Ronald Acuña Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery

Ronald Acuña Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery

One of the top MLB talents, Ronald Acuña Jr. has Braves fans thinking about a new dynasty and collectors clamoring for more Ronald Acuna rookie cards.

Because his MLB debut did not occur until the end of April 2018, the first batch of 2018 baseball cards did not feature Ronald Acuna rookie cards. However, it was not long before Acuna rookies started trickling out via the on-demand format, and then as pack-pulled cards.

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Naturally, there are many Ronald Acuna prospects to go along with the growing list of Ronald Acuna rookie cards. The guide below documents all of the main RC options, while also making note of other key choices in each product.

Ronald Acuna Rookie Card Checklist

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2018 Bowman Chrome Ronald Acuna RC #40

A key option for Ronald Acuna rookie collectors, 2018 Bowman Chrome has a base card and hard-signed rookie autograph for the phenom, with many Refractor parallels for each.

2018 Bowman Chrome Baseball2018 Bowman Chrome Baseball

2018 Bowman Chrome National Convention Ronald Acuna RC #BNR-RAC

Released at the 2018 National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland, the 2018 Bowman Chrome NSCC promo features Acuna with a unique background pattern and several parallels.

2018 Bowman Chrome National Convention Baseball

2018 Donruss Rated Rookie Ronald Acuna RC #283

So, 2018 Donruss did not actually manage to get Ronald Acuna in the Rated Rookie subset, but he was part of the infamous wrapper redemption promo that was not announced until a week after the set released. Acuna has a base version as well as a full-name variation (Ronald Jose Acuna Blanco Jr.) that averages 1:5 packs for the three-player set (Acuna, Ohtani and Torres). There are signed editions, as well, but they are very rare.

2018 Donruss Optic Ronald Acuna RC #63

Acuna's chromium Rated Rookie card came a bit later in 2018 Donruss Optic. Of course, there is a vivid rainbow to chase, plus on-card Rated Prospect autographs.

2018 Immaculate Collection Ronald Acuna RC #151 Autograph Relic #/99

Acuna has multiple hit cards in 2018 Immaculate Collection, including an autograph relic in the base set. It is a sticker autograph, which stinks, but the low print run helps offset that to an extent.

2018 National Treasures Ronald Acuna RC #59 Autograph Relic #/99

Much better in comparison, the 2018 National Treasures card for Acuna boasts the on-card autograph that Immaculate is lacking. The Rookie Material Signatures card is numbered to only 99 copies.

2018 Panini Chronicles Ronald Acuna RC #37

Acuna does have a base rookie in 2018 Chronicles, but much of the set's appeal stems from all the other brands available. For Acuna, this includes base cards in Classics, Contenders Optic, Crusade, Illusions, Limited, Phoenix, Prestige, Prizm, Revolution, Rookies and Stars, Score, Select, Spectra, Status, and Studio. He also has autographs in many of the lines.

2018 Panini Chronicles Baseball

2018 Panini Flawless Ronald Acuna RC #11 Diamond #/20

One of the rarest Ronald Acuna rookie cards comes from one of the most expensive sets of the year. 2018 Flawless uses diamonds in the base set with a main print run of 20. However, there are basically two different versions since the variation has the same print run and parallels. All Acuna's autographs are hard-signed and there are several different choices, as well.

2018 Topps Series 2 Ronald Acuna RC #698

Technically an SSP variation, the Ronald Acuna rookie in 2018 Topps Series 2 is really just a super short print (SSP) that shares base numbering with the much more common Ryan Sherriff card. Falling about one per case, this is a tough card to pull.

Acuna has another #698 card option in 2018 Topps Complete Set with a slightly different image, but these are included in every factory set.

If you really want to be thorough, there are additional choices that share the same numbering. The premium 2018 Topps Chrome Sapphire has a base Refractor and on-card autographs. Acuna is also in the 2018 Topps Mini set.

2018 Topps Update Series Ronald Acuna RC #US250

The follow-up to Acuna's SSP rookie in Series 2 is a base version in 2018 Topps Update Series with the same image from the factory set. Acuna also has three image variations and several autographs in the release.

2018 Topps Baseball Silver Pack 1983 Chrome Ronald Acuna RC #101

Coming in the Update Series promo packs, 2018 Topps Baseball Silver Pack 1983 Chrome features Acuna in the third wave of the base set. His sticker autograph card has 99 copies.

2018 Topps Allen & Ginter Ronald Acuna RC #207

2018 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball provides an inexpensive Ronald Acuna rookie card in full-size and mini form. However, those looking for something a bit more exciting can seek out the Mini Framed Autograph card with on-card signature.

He is also part of the online-exclusive 2018 Allen & Ginter X, which is basically the same but features a black design and some exclusive mini parallels. This limited product has the framed autographs also, but the signatures are done in silver ink.

2018 Topps Archives Ronald Acuna RC #212

The 2018 Archives rookie for Ronald Acuna borrows the 1981 design. More elusive is the special vintage logo parallel that swaps the generic Topps logo for a retro version. Acuna also has a hard-signed autograph in the Coming Attraction insert.

2018 Topps Archives Snapshots Ronald Acuna RC #AS-RAC

The online-only 2018 Archives Snapshots features a base rookie, a few parallels including black and white, and an on-card autograph for Acuna.

