Hottest Aaron Rodgers Cards on eBay

Hottest Aaron Rodgers Cards on eBay

When it comes to NFL quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers is in an elite group. The same can be said for the many Aaron Rodgers cards.

The Green Bay Packers' Hall of Fame-caliber QB is no stranger to collectors, and plenty of his key cards rank highly in the hobby.

Hottest Aaron Rodgers Football Cards

As is always the case, some of the most popular Aaron Rodgers cards were issued for his rookie season in 2005 products. He has many options available, but the hottest examples tend to be the signed Aaron Rodgers rookie cards.

Hottest Aaron Rodgers Cards on eBay 1

This includes his autographed NFL rookies in 2005 Contenders Football, 2005 Exquisite Collection Football and 2005 SP Authentic Football.

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While the rookies generally command the most attention, virtually any low-numbered autograph or super short print (SSP) insert or parallel from a recent Panini NFL set can take off.

This real-time list is by no means home to every relevant Aaron Rodgers card, but it can be a great way to size up the market and see what cards are driving the most demand at any moment.

Most-Watched Aaron Rodgers Cards Hot List

The guide below features only Aaron Rodgers cards at auction on eBay and it is listed in order by the total number of watchers. Check back often for price updates and to see the new cards that surface.

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