Top 10 Michael Jordan Base Cards of All-Time

Top 10 Michael Jordan Base Cards of All-Time

There are very few things in the hobby that command as much attention as Michael Jordan cards. However, base cards tend to take a backseat in the hobby today. Fancy inserts, memorabilia cards and autographs dominate the collecting landscape. Michael Jordan is that unique superstar who forms a bridge between old- and new-school. His popularity has been a huge boost for the hobby that saw it's rise through the insert years of the late 1990s and into the current age of sets focused largely on autographs and memorabilia cards. While base cards are commonly overlooked by collectors, and, unfortunately, card companies, Michael Jordan base cards still attract attention, no matter the format.

For many, base cards represent that one last affordable aspect of the hobby. While they are no longer the driving force behind many products, a well designed base card can make a great addition to any collection. It also provides a reasonable starting point for young collectors and collectors with limited budgets. Because of this, many Michael Jordan base cards are the right balance of star power, relative value, and availability to build a collection around.

This following list aims to identify ten of the top Michael Jordan base cards available today. While his 1986-87 Fleer Basketball rookie card is technically a base card, it was not included in this list.

Top Michael Jordan Base Cards

1987-88 Fleer Michael Jordan #59

Michael Jordan's sophomore offering from Fleer is not nearly as popular or famous as his rookie card from 1986-87 Fleer Basketball but still remains a great option for collectors. The print run for this set was much less than the previous year, which helps keep prices up for unopened boxes and cards. Like many of the cards from this period, condition plays a huge role in value. Gem mint copies of the Michael Jordan base card can reach as high as four figures while ungraded sets can still be found for around $100.

Top 10 Michael Jordan Base Cards of All-Time 1

1988-89 Fleer Michael Jordan #17

Despite featuring another stacked rookie card lineup, 1988-89 Fleer did not produce the same magic as 1986-87 Fleer. The card design is awkward, at best, and features too many different fonts. Also, the image choice for the Michael Jordan base card is bizarre. It looks like he is performing a karate move on Kevin Willis, while sneezing.

Top 10 Michael Jordan Base Cards of All-Time 2

1992-93 Upper Deck Michael Jordan #23

This card is classic "Air Jordan." The Michael Jordan craze was sweeping the world as the Chicago Bulls pushed for their first NBA Championship three-peat, and Jordan was the king of the NBA. In my opinion, this is one of the best action images of Michael Jordan on any card.

Top 10 Michael Jordan Base Cards of All-Time 3

1994-95 Finest Michael Jordan #331

Finest had already established itself as the gold standard product for bright colors and shiny coating the year before, and 1994-95 Topps Finest did not disappoint. Boasting a rainbow sun beam background, this Michael Jordan base card remains a popular card for collectors. Also worth noting, Jordan is not wearing his usual number 23 jersey. This is because he retired from basketball in 1993 to pursue his baseball career and his number was retired by the Bulls.  When he returned to the Chicago during the second half of the 1994-95 season, Jordan took the number 45 jersey for the rest of the season. The number 45 jersey was important to him because it was the number worn by his brother, Larry. Michael Jordan also wore number 45 while playing professional baseball.

Top 10 Michael Jordan Base Cards of All-Time 4

1994-95 Flair Michael Jordan #326

Flair helped usher in a new era of  cards with their elegant design and high quality stock. The dual images of Jordan are highlighted by gold foil font. I still remember my excitement after pulling one of the beauties, back in the day. This card also features Jordan wearing his number 45 jersey.

Top 10 Michael Jordan Base Cards of All-Time 5

1996-97 E-X2000 Michael Jordan #9

E-X2000 was a game-changer. The innovative design was futuristic and unique. It turned an insert design into a base set and showed how card companies could make products that were outside the box, without losing the basic card feel. However, it was also very condition sensitive and many cards have not fared well over time. The Michael Jordan base card showcases a vivid blue sky background, complete with clouds. This blue works well with the gold foil frame and makes for a great card.

Top 10 Michael Jordan Base Cards of All-Time 6

1997 SPx Michael Jordan #5

Another solid use of technology, 1997 SPx features an interesting "X" die-cut design and a large hologram image.

Top 10 Michael Jordan Base Cards of All-Time 7

1998-99 SPx Finite Michael Jordan #1 #/10000

One of the first numbered base cards, SPx Finite has a grand look and features dark colors and foil. Despite a whopping print run of 10,000, this card still maintains solid interest from collectors.

Top 10 Michael Jordan Base Cards of All-Time 8

2000-01 Ultimate Collection Michael Jordan #8 #/750

Perhaps one of the most intense images of Jordan, 2000-01 Ultimate Collection is limited to 750 copies. A simple layout with a gold ribbon down the middle helps draw attention to the image of Michael Jordan, preparing to unload a ferocious dunk.

Top 10 Michael Jordan Base Cards of All-Time 9

2003-04 Exquisite Michael Jordan #3 #/225

In terms of highest value, almost any Michael Jordan base card from the Exquisite product line would be at the top. 2003-04 Exquisite is the first edition of the historic product and the Michael Jordan base card is a collector favorite. Numbered to only 225, mint versions of this base card can sell for close to $1000.

Top 10 Michael Jordan Base Cards of All-Time 10

Top 10 Michael Jordan Base Cards of All-Time 11
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  1. I would have to take the 1994-95 Skybox E-motion base as my favorite #45 card.

  2. I’ve had these Michael Jordan Upper Deck Gold Fleer cards for some time and just for kicks and giggles I wanted to know if they have any value at all. I won them years ago because coke or gatorade was having a check under your bottle cap and I won them. They have in a gold stamp on the bottom left the Upper Deck stamp and a capital G under that in gold as well. His name is in gold as well and has his stats for that particular year in the back with the NBA foil on the bottom right. I have June 14, 1998, June 12, 1991, June 14, 1992, June 20, 1993, June 16, 1996 and June 13, 1997. thank you for your assistance.

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