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2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Trading Cards - Product Review Added

2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Trading Cards – Product Review Added

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2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome takes the popular primary TFA design and gives it a chromium treatment. Each hobby box features one autograph, sketch, relic, medallion, or printing plate.

The base set keeps things on the more moderate side with 100 cards. Several Refractors come into play with six parallels, including basic Refractors (1 per pack). Exclusive to hobby, more options include Prism Refractors (#/99), Shimmer Refractors (#/50), Pulsar Refractors (#/10) and Superfractors (1/1).

2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome premium hits include Base Autographs, Dual Autographs (3 cards) and Triple Autographs (2 cards). Base autograph parallels include Prism (#/25), Shimmer (#/10), Pulsar (#/5), Superfractors (1/1) and Printing Plates (1/1). There are also limited Sketch cards.

On the memorabilia front, 2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome manufactured Medallion Cards offer Bronze (#/50), Silver (#/25), Gold (#/10) and Platinum (1/1) parallels.

Beyond the base set, set collectors also have four inserts to chase in Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome. Among the choices are Behind The Scenes (1:4 packs), Heroes Of The Resistance (1:2 packs), Power Of The First Order (1:12 packs) and Ships & Vehicles (1:8 packs). While there are not quite as many parallels as the base set, inserts include hobby-exclusive Shimmer Refractors (#/50), Pulsar Refractors (#/10) and Superfractors (1/1).

Release Date: 8/19/2016
Product Configuration: 6 cards per pack, 24 packs per box, 12 boxes per case

2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Hobby Box Break

  • 1 Hit (Autograph, Sketch, Medallion, or Printing Plates)
  • 144 Total Cards
Star Wars Topps Chrome The Force Awakens Trading Card HOBBY Box [24 Packs] $176.98 Buy this product now on ebay
2016 Topps Chrome Star Wars The Force Awakens Factory Sealed 12 Hobby Box Case $3,599.99 Buy this product now on ebay
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Set Checklist

2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Refractor (1 per pack), Prism Refractor #/99 (Hobby), Shimmer #/50 (Hobby), Pulsar #/10 (Hobby), SuperFractor 1/1 (Hobby).
2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Trading Cards - Product Review Added 1

1 Secret Mission
2 Poe Dameron Meets Lor San Tekka
3 The First Order Arrives on Jakku!
4 A Village Invaded
5 Captain Phasma Leads the Attack
6 Flametroopers Burn the Village
7 Kylo Ren's Power
8 Lor San Tekka's Last Stand
9 FN-2187's Conflict
10 BB-8 Escapes the First Order
11 Kylo Ren & General Hux Confer
12 Captain Phasma Makes Her Rounds
13 FN-2187's Plan
14 Tortured by Kylo Ren
15 FN-2187 Guards Over Poe
16 Leading Poe to Freedom
17 The TIE Fighter Hangar
18 FN-2187 Fires Back
19 Kylo Ren Enraged
20 Crash Landing on Jakku
21 Lone Survivor?
22 Rey, the Masked Scavenger of Jakku
23 Rey on her Speeder
24 The Greedy Unkar Plutt
25 Answering a Distress Call
26 BB-8 Follows Rey Home
27 Back at Niima Outpost
28 Unkar Plutt's Offer
29 Rey's Incredible Strength
30 A Shocking Surprise
31 Under Attack
32 Fleeing The First Order
33 Piloting The Millennium Falcon
34 The First Order in Pursuit
35 TIE Fighter Assault
36 Chase Through the Ship Graveyard
37 A Perfect Shot
38 A Narrow Escape
39 Finn Confides in BB-8
40 Preparing for the Worst
41 Han Solo & Chewie Return Home
42 Rey & Finn Meet The Legendary Han Solo
43 Cornered by The Guavian Death Gang
44 Han Springs into Action
45 The Rathtars are Free!
46 A Perilous Departure
47 Jump to Lightspeed
48 General Organa Receives Bad News
49 Arriving on Takodana
50 Maz's Castle
51 The Castle's Colorful Guests
52 Finn Arranges an Exit
53 A Calling Deep Within the Castle
54 A Haunting Vision
55 A Mysterious Figure
56 General Hux's Grand Speech
57 The Starkiller Weapon is Activated
58 Repercussions on Takodana
59 Defending the Castle
60 Han & Chewie Battle The First Order
61 Kylo Ren's Arrival
62 The First Order on the Offensive
63 Rey & BB-8 in the Forest
64 Rey Fights Off The First Order
65 Tracked Down by Kylo Ren
66 Rey is Captured
67 Finn Ignites the Lightsaber
68 Battling FN-2199
69 Our Heroes Outnumbered
70 Forced to Surrender
71 Resistance Fighters to the Rescue!
72 Finn Spots an Old Friend
73 BB-8 Reunited With R2-D2
74 Kylo Ren Interrogates Rey
75 Reporting to Supreme Leader Snoke
76 Doctor Kalonia Examines Chewbacca
77 Powering the Starkiller Weapon
78 The Resistance Plans Their Next Move
79 Han & Leia Say Good-Bye
80 A Critical Mission
81 Rey's Awakening
82 Rey on The Run
83 Arriving On Starkiller Base
84 Spotting Captain Phasma
85 Finn in Charge
86 Colonel Datoo Reports
87 Rey Climbs to Safety
88 Finn & Rey Reunited
89 Trapped by Kylo Ren
90 Finn Draws the Lightsaber
91 Finn Duels Kylo Ren
92 The Duel of Rey and Kylo Ren
93 Resistance Pilots Take Aim
94 Jess Pava Gives It Everything She's Got
95 Waiting In Anticipation
96 The Resistance Succeeds
97 Chewbacca Searches for Rey & Finn
98 Rey & Finn Rescued
99 Return to the Resistance Base
100 The Climb to Luke


