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2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage Trading Cards

2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage Trading Cards

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2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage trading cards are notable for a couple of reasons. It's the first set to include cards from all six theatrical films. It offered collectors the first pack-inserted Mark Hamill autographs. Finally, and most importantly, it's the first set of Star Wars cards to offer sketch cards from the original trilogy.

The 120-card checklist is largely spread across the original trilogy and the first two prequels. Released shortly before Episode III hit theaters, the final movie has a handful of preview cards towards the end of the set. The base set design is based on the classic sets from the original trilogy. A New Hope and The Phantom Menace use look of the 1977 Topps Star Wars sets. The Empire Strikes Back and Attack of the Clones take a page from the original 1980 Topps Empire Strikes Back releases. The final films share the design of 1983 Topps Return of the Jedi. Not only do the cards maintain the old designs, but also the card stock, as well. Packs also came with a piece of gum (wrapped separately to avoid wax stains).

One of the keys to 2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage are the sketch cards. Although there were sketches for the franchise before this set, they came in a set dedicated to the series of Clone Wars short cartoons. This is the first set to have sketch cards from the films themselves. Artists were given a lot of freedom as far as characters and styles. When the set was produced, the standards for sketch cards were lower. Simple pencil sketches were the norm in the industry. While there are many that use a high degree of detail and color, they are certainly the exception in this set and usually command a premium. This site features scans from all of the different artists.

2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage has a trio of autograph cards from key actors in the film. Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and James Earl Jones (voice of Darth Vader) all signed for the set. Not only is this Hamill's first certified autograph card, but it's also extremely rare. As a result, prices for the card remain especially high.

In something of a strange turn, 2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage hobby boxes came in two waves. While the overall product is identical, there are some subtle differences. Sketch card artists differ between the two releases. Many artists are in both, but the insertion rate of their particular cards can vary. The other main difference is in the Etched-Foil inserts. Both waves have a different six-card puzzle. Second wave boxes are noted on top with a yellow explosion that says, "Includes New Sketch Card Artists & New Etched-Foil Puzzle."

2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage also has retail packs and boxes. They don't have sketch cards or autographs. However, there is a retail-exclusive set of stickers. Mimicking the alphabet-style stickers found in 1980 Topps Empire Strikes Back, the 30-card set is relatively tough to complete. Considering they fall one in three retail packs, they still sell for solid amounts.

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Set Checklist

2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage Checklist

Base Set Checklist

120 cards.

1 The Blockade Runner Attacked!
2 Darth Vader's Fury
3 No Escape for the Princess!
4 Sandcrawler Droid
5 Discovering the Holo-Message
6 Will Leia Betray the Rebellion?
7 The Mos Eisley Cantina
8 Don't Mess With Ben Kenobi!
9 Greedo's Prisoner
10 A Visit from Jabba
11 Facing Grand Moff Tarkin
12 "He Made a Fair Move!"
13 Striking Back at the Empire
14 It Came from the Garbage Chute
15 "Your Powers Are Weak, Old Man!"
16 Ben Kenobi's Sacrifice
17 Old Friends Reunited
18 Star Pilot Luke Skywalker
19 Death Star Under Attack
20 The Battle Station Obliterated!
21 There's More to Him Than Money
22 Honored for Their Heroism
23 Fury of the Wampa
24 "That's Two You Owe Me!"
25 Probot Attack on Hoth
26 Aboard the Executor
27 "You Have Failed Me!"
28 AT-ATs on the March
29 Speeders against the Enemy
30 Firepower of the AT-AT
31 Luke...Nearly Stomped!
32 "Never Tell Me the Odds!"
33 A Jedi Master on Dagobah
34 The Princess and the Pirate
35 Darth Vader's Scheme
36 Beheading a Tyrant
37 Darth Vader and Boba Fett
38 The Carbon-Frozen Captain
39 The Great Confrontation
40 Jedi Against Sith
41 Truth and Consequences
42 Luke's Temptation
43 A New Hand for Luke
44 "We'll Get Him Back"
45 Luke Bargains for Solo
46 Entertaining Jabba's Denizens
47 The Unfreezing of Han
48 Enslaved by Jabba the Hutt
49 Challenge of the Rancor
50 Luke's Counterattack
51 Facing Off against Fett
52 Prey of the Sarlacc
53 A Walk on the Dark Side
54 The Passing of Yoda
55 Ben's Revelations
56 United against the Empire
57 Two on a Speeder Bike
58 Perilous Bike Chase!
59 Against the New Death Star
60 Skirmish at the Bunker
61 Father Versus Son
62 Will the Dark Side Prevail?
63 The Last of Anakin
64 His Soul Redeemed
65 A Family Made Whole
66 Blessings from Beyond
67 Trapped by the Trade Federation!
68 "Don't Let Them Escape!"
69 An Undersea Kingdom
70 Boss Nass of the Gungans
71 Help From Astromech Droids
72 Bargaining with Watto
73 Sebulba's Boast
74 C-3PO, Meet R2-D2!
75 Day of the Podrace
76 Watching from the Dtands
77 High-speed daredevils
78 A Farewell to Mom
79 Attacked by Darth Maul
80 Onward Against the Invaders
81 An Army of Battle Droids
82 Penetrating the Palace
83 Amidala's Bold Assault
84 Qui-Gon Jinn vs. Darth Maul
85 Obi-Wan's Greatest Challenge
86 Anakin Joins the Battle!
87 Galactic Combat
88 Yoda's Misgivings
89 A Noble Sacrifice
90 The Eager Apprentice
91 Death of a Bounty Hunter
92 Help from Dexter Jettster
93 Troubled Young Lovers
94 Kamino's Master Cloners
95 Battle with Jango Fett
96 The Fate of Shmi Skywalker
97 Held Captive by the Count
98 Droid Factory Peril!
99 Spearing an Acklay
100 Use the Force, Anakin!
101 Jedi Knights...Surrounded!
102 Outnumbered by Battle Droids!
103 The Republic Strikes Back!
104 Battlefield: Geonosis
105 Anakin Takes on Dooku
106 Power of the Dark Lord
107 Fighting an Old Friend
108 Saving His Jedi Allies
109 Begun, the Clone War Has!
110 Sharing a Dark Destiny
111 Galactic Conflict
112 Ace Star Pilot Skywalker
113 A Dark Awakening
114 Palpatine's Protege?
115 Anakin and the Jedi Council
116 Mace Windu's Concerns
117 Yoda's Discovery
118 Fear for the Future
119 A Jedi Knight Emergency
120 Checklist
2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage Trading Cards 23

