1993-94 Topps Finest Basketball Cards

1993-94 Topps Finest Basketball Cards


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Following a successful launch in baseball, 1993-94 Topps Finest Basketball marked the brand's launch onto the hardcourt. Arriving with an all-chromium design, a large rookie crop and a ton of hype, the set holds up well from a collecting standpoint. From a design standpoint -- it's all mid-90s.

1993-94 Topps Finest Basketball has a 220-card base set. Cards have a ton of color, tossed around the card front in random shapes. A light border surrounds the player. Their name is in small font at the top. A Topps icon sits in front of a basketball in the bottom-left of the card. Next to it is a large Finest banner. At the time, the design was high-tech. Today, it looks more like something you'd see advertised during an episode of In Living Color or opened over a can of Crystal Pepsi.

While it's unlikely any Hall of Famers will emerge from the 1993-94 Topps Finest Basketball rookie card class, there are lots of second-tier stars. Leading the way are Anfernee Hardaway and Chris Webber. Other first-year players in the set include Nick Van Exel, Sam Cassell, Jamal Mashburn and Vin Baker.

1993-94 Topps Finest Basketball has a 40-card subset that looks at the ten best players from each division. These cards are inserted one per pack or two per jumbo pack. Their brick background makes them easy to discern from regular base cards.

Not surprisingly, Refractors remain popular with collectors. The cards feature a rainbow shine in the background when held up to the light.

The only other insert set is Main Attraction. The 27-card set is exclusive to 14-card jumbo packs.

1993-94 Topps Finest Basketball has two box configurations. Regular boxes have 24 packs of seven cards. Jumbo boxes also have 24 packs, but there are 14 cards in each.

Key 1993-94 Topps Finest Basketball Cards:

1993-94 Topps Finest Basketball Cards 3

Set Checklist

1993-94 Topps Finest Basketball Checklist

Base Set Checklist

220 cards. Two cards #136, no #159.


