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1993 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards

1993 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards

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1993 Topps Star Wars Galaxy might not be one of the most valuable trading card sets in the franchise's storied history, but it is one of the most important. Not only did it bring Star Wars back to the hobby, it brought a new artistic angle that went far beyond the film stills and behind-the-scenes shots that made up the original sets.

The entire 1993 Topps Star Wars Galaxy set is dedicated to art. Some of it's original, some of it showcasing existing art from various corners of the Star Wars Universe. Clocking in at 140 cards, it's one of the most diverse Star Wars trading card sets. Besides a title card and a checklist at the start and end, the set is divided into four main sections. "Personality" looks at the main characters of the original franchise. Card fronts feature painted portraits by Joe Smith. "The Design of Star Wars" explores early concept art, demonstrating how characters and sets evolved. "The Art of Star Wars" reprints artwork used on various products and promotional items over the years. Write-ups also offer a nice background on the featured pieces. For Star Wars collectors whose collections go beyond cards, there's some great information on many rare pieces. Finally, "New Visions" presents all-new artwork from many top illustrators and comic book artists. They all have their own distinct style and present characters in varied lights. This subset became a cornerstone for the line, which has had seven total sets now.

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1993 Topps Star Wars Galaxy has just one insert set. Six Etched Foil cards fit together to form a puzzle. Cards are inserted 1:18 packs.

Redemption cards are randomly inserted in packs good for a random artist autograph. The cards are signed base cards with no other distinguishing marks. Because it's so easy to get similar autographs at conventions or through the mail, these signed cards don't carry a lot of value. Today, the redemption cards are much more desired by collectors.

Topps also issued 10,000 factory sets. Each came packaged inside a container shaped like the Millennium Falcon. The 140-card base set is slightly different, boasting foil hints. The Etched Foil cards are replaced by six similar Holofoil cards. Other extras include an exclusive Darth Vader Hologram and promo card 0. Each set also has a random artist autograph.

Besides being a great release, 1993 Topps Star Wars Galaxy brought the movies and Expanded Universe back to trading cards. This was the first mainstream release since Return of the Jedi came out in 1983. Topps has continued to make Star Wars cards ever since.

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Set Checklist

1993 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1 Title Card
2 George Lucas
3 Luke Skywalker
4 Darth Vader
5 Leia Organa
6 Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi
7 Han Solo
8 Chewbacca
9 Lando Calrissian
10 Yoda
11 C-3PO
12 R2-D2
13 Boba Fett
14 Emperor Palpatine
15 Ralph McQuarrie
16 Death Star Trench
17 Ron Cobb
18 Hammerhead
19 Typical Wookiee Family
20 Star Wars Holiday Special
21 Too-Onebee
22 All-Terrain Armored Transport
23 Yoda
24 Space Slug
25 IG-88
26 Death Star
27 Jabba the Hutt
28 Costume Design
29 Princess Leia
30 Original Sketches
31 Lando Calrissian
32 Yoda as Gremlin
33 Bad Hair Day?
34 Rancor, The
35 Jabba's Menagerie
36 Gamorrean Guards
37 Bib Fortuna
38 Creature Collaboration
39 Princess Leia's Hair
40 Ewoks
41 Leia as a Pin-Up
42 Ralph McQuarrie
43 Max Rebo Band
44 Luke Skywalker's Confrontation
45 Speeder Bike Chase, The
46 Emperor Strikes Back, The
47 Wedge Antilles
48 Cartoonist Howard Chaykin
49 Artist John Berkey
50 John Berkey's Concept
51 Huge Space Battle
52 More Realistic
53 Continuning Success
54 Foreign Movie Posters
55 Recapturing the Style
56 Artists' Imaginations
57 Highly Stylized
58 Italian Poster Art
59 Evil Darth Vader
60 Close Encounter
61 If Droids Can Frolic
62 Popularity of Villains
63 Dave Dorman
64 Two Lukes
65 Main International
66 Once a Design Firm
67 Mountain
68 Noble Tauntaun
69 Pastiche
70 Rebels Transcend
71 Boris Vallejo
72 Male Bonding
73 When George Lucas
74 Heat Seems to Rise
75 We're Moving!
76 Even Droids Celebrate
77 Santa Threepio
78 Strike Up the Droids
79 Thomas Blackshear
80 Jim Steranko
81 Steranko's "Empire"
82 Kyle Baker
83 Bret Blevins
84 Ted Boonthanakt
85 June Brigman
86 Paul Chadwick
87 Howard Chaykin
88 Mark Chiarello
89 Geof Darrow
90 Steve Ditko
91 Dave Dorman
92 George Evans
93 Fastner & Larson
94 Keith Giffen
95 Paul Gulacy
96 Bo Hampton
97 Scott Hampton
98 Michael Wm. Kaluta
99 Gil Kane
100 Gil Kane
101 Cam Kennedy
102 Dale Keown
103 Karl Kesel
104 Sam Kieth
105 Sam Kieth
106 David Lapham
107 Mike Lemos
108 Esteban Maroto
109 Cynthia Martin
110 Michael Mignola
111 Jean "Moebius" Giraud
112 Jerome Moore
113 Jon H Muth
114 Mark Nelson
115 Earl Norem
116 Allen Nunis
117 Jason Palmer
118 George Perez
119 George Pratt
120 Joe Quesada
121 P. Craig Russell
122 Mark Schultz
123 Bill Sienkiewicz
124 Walter Simonson
125 Ken Steacy
126 Brian Stelfreeze
127 Brian Stelfreeze
128 Dave Stevens
129 William Stout
130 Greg Theakston
131 Angelo Torres
132 Jim Valentino
133 John Van Fleet
134 Charles Vess
135 Russell Walks
136 Al Williamson
137 Al Williamson
138 Thomas Wm. Yeates II
139 Bruce Zick
140 Checklist
1993 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards 25

Etched Foil Checklist

6 cards. Inserted 1:18 packs.

1 Darth Vader
2 Han Solo
3 Luke Skywalker
4 Chewbacca
5 Obi-Wan and Yoda
6 Princess Leia
1993 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards 26

Autographs Checklist

Redemption cards good for a random artist autograph.

1993 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards 27

Millennium Falcon Factory Set Checklist

Print run of 10,000 sets. Besides exclusives listed below, set comes with 140-card base set. These cards had foil added. Also the six etched foil cards are replaced by holofoil cards.

0 Darth Vader by Ken Steacy
Darth Vader Hologram
Galaxy Series Two Preview Card
Random Autograph
1993 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards 28

Binder Card Checklist

Exclusive to binder.

SWB1 Grand Moff Tarking

Promo Card Checklist

Boba Fett, Dengar
Jabba the Hutt
Jabba the Hutt, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Vader - over-sized
Princess Leia
Princess Leia, Sandtrooper - 2-card panel
Truce at Bakura Cover
1993 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards 29

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Ethan gross
Ethan gross

I have #30 original sketches from 1993 and I was wondering how much it would be worth. I found it behind my wall when I was tearing down my book shelf. Please get back to me as soon as you can.


i have poster from topps for 1993 star wars galaxy topps trading cards.. can not find a value. its mint condition

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