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2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions Trading Cards

2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions Trading Cards

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2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions brings the Disney+ anthology to card collectors via a print-to-order line.

Available for one week, each episodic set sells for $19.99.

2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions Set Details

2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions highlights the animated streaming series with small sets for each episode. The show features nine different short stories done in an anime style and produced by Japanese studios.

2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions Trading Cards 1

Every set contains all five cards for the specific episode.

Order current Now Star Wars cards on the Topps site.

Each order also includes free SmartPost shipping.

Check back soon for final print runs as revealed by Topps.

Set Checklist

2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions Checklist

Base Set Checklist

45 cards. 5 cards per episode set.
2021 Topps Now Star Wars Visions Trading Cards 2

Ep. 1 - The Duel
1 The Ronin
2 Prepared for Battle
3 The Ronin, B5-56, & Sullustan Shopkeeper
4 Sith Bandit Leader
5 The Village
Ep. 2 - Tatooine Rhapsody
1 Jay is a big dreamer
2 Jabba the Hutt
3 The band prepares to play
4 Jay, Kurti, & Lan
5 Boba Fett in pursuit
Ep. 3 - The Twins
1 Am enters the room
2 Am is a true believer in the dark side
3 Karre pushes against his dark purpose
4 The Star Destroyer
5 R-DUO is a trusty companion
Ep. 4 - The Village Bride
1 F & Valco
2 F: A young Jedi
3 Saku & The Villagers
4 Izuma
5 Haru & Asu
Ep. 5 - The Ninth Jedi
1 Ethan summoned by mysterious Jedi Master
2 Zhima
3 The warriors assemble
4 Juro & Roden clash
5 Juro & Kara
Ep. 6 - T0-B1
1 The Inquisitor arrives
2 T0-B1: A cybernetic boy
3 Mitaka: A loving, protective scientist
4 Mitaka & T0-B1
5 T0-B1 dreams of becoming a jedi
Ep. 7 - The Elder
1 Dan & Tajin
2 The Elder
3 Dan & his lightsaber
4 Showdown
5 The Elder is stronger than he looks
Ep. 8 - Lop & Ocho
1 A happy family
2 Lop training
3 Lop, TD-4 & Yasaburo
4 Lop & TD-4
5 The Encroaching Empire
Ep. 9 - Akakiri
1 Tsubaki & Masago battle
2 Tsubaki & Misa
3 Masago & his army
4 Tsubaki: A jedi with a dark destiny
5 Senshuu & Kamahachi


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