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2018 Bowman's Best Baseball Cards

2018 Bowman’s Best Baseball Cards


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2018 Bowman's Best Baseball puts its own unique spin on MLB veteran, rookie and prospect collecting. The Hobby-only release promises four autographs per master box.

Just as with the 2017 set, the 2018 release offers two mini-boxes per master box, and a case-hit autograph alongside insert parallels.

2018 Bowman's Best Baseball Base

Putting an abstract background with a player image, the base set for 2018 Bowman's Best Baseball includes top current players and prospects.

2018 Bowman's Best Baseball

Although the prospect cards feature a different design, there are generally lumped in with the base cards.

2018 Bowman's Best Baseball

In addition, they all share the same Refractor parallels, including base Refractor, Atomic (1 per master box), Purple (#/250), Blue (#/150), Green (#/99), Gold (#/50), Orange (#/25), Red (#/10), and SuperFractor (1/1).

2018 Bowman's Best Baseball Inserts

Adding to that, the insert choices in the 2018 Bowman's Best Baseball checklist get a refresh. The retro-inspired 1998 Best Performers line is for past and present standouts, while Early Indications highlights more recent minor league success stories.

2018 Bowman's Best Baseball

Power Producers covers the big hitters, and Neophyte Sensations is only for the 2018 MLB rookies.

2018 Bowman's Best Baseball

All inserts feature case-hit Atomic Refractor parallels, plus numbered Gold Refractor and SuperFractor (1/1) versions.

2018 Bowman's Best Baseball Autographs

With four on-card signatures per master box, it should not be a shock that the 2018 Bowman's Best Baseball autographs take center focus. Best of 2018 acts as the main signed set, bringing with it base Refractor, plus Green (#/99), Gold (#/50), Atomic (#/25), and Red (#/10) Refractor parallels. There are also the one-of-one SuperFractor and Printing Plate options.

2018 Bowman's Best Baseball

Each insert line noted above offers a limited signed version, as well, with the serial numbered 1998 Best Performers Autographs and Early Indications Autographs also having Gold Refractor (#/50), Atomic Refractor (#/25) and SuperFractor (1/1) parallels.

2018 Bowman's Best Baseball

Another new choice is the hard-signed Dual Autographs set with only 25 copies. For those chasing extreme rarity, these come in Atomic Refractor (#/10) and SuperFractor (1/1) parallels.

2018 Bowman's Best Baseball

Estimated Release Date: 12/19/2018
Product Configuration: 5 cards per pack, 12 packs per master box (2 mini boxes), 8 master boxes per case

2018 Bowman's Best Baseball Hobby Master Box Break

  • 4 Autographs
  • 1 Atomic Refractor Base Parallel

2018 Bowman's Best Baseball Hobby Case Break Hits

  • 1 Best Performers Autograph
  • 5 Atomic Refractor Insert Parallels
    • 2 Best Performers
    • 2 Early Indications
    • 1 Power Producers

Card Gallery:

These are mock-up images and not final cards. Contents and designs are subject to change. 

2018 Bowman’s Best Baseball Sealed Hobby Box Presell $107.99
2018 Bowman's Best Baseball 8 Box Hobby Case Sealed!!! #3 $599.99
2018 Bowman's Best Baseball 8 Box Hobby Case Sealed!!! #4 $599.99
2018 Bowman's Best Baseball 8 Box Hobby Case Sealed!!! #5 $599.99
2018 Bowman's Best Baseball 8 Box Hobby Case Sealed!!! $613.00
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  1. Looking forward to this, 2017 had great value.
    Trey, has there been news on topps fire?

  2. Nothing yet.

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