1 Michael Jordan
2 Larry Bird
3 Shaquille O'Neal
4 Benoit Benjamin
5 Ricky Pierce
6 Ken Norman
7 Victor Alexander
8 Mark Jackson
9 Mark West
10 Don MacLean
11 Reggie Miller
12 Sarunas Marciulionis
13 Craig Ehlo
14 Toni Kukoc RC
15 Glen Rice
16 Otis Thorpe
17 Reggie Williams
18 Charles Smith
19 Micheal Williams
20 Tom Chambers
21 David Robinson
22 Jamal Mashburn RC
23 Clifford Robinson
24 Acie Earl RC
25 Danny Ferry
26 Bobby Hurley RC
27 Eddie Johnson
28 Detlef Schrempf
29 Mike Brown
30 Latrell Sprewell
31 Derek Harper
32 Stacey Augmon
33 Pooh Richardson
34 Larry Krystkowiak
35 Pervis Ellison
36 Jeff Malone
37 Sean Elliott
38 John Paxson
39 Robert Parish
40 Mark Aguirre
41 Danny Ainge
42 Brian Shaw
43 LaPhonso Ellis
44 Carl Herrera
45 Terry Cummings
46 Chris Dudley
47 Anthony Mason
48 Chris Morris
49 Todd Day
50 Nick Van Exel RC
51 Larry Nance
52 Derrick McKey
53 Muggsy Bogues
54 Andrew Lang
55 Chuck Person
56 Michael Adams
57 Spud Webb
58 Scott Skiles
59 A.C. Green
60 Terry Mills
61 Xavier McDaniel
62 B.J. Armstrong
63 Donald Hodge
64 Gary Grant
65 Billy Owens
66 Greg Anthony
67 Jay Humphries
68 Lionel Simmons
69 Dana Barros
70 Steve Smith
71 Ervin Johnson RC
72 Sleepy Floyd
73 Blue Edwards
74 Clyde Drexler
75 Elden Campbell
76 Hakeem Olajuwon
77 Clarence Weatherspoo
78 Kevin Willis
79 Isaiah Rider RC
80 Derrick Coleman
81 Nick Anderson
82 Bryant Stith
83 Johnny Newman
84 Calbert Cheaney RC
85 Oliver Miller
86 Loy Vaught
87 Isiah Thomas
88 Dee Brown
89 Horace Grant
90 Patrick Ewing Atlantic's Finest
91 Clarence Weatherspoo Atlantic's Finest
92 Rony Seikaly Atlantic's Finest
93 Dino Radja Atlantic's Finest
94 Kenny Anderson Atlantic's Finest
95 John Starks Atlantic's Finest
96 Tom Gugliotta Atlantic's Finest
97 Steve Smith Atlantic's Finest
98 Derrick Coleman Atlantic's Finest
99 Shaquille O'Neal Atlantic's Finest
100 Brad Daugherty Central's Finest
101 Horace Grant Central's Finest
102 Dominique Wilkins Central's Finest
103 Joe Dumars Central's Finest
104 Alonzo Mourning Central's Finest
105 Scottie Pippen Central's Finest
106 Reggie Miller Central's Finest
107 Mark Price Central's Finest
108 Ken Norman Central's Finest
109 Larry Johnson Central's Finest
110 Jamal Mashburn Midwest's Finest
111 Christian Laettner Midwest's Finest
112 Karl Malone Midwest's Finest
113 Dennis Rodman Midwest's Finest
114 Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf Midwest's Finest
115 Hakeem Olajuwon Midwest's Finest
116 Jim Jackson Midwest's Finest
117 John Stockton Midwest's Finest
118 David Robinson Midwest's Finest
119 Dikembe Mutombo Midwest's Finest
120 Vlade Divac Pacific's Finest
121 Dan Majerle Pacific's Finest
122 Chris Mullin Pacific's Finest
123 Shawn Kemp Pacific's Finest
124 Danny Manning Pacific's Finest
125 Charles Barkley Pacific's Finest
126 Mitch Richmond Pacific's Finest
127 Tim Hardaway Pacific's Finest
128 Detlef Schrempf Pacific's Finest
129 Clyde Drexler Pacific's Finest
130 Christian Laettner
131 Rodney Rogers RC
132 Rik Smits
133 Chris Mills RC
134 Corie Blount RC
135 Mookie Blaylock
136 Jim Jackson
136 Shawn Kemp
137 Tom Gugliotta
138 Dennis Scott
139 Vin Baker RC
140 Gary Payton
141 Sedale Threatt
142 Orlando Woolridge
143 Avery Johnson
144 Charles Oakley
145 Harvey Grant
146 Bimbo Coles
147 Vernon Maxwell
148 Danny Manning
149 Hersey Hawkins
150 Kevin Gamble
151 Johnny Dawkins
152 Olden Polynice
153 Kevin Edwards
154 Willie Anderson
155 Wayman Tisdale
156 Popeye Jones RC
157 Dan Majerle
158 Rex Chapman
159 (Does not exist. Two of #136)
160 Eric Murdock
161 Randy White
162 Larry Johnson
163 Dominique Wilkins
164 Dikembe Mutombo
165 Patrick Ewing
166 Jerome Kersey
167 Dale Davis
168 Ron Harper
169 Sam Cassell RC
170 Bill Cartwright
171 John Williams
172 Dino Radja RC
173 Dennis Rodman
174 Kenny Anderson
175 Robert Horry
176 Chris Mullin
177 John Salley
178 Scott Burrell RC
179 Mitch Richmond
180 Lee Mayberry
181 James Worthy
182 Rick Fox
183 Kevin Johnson
184 Lindsey Hunter RC
185 Marlon Maxey
186 Sam Perkins
187 Kevin Duckworth
188 Jeff Hornacek
189 Anfernee Hardaway RC
190 Rex Walters RC
191 Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
192 Terry Dehere RC
193 Brad Daugherty
194 John Starks
195 Rod Strickland
196 Luther Wright RC
197 Vlade Divac
198 Tim Hardaway
199 Joe Dumars
200 Charles Barkley
201 Alonzo Mourning
202 Doug West
203 Anthony Avent
204 Lloyd Daniels
205 Mark Price
206 Rumeal Robinson
207 Kendall Gill
208 Scottie Pippen
209 Kenny Smith
210 Walt Williams
211 Hubert Davis
212 Chris Webber RC
213 Rony Seikaly
214 Sam Bowie
215 Karl Malone
216 Malik Sealy
217 Dale Ellis
218 Harold Miner
219 John Stockton
220 Shawn Bradley RC
1993-94 Topps Finest Basketball Cards 24

Main Attraction Set Checklist

27 cards. Inserted one per jumbo pack.

1 Dominique Wilkins
2 Dino Radja
3 Larry Johnson
4 Scottie Pippen
5 Mark Price
6 Jamal Mashburn
7 Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
8 Joe Dumars
9 Chris Webber
10 Hakeem Olajuwon
11 Reggie Miller
12 Danny Manning
13 Doug Christie
14 Steve Smith
15 Eric Murdock
16 Isaiah Rider
17 Derrick Coleman
18 Patrick Ewing
19 Shaquille O'Neal
20 Shawn Bradley
21 Charles Barkley
22 Clyde Drexler
23 Mitch Richmond
24 David Robinson
25 Shawn Kemp
26 Karl Malone
27 Tom Gugliotta
1993-94 Topps Finest Basketball Cards 25

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User Reviews

  1. I’ve got this base set…220 cards…I’ve got two cards numbered 136…one for Jim Jackson and one for Shawn Kemp. I don’t have a card numbered #159, but according to your checklist, that is supposed to be the Shawn Kemp card…so does that make the set more or less valuable? Thanks.

  2. Carmy Peracca Looks like an uncorrected error where Kemp was supposed to be #159.

  3. I really enjoy this set. I love the bright colors and funky design. I think Topps did a good job with thier Finest Baseball, and Football sets in ’93, but I easily prefer their Basketball debut. And by introducing the hobby world to refractors in ’93 Topps has a couple of classic sets on their hands.

  4. With Dino Radja being inducted for his play overseas at least it has one Hall of fame rookie card. Great looking set and extremely affordable compared to when it first came out unless your chasing the refractors.

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