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Funko Pop Star Wars Rogue One Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Star Wars Rogue One Vinyl Figures

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Just like for The Force Awakens, a new Star Wars film means another batch of Pop figures! Funko Pop Star Wars Rogue One presents collectors with miniature and stylized versions of their favorite characters from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Telling the standalone tale that essentially leads up to the original Star Wars film, Rogue One is the first non-trilogy movie release from the franchise. Featuring a fresh group of actors and many new characters, Funko Pop Star Wars Rogue One adds plenty to the ever-growing Funko Pop Star Wars line of vinyl figures.

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Part of a large set, the Funko Pop Star Wars Rogue One figures are headlined by main characters Jyn Erso, played by Felicity Jones, and Captain Cassian Andor. Both also have exclusive variant figures. In addition, collectors can find multiple subjects fighting for the Rebel Alliance, including Baze Malbus, Chirrut Imwe, K-2SO, and Walmart-exclusive Saw Gererra.

The Galactic Empire is represented by C2-B5, evil Director Orson Krennic (Ben Mendelsohn), a pair of Scarif Stormtroopers and Imperial Death Troopers, and the infamous Darth Vader. Vader also has a Force Group exclusive at GameStop.

Although the Funko Pop Star Wars Rogue One figures are noted as such on the box, they are still numbered as part of the larger Funko Pop Star Wars lineup.

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Funko Pop Star Wars Rogue One Checklist

As more surface, we will add them to the list. 

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138 Jyn Erso
139 Captain Cassian Andor
140 Chirrut Imwe
141 Baze Malbus
142 Director Orson Krennic
143 Darth Vader
144 Imperial Death Trooper
145 Scarif Stormtrooper
146 K-2SO
147 C2-B5
148 Jyn Erso (Mountain gear) - Smuggler's Bounty
149 Imperial Death Trooper - Smuggler's Bounty
150 Jyn Erso (Hooded) - Hot Topic
151 Captain Cassian Andor (Brown Jacket) - Target
152 Jyn Erso Imperial Disguise - Target
153 Saw Gererra - Walmart
154 Imperial Death Trooper (Chrome) - Walmart
155 Bistan - 2016 NYCC
156 Scarif Stormtrooper (Striped) - Walgreens
157 Darth Vader (Force Grip) - GameStop
177 Saw Gerrera w/Hair - 2017 NYCC
178 Jyn Erso Disguise w/Helmet - 2017 NYCC
179 K-2SO (Action Pose) - 2017 NYCC
183 Bodhi Rook - 2017 SDCC
184 Combat Assault Tank Trooper - 2017 SDCC
185 Young Jyn Erso (August 2017)
186 Galen Erso (August 2017)
187 Weeteef Cyubee (August 2017)
188 Death Star Droid (White) - 2017 NYCC
189 Death Star Droid Black (August 2017)
8-Pack: Disney Store UK (3,000 pieces)

Funko Pop Star Wars Rogue One Vinyl Figures 3
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