Autographs Set Checklist

30 cards. *11 subjects only have parallels and not base autographs.* Ridley is only in Hobby packs.
PARALLEL CARDS: Atomic Refractor #/99, Prism Refractor #/50, X-Fractor #/25, Shimmer Refractor #/10, Pulsar Refractor #/5, SuperFractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Trading Cards - Product Review Added 2

CA-AB Anna Brewster as Bazine Metal
CA-AC Aiden Cook as Bobbajo
CA-AD Anthony Daniels as C-3PO*
CA-AS Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke*
CA-BV Brian Vernel as Bala-Tik
CA-CF Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa*
CA-DAF David Accord as FN-2199 (Voice)
CA-DAT David Accord as Teedo (Voice)
CA-DR Daisy Ridley as Rey*
CA-EB Erik Bauersfield as Admiral Ackbar (Voice)*
CA-EE Emun Elliott as Major Brance
CA-GG Greg Grunberg as Snap Wexley
CA-HF Harrison Ford as Han Solo*
CA-HW Harriet Walter as Dcotor Kalonia
CA-JB John Boyega as Finn*
CA-JS Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca (Double)
CA-KB Kenny Baker as R2-D2*
CA-KR Kipsang Rotich as Nien Nunb (Voice)
CA-KS Kiran Shah as Teedo
CA-MD Mark Dodson as Prashee (Voice)
CA-MH Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker*
CA-MQ Mike Quinn as Nien Nunb
CA-MWG Matthew Wood as Guavian Death Gang Enforcer (Voice)
CA-MWU Matthew Wood as Unkar's Thug (Voice)*
CA-PM Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca
CA-RM Rocky Marshall as Colonel Datoo
CA-SA Sebastian Armesto as Lieutenant Mitaka
CA-TR Tim Rose as Admiral Ackbar
CA-WD Warwick Davis as Wollivan*
CA-YR Yayan Ruhian as Tasu Leech


Dual Autographs Set Checklist

5 cards. Serial numbered #/3. Hobby only.
CDA-HF Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher
CDA-BF Carrie Fisher & John Boyega
CDA-WB Peter Mayhew & Harriet Walker
CDA-MS Joonas Suotamo & Peter Mayhew
CDA-MA Rocky Marshall & Sebastian Armesto


Triple Autographs Set Checklist

4 cards. Serial numbered #/3. Hobby only.
CTA-HFB Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, & John Boyega
CTA-FGQ Carrie Fisher, Greg Grunberg & Mike Quinn
CTA-FBR John Boyega, Carrie Fisher, & Tim Rose
CTA-SMA Andy Serkis, Rocky Marshall, & Sebastian Armesto


Behind the Scenes Set Checklist

12 cards. 1:4 packs.
PARALLEL CARDS: Shimmer #/50, Pulsar #/10, SuperFractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
All insert parallels are exclusive to hobby.
2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Trading Cards - Product Review Added 3

1 Working on BB-8
2 A Brand New Ackbar
3 Outside the At-At
4 Directing the Resistance
5 J.J. and the General
6 Lupita as Maz Kanata
7 The Patrons of Maz's Castle
8 Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke
9 Creature Feature
10 Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams
11 Heroic Aliens
12 Planning aboard the Falcon


Heroes Of The Resistance Set Checklist

18 cards. 1:2 packs.
PARALLEL CARDS: Shimmer #/50, Pulsar #/10, SuperFractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
All insert parallels are exclusive to hobby.
2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Trading Cards - Product Review Added 4

