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Soccer Cards

Although moving much slower than other sports, the soccer card market has really started to pick up thanks to an infusion of modern sets from Topps, Panini and Futera. The most popular of these tend to be the World Cup soccer cards from Panini.

Originally only found in sticker sets and regional releases, soccer card sets now match most other sports as far as quality and availability. In fact, they have even more variety since there are sets for major leagues like the English Premier League, Bundesliga and MLS, plus major tournaments like the Champions League and FIFA World Cup.

Of course, many of the premium soccer card sets feature autographs for past and presents stars, including Pele, Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Cardboard Connection is the only destination you need for the many soccer card options. We offer the most current details on sets, including product profiles and set checklists. You can also check out our informative articles, editorials and player profiles, as well as find some of the best shopping deals for soccer cards.

Here at The Cardboard Connection we provide soccer card coverage and information in a variety of ways:

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