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2018 Topps Now Baseball Cards

2018 Topps Now Baseball Cards


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2018 Topps Now Baseball brings the MLB season into clear focus with many print-to-order cards. The standard format is again based around a 24-hour selling window direct from Topps' online store.

As Topps Now's popularity has exploded in recent years, the 2018 Topps Now Baseball releases come in several forms, including limited sets, autographs and relics. However, the regular cards are still priced at $9.99 each, with cheaper per-card prices when you make bulk purchases. Most also come with free SmartPost shipping.

Buy current 2018 Topps Now Baseball cards on the Topps site.

The special sets and limited versions vary in price, however, and can feature extended sales periods.

2018 Topps Now Baseball Road to Opening Day

It's only fitting that Road to Opening Day team sets break in the new 2018 Topps Now Baseball design. Every team is included with MLB Spring Training images, and many have limited autograph versions. This is also the place to use the Mike Trout promo card that was mailed out for free to many collectors who purchased 2017 Topps Now Baseball cards. The card contains a coupon for the Road to Opening Day sets, which are on sale for nearly two months.

2018 Topps Now Baseball

2018 Topps Now Baseball Spring Training

Providing early images, as well, the 2018 Topps Now Baseball Spring Training cards mark the start of one-day issues, but featuring the #ST- prefix. These cards cover events that take place before the start of the regular season, but are virtually identical to the primary set except for the card number.

2018 Topps Now Baseball

There was actually very little down time as 2017 Topps Now Off-Season covered the winter months.

Main 2018 Topps Now Baseball Set

Normally coinciding with the start of the regular season, the main portion of the 2018 Topps Now Baseball checklist uses standard numbering that builds throughout the year and ends with the final out of the 2018 World Series.

The full list below compiles all information about each card, including final print runs.

2018 Topps Now Baseball Checklist

Event date for each card is noted. Print runs (PR) added when known.
Purchase previous cards on eBay using the links below.

2018 Topps Now Baseball

2018 Topps Now Baseball Spring Training Checklist

ST-1 Eric Hosmer - San Diego Padres: Padres Introduce New First Baseman (PR=358)
ST-2 Troy Tulowitzki - Toronto Blue Jays: Shortstop Poses as Pitcher at Spring Training Photo Day (PR=1,374)
02/23/2018 - *All proceeds donated to Broward Education Foundation*
ST-3 Major League Baseball: MLB Players Wear Stoneman Douglas Gear to Honor Victims (PR=632)
ST-4 Shohei Ohtani - Los Angeles Angels RC: Two-way Player Makes Spring Training Debut on the Mound (PR=11,384)
2018 Topps Now Baseball
ST-5 J.D. Martinez - Boston Red Sox: Red Sox Introduce New Designated Hitter (PR=422)
ST-6 Russell Wilson - New York Yankees: Football Star Arrives At Spring Training With Yankees (PR=1,987)
ST-6A/B/C/D/E Russell Wilson Autograph (#/49 to 1/1)
ST-7 Shohei Ohtani - Los Angeles Angels RC: RBI Single Marks 1st Spring Training Hit (PR=6,842)
ST-8 Ichiro - Seattle Mariners: Mariners Superstar Returns on One-Year Deal (PR=1,206)
03/13/2018 - Shop Topps
2018 Topps Now Baseball
ST-9 Houston Astros: Astros Present Number 17 Jersey to President Trump


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