50 Hottest Robert Griffin III Cards

50 Hottest Robert Griffin III Cards

Entering his first season, RG3 was one of the most talked-about rookies ever in the NFL. As a result, the first Robert Griffin III cards soared as soon as they were released.

Before the season, many debated if Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck would be the better quarterback. It's still way too early to make a definitive answer, but the Baylor alumnus is certainly making a strong argument. Both have been at the forefront of a strong rookie class in 2012.

It's possible trading cards even helped Griffin win the 2011 Heisman Trophy. Baylor sent out cards to voters as part of a publicity package to highlight their quarterback's talents. While it was, ultimately, Griffin's on-field play that voters awarded, but the promos likely helped them take notice. These cards are extremely rare on the secondary market and could one day be among the most highly sought after Robert Griffin III cards among player collectors.

Panini and Topps have wisely made RGIII a key selling point in all of their products. He has rookie cards available at all budgets and collecting preferences. Some, like 2012 Topps and 2012 Panini Prestige, should cost only a few dollars. Options like 2012 Topps Finest and 2012 Topps Platinum offer a premium look, but without autographs or memorabilia swatches, are still very affordable. For collectors with high-end tastes, there are several autographed Robert Griffin III rookie cards, such as 2012 Panini Rookies & Stars, which is also limited to 499 numbered copies.

Besides official rookies, there are also plenty of other Robert Griffin III cards to chase. Many of the high-end options are low-numbered parallels that come with multi-colored patch swatches or on-card autographs.

As the number of RG3 autographs on the market rises, prices should soften a little. Of course, that's all relative. It's going to take a lot more than one or two poor games to make a significant dent in Griffin's card values. Also, the end of the football card season brings about the best, most expensive rookie cards of the year.

Griffin also brings a certain x-factor that collectors love. So far, he's proven to be a strong role model, a face both the Redskins and the NFL can build around. The fact that Griffin plays for a passionate hometown fanbase also helps the long-term possibilities of his cards and collectibles.

Here's a real-time look at the 50 most-watched Robert Griffin III cards currently listed on eBay. This list is constantly changing as new auctions are posted and others end. If you're interested in collecting RG3 cards or you want to do some savvy market research, bookmark this page and check back frequently.

50 Most-Watched Robert Griffin III Cards on eBay

50 Hottest Robert Griffin III Cards 2
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Bids: 1
Current Bid/Price (USD): $100.00
Time Left: 2 days 22 hours 21 minutes 53 seconds
50 Hottest Robert Griffin III Cards 3
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Current Bid/Price (USD): $0.99
Time Left: 8 days 20 minutes 58 seconds
50 Hottest Robert Griffin III Cards 4
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Current Bid/Price (USD): $0.99
Time Left: 4 days 20 hours 37 minutes 9 seconds
50 Hottest Robert Griffin III Cards 5
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Current Bid/Price (USD): $5.00
Time Left: 34 minutes
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Current Bid/Price (USD): $0.99
Time Left: 5 days 21 hours 36 minutes 2 seconds


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  1. Author

    i have a robert griffin prime auto crd 44/50 i cant find another card like it to see what thge value is

  2. Author

    I can not find a value on one of my cards, or the card anywhere for that matter. Its 2012 Elite, I think, thats what it says on front, rookie elite series and its autographed. The back of card says its card no.2 14/99 I cant seem to find it listed anywhere! Is there anything someone can tell me about it! By the way the card is a robert griffin iii and says 2012 panini on back under 14/99 any help would be great, thanks!

  3. Author

    Jason, regarding your “supposedly”, 2012 #2 Elite RGIII that is AUTO/SER /99, if this is true, then according to Beckett, the value is $300.00, now that is Beckett value, the buyer won’t pay book value, you may get 1/2 book, which is about 150.00

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