Hottest Kevin Durant Cards on eBay

Hottest Kevin Durant Cards on eBay

Kevin Durant is a scoring machine. However, while Kevin Durant cards are some of the top-sellers in basketball, he has yet to make the transition to the hobby's ultra-elite. Superstar, sure. But he's not quite in the same league as MJ, LeBron and Kobe. Not yet, at least, but each championship win helps to close the gap.

The basketball card landscape looked a lot different when Durant debuted in the league and in 2007-08 products. Upper Deck and Topps were both making NBA cards while Panini was still based largely out of Europe. With two companies producing cards at the time, there are plenty of notable Kevin Durant rookie cards. For low-end options in his rookie card checklist, Topps has more options. However, Upper Deck dominates when it comes to high-end rookie cards and early inserts.

When Durant started his third year in 2009-10, things in the card world changed dramatically. Upper Deck and Topps were out of making NBA cards and Panini was in with the exclusive. After being named a Panini company spokesman in 2011, Durant has become a focal point for the card maker. The result has been a consistent flow of autographs and other high-end cards. That seemed to increase further when he made the move from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Golden State Warriors and then the Brooklyn Nets.

Despite this increased supply of Kevin Durant autographs, demand remains strong, especially for his low-numbered and hard-signed releases.

Most-Watched Kevin Durant Cards Hot List

Below is a real-time look at the most-watched Kevin Durant cards currently up for auction on eBay. They may not necessarily be his most valuable cards, but it does serve as a good indication as to what's drawing the most interest. You can also bet that rare versions of key cards will pop up when they're listed, so this is a good starting point to track specific cards.

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