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Sell Baseball Cards, Sports Cards, Trading Cards and Memorabilia

Are you looking to sell your old baseball cards or an entire sports card collection for cash?

Cardboard Connection has facilitated the sale of over a million dollars worth of sports cards and collectibles. We buy baseball cards, football cards, basketball cards, hockey cards, miscellaneous sports collectibles and sports memorabilia, as well as entertainment-related trading cards, collectibles and memorabilia. Whether you have built your collection from scratch, inherited a collection from a relative, or are simply looking to downsize, we have you covered.

Sell Your Baseball Cards and Sports Cards

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Let us assist you in selling your collection. Simply fill out the form below and we will refer you to one of our industry-leading buying partners.

Upon submission of the form below, you will be contacted by The Cardboard Connection and/or one or more of our carefully vetted, highly-respected network of buying partners in 1-2 business days to find out more about your collection and get the buying process rolling!

**When entering the details about your cards, be as specific as possible and include images. Please note that most cards from the 1980s and 1990s have little value. Our buyers are mainly looking for vintage cards from before 1974.**

What Are My Sports Cards Worth?

"How much is this card worth" is a question that has been around almost as long as cards themselves. The reality is that many people have some cards around the house and a large percentage are worth very little.

As someone attempting to sell an item, you want to go into a potential sale with full confidence that you understand what you have.

Your first step is determining if what you own carries any notable value. eBay is a great resource for obtaining a general idea of the value range. Outside of the truly rare cards, anything you likely possess is bought and/or sold on eBay quite often, so you can see exactly what similar cards have sold for in the recent weeks. Player names, card numbers and the year printed on the back of the card are all useful bits of information to help you identify the exact set in question.

What Baseball Cards Do We Buy?

Bear in mind that companies won't automatically buy just anything. Buying and selling baseball cards is their livelihood, so if they don't think they can turn a profit from purchasing your collection, they are unlikely to buy it from you.

In most instances, vintage cards are king. That generally pertains to cards issued in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. The condition of the card is also a crucial detail as many believe their cards are much closer to mint than is actually the case.

If your collection mainly consists of late-1980s and early-to-mid 1990s baseball cards, then value is minimal with only a few exceptions. This is a result of the gross overproduction of sports cards during the era. If you are lucky enough to find someone to purchase these kinds of cards, the payout would hardly even warrant the gas or shipping expenses incurred in completing the transaction. You are much better off donating the cards to charity. In addition to helping a good cause, in many cases, your donation can be used as a tax write-off come April.

Find out more about why your sports cards from the early-'90s are worthless. But as with most things in life, there are some exceptions to be acutely aware of, as well.

Why Sell Baseball Cards to Cardboard Connection?

The Cardboard Connection is the fastest growing go-to source for collectors, investors and anyone else looking to sell and/or consign their collections. We bring the same integrity, collector-centric business practices and brand recognition to selling and consigning collections as we do to our editorial coverage of the sports card, entertainment trading card and memorabilia industry. This has allowed us to provide you with extremely honest and reasonable top-dollar offers on collection purchases and among the highest returns on consignments in the business.

In order to ensure we can provide the best possible offer, we use a combination of directly purchasing and consigning collections as well as outsourcing leads using exclusive deals to the top buyers in the business with the goal of ensuring you get the best possible return on your collection.

The Cardboard Connection has partnered with some of the leading sports card and memorabilia buyers in the industry in order to ensure the large volume of collectors who approach us on a daily basis regarding selling their collections have the best possible options available to them. They have purchased millions of dollars worth of collections from folks just like yourself who are looking to sell their sports cards. This network of buyers is constantly looking to purchase high-quality singles and collections from all eras, as well as high-end graded cards and rookie cards. Our expert vintage card buyers are always looking for pre-war and post-war vintage baseball cards, vintage basketball cards, vintage hockey cards and all manner of sports and entertainment memorabilia

We encourage you to share your experiences dealing with any of these buyers by contacting us directly.