2018 Topps Big League Ronald Acuna RC #369

Delivering the initial, true-base Ronald Acuna rookie card, 2018 Big League stresses simplicity and fun over rarity and big values. The Braves' slugger also has a redemption in the Rookie Republic Autographs insert.

2018 Topps Chrome Ronald Acuna RC #193

One of his most popular base rookie cards thanks to the brand strength and Refractor parallels, 2018 Topps Chrome adds a little flash to the flagship design. Collectors also show plenty of attention to the hard-signed rookie autographs.

2018 Topps Chrome Update Series Ronald Acuna RC #HMT25

The Target-only 2018 Topps Chrome Update Series mixes it up with a different image. Acuna also has a sticker autograph in the set.

2018 Topps Clearly Authentic Ronald Acuna RC #CAA-RA

Another set making use of the flagship look, the encased Acuna rookie in 2018 Clearly Authentic separates itself with acetate stock and an on-card autograph. The base is not numbered but several parallel tiers cap things at 99 copies (or less).

2018 Topps Clearly Authentic Baseball

2018 Topps Diamond Icons Ronald Acuna RC #AC-RA Autograph

For those who can spend a bit more, there are several premium Ronald Acuna rookie autographs in 2018 Diamond Icons. Each numbered to 25 or less, he has a vertical base autograph, plus a horizontal Diamond Autograph and Red Ink Autograph card.

2018 Topps Fire Ronald Acuna RC #109

If you want a modern design besides flagship, but are also not interested in paying huge sums for a card, perhaps 2018 Topps Fire is worth exploring. The unique style comes from Tyson Beck, and the set is exclusive to Target. Acuna has a base rookie, base autograph, and dual autograph (with rookie teammate Ozzie Albies).

2018 Topps Five Star Ronald Acuna RC #FSA-RA Autograph

Although cheaper than Diamond Icons, 2018 Five Star is still a premium option for Ronald Acuna rookie card collectors. His ornate base autograph offers several color frame parallels. The Five Star Signatures card, numbered to 50, opens up the signing area even more with a horizontal layout.

2018 Topps Gold Label Ronald Acuna RC #99 (3 versions)

Tripling the effort, 2018 Gold Label includes Acuna in Class 1 (batting - gray jersey), Class 2 (batting - navy jersey), and Class 3 (throwing) versions of the base set. He is also in the Framed Autograph insert with an on-card signature and metal frame.

2018 Topps Gold Label Baseball

2018 Topps Heritage High Number Ronald Acuna RC #580

Because he was late to the party, the first Ronald Acuna rookie card from Heritage arrived in the 2018 High Number update set. In addition to multiple base variations, a mini card, and a Chrome parallel, Acuna has a popular Real One autograph. However, it is issued as a redemption.

2018 Topps High Tek Ronald Acuna RC #HT-RA

With 2018 Topps High Tek, collectors get multiple Acuna rookies. In addition to the four different pattern designs, the parallels add another design wrinkle. His on-card autograph, which originally came as a redemption, is a favorite, as well.

2018 Topps High Tek Baseball

2018 Topps Living Set Ronald Acuna RC #19 (PR=46,809 copies)

If you need an indication of just how excited collectors are for Ronald Acuna rookie cards, look to his 2018 Topps Living Set release that sold a staggering 46k+ copies. As a result, the market is flooded, which should help keep prices on the lower side.

2018 Topps Luminaries Ronald Acuna RC Autographs

The high-end 2018 Luminaries has three main autograph lines: Hit Kings, Home Run Kings and Masters of the Mound. Acuna is featured in the base Home Run Kings and Hit Kings autograph sets, plus the Hit Kings auto relic version.

2018 Topps National Baseball Card Day Autograph Ronald Acuna RC #AU-RA #/75

The 30-card base set for 2018 Topps NBCD apparently did not leave enough room for Acuna as each team only has one player and the Braves spot is filled by fellow rookie Ozzie Albies. Nevertheless, collectors can still find Acuna in the autograph set with a print run of just 75 copies.

2018 Topps Now Ronald Acuna RC #125 (PR=11,131 copies)

The first of many print-to-order Ronald Acuna rookie cards in 2018 Topps Now came in honor of his April 25 MLB debut with the Braves. The base version sold 11,131 copies and Topps also issued several low-numbered autographs.

2018 Topps Stadium Club Ronald Acuna RC #223

He may have been left off the base checklist for 2018 Stadium Club, but collectors can still get an idea of what the Ronald Acuna rookie card would have been for TSC thanks to the SSP variation that replaces Hank Aaron in the main numbering. Topps also included Acuna in the base autograph set.

2018 Topps Triple Threads Ronald Acuna RC #RFPAR-RA Autograph Relic #/99

One of the Base Rookies & Future Phenoms Autograph Relic subjects, the Ronald Acuna rookie card in 2018 Topps Triple Threads displays a relic trio and hard-signed autograph. While the base card has only 99 copies, when you add up all the parallels, the total number is 265.

2018 Topps Triple Threads Baseball

2017 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs Ronald Acuna #CPA-RA

Of course, Ronald Acuna has multiple prospect cards but the unquestioned favorite is his Chrome Prospect Autograph offering in 2017 Bowman. These already sell for hundreds and the low-numbered Refractor parallels push well into the thousands.

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