50 Hottest Mickey Mantle Cards

50 Hottest Mickey Mantle Cards

50 Hottest Mickey Mantle Cards 1When it comes to baseball cards, Mickey Mantle is king. He remains a cornerstone of any new release that he's in. His vintage cards from his playing days are among the most sought after in their respective sets. Even when ranked alongside the many Yankee greats, Mickey Mantle is the king of the hobby world.

The 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle is probably the most famous baseball card released since the end of WWII. Other than the the T206 Honus Wagner, it's probably the most famous card of all-time. Vintage Mickey Mantle cards, not just his early ones, rank among the top cards of every set they're in. In some instances, veteran Mantles outsell rookies of Hall of Famers within the same set.

Even after his passing in August, 1995, new Mickey Mantle cards have continued to hit the market. Topps, Fleer and Upper Deck have all had deals with his estate to ensure collectors are able to go after the beloved hero. Modern releases have focused a lot on autographs and memorabilia cards. However, even modern base cards and standard inserts command attention.

Below is a real-time ranking of the 50 most-watched Mickey Mantle cards currently listed on eBay. The primary factor that influences an auction's popularity is the number of watchers it has, though there are some additional proprietary metrics that factor into the rankings as well.

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    I have a Mickey Mantle Commemorative Set Card #2 of 19, #311, printed by 1996 Topps Company Inc, with a gold stamp with the dates 1931 -1995, Topps Mickey Mantle with his face printed on the left top corner of the card, how much is this worth? I have looked at numerous websites and still have no answer to this question. If you could help me out that would me awesome! Thank you in advance and I look forward in hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Gina Clark

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    i have a mickey mantle card thats orange andsays at the top sayes base ball all time greats and at bottem playing years 1951-1968 in bold letter on the bottom satesmickey mattle i just was wondering how much it was worth it look like my have flod once in half then flatten out

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    I saw a Mickey mantle card that had a gold tiny to it. Just said MANTLE across the top and his signature in gold writing on the bottom. Said something like “94 legends” on the back. Any idea when this card is from? And what series?

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