1 Finn
2 Rey
3 Poe Dameron
4 Major Brance
5 Admiral Statura
6 Jess "Testor" Pava
7 Snap Wexley
8 Lieutenant Bastian
9 BB-8
10 C-3PO
11 R2-D2
12 PZ-4CO
13 Han Solo
14 Chewbacca
15 Admiral Ackbar
16 Nien Nunb
17 Kaydel Ko Connix
18 General Leia Organa


Medallion Relics Set Checklist

25 cards. Hobby only.
PARALLEL CARDS: Bronze #/50, Silver #/25, Gold #/10, Platinum 1/1.
2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Trading Cards - Product Review Added 5

M-1 Han Solo
M-2 General Leia Organa
M-3 Admiral Ackbar
M-4 Chewbacca
M-5 Admiral Statura
M-6 Snap Wexley
M-7 Jess "Testor" Pava
M-8 Ello Asty
M-9 Nien Nunb
M-10 Poe Dameron
M-11 Rey
M-12 Finn
M-13 BB-8
M-14 Riot Control Stormtrooper
M-15 TIE Fighter
M-16 Colonel Datoo
M-17 Supreme Leader Snoke
M-18 Flametrooper
M-19 Kylo Ren
M-20 Kylo Ren
M-21 General Hux
M-22 Captain Phasma
M-23 FN-2187
M-24 Stormtrooper
M-25 Snowtrooper


Patch Relics Set Checklist

27 cards. Target only. Serial numbered.
2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Trading Cards - Product Review Added 6

P-1 Rey
P-2 Han Solo
P-3 Chewbacca
P-4 Finn
P-5 TIE Fighter Pilot
P-6 TIE Fighter
P-7 Kylo Ren
P-8 Captain Phasma
P-9 General Hux
P-10 Stormtrooper
P-11 General Leia Organa
P-12 Admiral Ackbar
P-13 Major Brance
P-14 Admiral Statura
P-15 BB-8
P-16 Poe Dameron & BB-8
P-17 Rey & BB-8
P-18 R2-D2
P-19 Rey
P-20 Rey
P-21 Chewbacca
P-22 Doctor Kalonia
P-23 Han Solo & Chewbacca
P-24 Poe Dameron
P-25 Snap Wexley
P-26 Jess "Testor" Pava
P-27 Nien Nunb


Power Of The First Order Set Checklist

9 cards. 1:12 packs.
PARALLEL CARDS: Shimmer #/50, Pulsar #/10, SuperFractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1.
All insert parallels are exclusive to hobby.
2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Trading Cards - Product Review Added 7

1 Supreme Leader Snoke
2 Kylo Ren
3 General Hux
4 Captain Phasma
5 Petty Officer Thanisson
6 Colonel Datoo
7 Lieutenant Mitaka
8 Stormtrooper
9 Chief Petty Officer Unamo


Ships & Vehicles Set Checklist

11 cards. 1:8 packs.
PARALLEL CARDS: Shimmer #/50, Pulsar #/10, SuperFractor 1/1.
All insert parallels are exclusive to hobby.
2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Trading Cards - Product Review Added 8

1 Millennium Falcon
2 Resistance X-wing Fighter
3 First Order Transporter
4 First Order Star Destroyer (Finalizer)
5 Special Forces TIE Fighter
6 First Order Snowspeeder
7 Poe's X-wing Fighter
8 Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle
9 First Order TIE Fighter
10 Rey's speeder
11 Han Solo's Freighter


Sketch Cards Artist Checklist

Full artist list below.
2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Trading Cards - Product Review Added 9

Alex Iniguez
Angelina Benedetti
Bob Stevlic
Brad Hudson
Brent Ragland
Carlos Cabaleiro
Daniel Parsons
Darrin Pepe
Eric Lehtonen
Jason Sobol
Jonathan Caustrita
Kevin Graham
Kevin P. West
Kris Penix
Marcia Dye
Matt Stewart
Rich Molinelli
Rob Teranishi
Robert Hendrickson
Sarah Wilkinson
Solly Mohamed
Stephanie Swanger
Tim Proctor
Tina Berardi


Product Review

2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Product Review

Reviewed by Trey Treutel

Good: Strong autograph checklist (Rey!), Chrome really pops on the base movie scenes (especially Refractors).

Bad: Most of the key autograph names are short prints, inserts are not the greatest use of Chrome.

The Bottom Line: 2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome is a fun release that looks good and gives collectors a small shot at Daisy Ridley autographs. Beyond that, there is nothing specific to draw additional interest but the release is a solid option for TFA fans.

Staff Rating:
3.6 / 5.0

Card Design: 4.0/5.0

To me, the first thing that jumped out was how good the movie scenes looked on Chrome. Basically a chromium variation of the Series 2 design, I admit I don’t fully understand putting a small image of Kylo Ren on every card but it’s not really that noticeable after a while. Even more impressive are the Refractors, which add an extra shine/brightness that enhances the look even more.

