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Topps Living Set Baseball Cards

Topps Living Set Baseball Cards


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A new concept from the card maker, Topps Living Set Baseball takes an open-ended approach to collecting. Instead of a standard release that lasts for one year, the online-exclusive Topps Living Set Baseball has no end in sight.

While not confined to one specific duration or even a certain period of collecting, Topps Living Set Baseball pays tribute to the 1953 Topps design using high-resolution images of hand-drawn artwork from the legendary artist Mayumi Seto.

Topps Living Set Baseball

Of course, there are some rules. Printed on 16-point vintage stock, each card is sold for one week and three new cards are announced every week. Single cards sell for $9.99 and three-card sets go for $14.99.

View current Topps Living Set Baseball cards on Topps.

Also, the Topps Living Set Baseball checklist only includes one option for each player, unless that player is traded. So, there is no need to worry about a new Aaron Judge card every week of the set.

Card backs note the batting and fielding stats for the most recent year (when issued) and the lifetime stats from the same point in time, just like the 1953 set.

Topps Living Set Baseball

Topps Living Set Baseball Checklist

Print runs (PR) will be added when announced. Each release includes 3-card set or individual cards.
Buy past cards on eBay using the links below.

2018 Topps Living Set Baseball Checklist

Topps Living Set Baseball



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Trey Treutel  |  E-Mail Author
Trey Treutel is an Ole Miss grad and a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options. Find Trey on Twitter at @datreute or Google+.

User Reviews

  1. Does anyone know if they will be releasing the print runs on these at weeks end?

  2. How about the retired Set? Dead Set?

    What’s next?

  3. How is the print run different among the 3 cards? I thought they were purchased together.

  4. Each week has a three-card bundle for $14.99 or you can purchase a card individually for $7.99.

  5. I’m not a huge collector but having these cards to look forward to each week is awesome. One of a kind set that i feel alot of thought and effort is put i to into it since its only 3 players a week 156 a year. Classic boarder design with the vintage style backs are so smooth looking with the original artwork. Following the lowest print run will tell you how many true sets there are, and right now i think its under 3.5k. Crazy thinking that there will be that few of full sets for something that can run forever.

    Trey can you tell me what pt size these cards are considered?

  6. The Living Set cards are printed on 16pt vintage trading card stock.

  7. Love the idea of the set and the look of the cards. A few early production hiccups as far as production quality on Topps end, but hopefully that will be ironed-out soon. Really looking forward to seeing more HOFers, Retired Players and gotta have some RC’s!!!! GREAT SET!

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