Autographs Set Checklist

Fisher inserted 1:2963 Wave 1 packs, 1:2966 Wave 2 packs. Hamill inserted 1:6,824 Wave 1, 1:6,980 Wave 2. Jones inserted 1:802 Wave 1, 1:809 Wave 2.

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa
Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
James Earl Jones as Darth Vader
2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage Trading Cards 24

Etched Set Checklist

6 cards per Wave. Each Wave has a different puzzle. Wave 1 inserted 1:9 hobby packs, 1:6 retail packs. Wave 2 inserted 1:9 hobby packs.

Wave 1
1 Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon
2 Anakin Skywalker
3 Mace Windu, Yoda
4 Darth Maul
5 Padme Amidala
6 Zam, Jango, Aurra Sing
Wave 2
1 Chancellor Palpatine
2 Droids
3 Shmi and Anakin
4 Jedi Council
5 Twi'lek Sisters
6 Insectoid Droid
2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage Trading Cards 25

Sketch Card Artist Checklist

Inserted 1:38 hobby packs.

Ryan Benjamin
Matt Busch
Jeff Carlisle
Brian Ching
Joe Corroney
Cynthia Cummens
Christian Dalla Vecchia
Dave Dorman
Jan Duursema
Tommy Lee Edwards
Chris Eliopoulos
David Fabbri
Tom Hodges
James Hodgkins
Jeff Johnson
Rafael Kayanan
Ray Lago
Mike Lemos
Mike Lilly
Randy Martinez
John McCrea
Brandon McKinney
Mary Mitchell
Jake Myler
William O'Neil
Dan Parsons
Dimitri Patelis
Sean Phillips
Kilian Plunkett
David Rabbitte
Ron Randall
Paul Rudish
Robert Teranishi
Chris Trevas
Russell Walks
2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage Trading Cards 26

Stickers Set Checklist

Inserted 1:3 retail packs.

1 A K
2 B X
3 E I
4 N T
5 F 0
6 Y U
7 S A
8 M E
9 C D
10 R H
11 A V
12 B P
13 H E
14 I R
15 O U
16 F S
17 E T
18 N C
19 M G
20 D A
21 A P
22 B C
23 E S
24 O I
25 U W
26 Z T
27 M N
28 D R
29 G J
30 Q L
2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage Trading Cards 27

Case Topper Checklist

Exclusive to cases distributed in the UK.

S1 The Empire Strikes Back

Promo Card Checklist

P1 The Phantom Menace
P2 Attack of the Clones
P3 Episode III - SDCC
P4 A New Hope - Non-Sport Update
P5 The Empire Strikes Back - Non-Sport Update
P6 Return of the Jedi
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This product is filled with garbage pencil sketches where the artists put more effort into signing their names. Google the R2 and droid army sketches. Just awful. “The norm in the industry”? More like laziness and greed. Many of these pencil sketches became “artist returns” which were then erased and offered as pricey commissions by the the artist.

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