Marked as Refractors on the back of the card to help collectors spot them, they are quite plentiful at one per pack. I would have liked to have seen a little more Refractor variety in the box as that is something I normally associate with Chrome. All the other parallels beyond base Refractors are numbered to 99 or less, so they are much tougher to pull.

This brings us to the inserts which did not really work as well for me. Behind the Scenes is probably the best and I liked the background look at the movie. On the less appealing side, Heroes of the Resistance and Power of the First Order are inserts that have been repeated several times over the course of TFA card sets. Sure, the images have changed, but they just feel stale at this point. Ships & Vehicles is the only really “new” insert but the large frame border and airbrushed background is a waste of chromium, in my opinion.

Personally, I would have liked more insert options in the checklist. If they were wanting to carry over previous inserts sets, there are plenty of others which would have looked much better in Chrome. Character Montages from Series 1 and Character Posters from Series 2 come to mind.

Checklist: 3.75/5.0

On paper, 2016 Topps Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome is a set for the ages. The site of the first Star Wars autographs for Daisy Ridley as Rey, this is even more impressive given the hard-signed format for her cards. And Rey is not the only autograph of note as Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, John Boyega, Mark Hamill and Andy Serkis are also included among the possible signatures. However, the big caveat is that all of these big names (and a few others) are short prints that don’t have base autographs. While they are all found in the release — Rey is only in Hobby — this means the odds are greatly stacked against you. Because there is no depth to the autograph checklist, the common signatures are mostly characters with very small roles and screen time. Of course, this also means they have little value.

Also, while they were intended to be in the set, the base short prints were ultimately not included and this was something that would have made an intriguing chase and helped add value. Costume Relics from The Force Awakens were also removed.

Value: 2.75/5.0

One hit per box with a price tag that runs around $70 is tough when you know how limited the top signers are. Because the cards look good and building the set is manageable, this can make the price easier to stomach. Still, the value is tough to recoup unless you hit one of the SP autographs. The numbered Refractors do help some, especially for a key scene. This is one to keep an eye on as prices are likely to soften over time given that there was a large production run.

The Fun Factor: 4.0/5.0

I’ll admit that I am (and always have been) partial to Chrome. This made the box experience much more fun. I even pulled an autograph in my box to go along with a stack of inserts and parallels to sift through. If you liked the movie or are just a huge Star Wars fan, this is a set worth checking out as long as you realize how just unlikely it is that a Rey autograph is in your sealed box, waiting to be uncovered.

2016 Star Wars The Force Awakens Chrome Hit Gallery

The box used for this review was provided by Topps.

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Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

User Reviews


i love this product. always loved the chrome look. i just wish we got more than one hit per box

Randall S
Randall S

Another great product, love the Chrome. Come check out our group on FB: “Topps Star Wars Trading Cards Smugglers, Merchants and Traders” so we all can trade and avoid ebay while helping other collectors.

David Snyder
David Snyder

Found my answer. There are wave refractors in retail packs only.

David Snyder
David Snyder

Are there two different types of unnumbered refractors? The ones I’m pulling from Blaster Boxes are different than the ones I’m getting from e-bay to complete the set. Both say “refractor” on back, both are not numbered, but one definitely has a different background refractor pattern from the other. Can you help?

Jestin Haugh
Jestin Haugh

You hit a Superfractor, the lowest #’ed patch you can get! They are not 1/1’s, but still a great hit. Should be over $100!

Matt L
Matt L

Hey guys, I bought a Blaster of this from Target and pulled a BB-8 Patch. I didn’t think much of it until I saw it was 2/5. I know they are all numbered and the lowest I have ever hit on any serial numbered card was /25 but Im hoping I hit something good! any help would be appreciated! Thx! These cards are really nice looking.


It appears that all of the Target Patches are serial numbered. I thought I had a special refractor version because it was numbered, but the early birds on eBay all appear to have a serial between 400-800, with the refractors being on a more limited basis /199 or less.

Can anyone confirm that for me – experience/notice the same?

Jestin Haugh
Jestin Haugh

Looks like I missed 1, looks like 11 signers with no base autos!

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Jestin Haugh Yep, 11 without base autographs. Certainly not ideal but I appreciate that they disclosed it ahead of time.

Jestin Haugh
Jestin Haugh

So they 10 signers with the * are confirmed by Topps that only have parallel autos?
A few like Ford and Ridley are a given, but a few are surprising to me that they are.

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Jestin Haugh That info came straight from Topps.

Jestin Haugh
Jestin Haugh

The dual and triple autographs almost certainly will not have those parallels. They will most likely just have one version and each be serial numbered out of 3.

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Jestin Haugh You are correct. That was carried over by mistake from the Base Autographs.

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