2018 Donruss Baseball Wrapper Redemption Cards

2018 Donruss Baseball Wrapper Redemption Cards

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Don't throw those wrappers away! The 2018 Donruss Baseball Wrapper Redemption program turns trash into treasure for collectors with an exclusive offering.

Panini revealed the creation of the promotion nearly a week after 2018 Donruss Baseball released in Hobby format. Each 2018 Donruss Baseball Wrapper Redemption pack contains three cards.

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The 2018 Donruss Baseball Wrapper Redemption checklist includes Rated Rookie Extra cards for Gleyber Torres, Ronald Acuna and Shohei Ohtani. There are also variations that average 1:5 packs along with very limited autograph versions in the small set. The variations feature a different image and nameplate from the base card, so they are easy to spot.

Update (June 6): Panini announced that the three-card wrapper redemption packs started shipping this week.

2018 Donruss Baseball Wrapper Redemption Cards 1

How to Get the 2018 Donruss Baseball Wrapper Redemption Packs

To obtain these special cards, collectors must mail in 24 wrappers to Panini at the address below in exchange for one pack. There was no word about limits or an expiration date for the program. However, as of June 7, the promotion was still active.

2018 Donruss Baseball Wrapper Redemption Address

Panini America
2018 Donruss Baseball Wrapper Redemption
5325 FAA Boulevard, Suite 100
Irving, TX 75061


2018 Donruss Baseball Wrapper Redemption Checklist

2018 Rated Rookie Extra Set Checklist

3 players and six different cards.

281 Shohei Ohtani - Los Angeles Angels
282 Gleyber Torres - New York Yankees
283 Ronald Acuna - Atlanta Braves
Variations - 1:5 packs
281 Shohei Ohtani - Japanese Text
282 Gleyber Torres - Twitter Handle
283 Ronald Acuna - Full Name


2018 Donruss Baseball Wrapper Redemption Gallery

281 Shohei Ohtani - Los Angeles Angels

2018 Donruss Baseball Wrapper Redemption Cards 2

282 Gleyber Torres - New York Yankees

2018 Donruss Baseball Wrapper Redemption Cards 3

283 Ronald Acuna - Atlanta Braves

2018 Donruss Baseball Wrapper Redemption Cards 4

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User Reviews

  1. Nice of Panini to announce this after the product drops. Does Panini have an answer for people who’ve already thrown away their wrappers before they announce the mail-in? What about retail wrappers?

  2. Should be good with both retail and hobby packs. No word on why it was announced so late.

  3. Reprehensible, Panini. Announce a redemption after I toss out three boxes’ worth of wrappers. Do you people not have any shame? Who is responsible for this scam?

  4. Hello again Trey. I need to ask you a question about these Donruss wrappers. I bought a Fat Pack box which is only 12 Packs but 30 cards per pack.

    Will Panini accept these 12 wrappers instead of the 24 wrappers from the regular hobby boxes? I mean the packs are more than double in cards from what’s in the regular 24 pack hobby box so that should qualify as like 2 wrappers in one.

    Do you know anything about this Trey? Thanks buddy.

  5. The details were very basic and only the 24 wrappers were referenced. Unless Panini indicates you can send in just 12 wrappers from the Fat Packs, I’d guess 24 applies there, as well.

  6. That’s what I figured Trey. In my opinion that shoundn’t matter though since you are getting over double the amount of cards per pack from the hobby boxes of 24 Packs.

    However, I’d say 24 Packs regardless of whether it’s from a hobby box, retail box, or Fat Pack box is required to get in on the free redemption Pack of cards. Thanks Trey.

  7. I sent an email to Panini in regards to when I could expect the redemption cards to arrive which I had sent 8 pks of 24 wrappers on April 9th. On April 30th I was told they had not received the cards for the redemptions in house yet to send out. Just sent another email asking how much longer. I have no confidence in Panini anymore. I submitted several redemption cards 5 yrs ago for ’13 Elite Extra edition of which I never received half of what I submitted.

  8. I got a signed Ronald Acuna wrapper redemption. Did they ever release the numbers on how many were released?

  9. Congrats! They are rare but no official print runs were every revealed that we have seen.

  10. Wasn’t aware of this promo til seeing this now. I’m guessing this has been long forgotten and assumed done with-but I’ve got a box or 2 that need a reason to be opened, so there I go!
    Unless anyone’s heard otherwise (?? I’ve seen no update by them on being sold out ??)—>I’ll just staple a couple stacks of wrappers, stuff em in a PWE and maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised in a few weeks or so….

  11. Really liked opening the product , But with no logo’s on the Uniforms ,It loses a Star.

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