine
40 Darth Vader (David Prowse)
41 A Pair of Jawas
42 Luke Poses with his Weapon
43 Stormtrooper - tool of the Empire
44 Monitoring the Battle
1977 Topps Star Wars Series 4 Trading Cards 25

1977 Topps Star Wars Series 4 Trading Cards 3

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