1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball Cards

1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball Cards


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1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball is the sophomore installment of the high-end chromium brand. Boasting popular Refractors, a solid rookie crop and several inserts, the set remains a solid seller with collectors.

Split between two series, 1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball has 331 cards. The first has 165 cards. The second has the remaining 166 cards. Of the two, Series 2 is much stronger. It has all the rookie cards of Grant Hill, Jason Kidd, Eddie Jones, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard and more. Michael Jordan is also in the second series.

Base cards feature a the trademark chromium look and feel. A silver border gives way to an aqua-colored backdrop that has colorful comets shooting forward. The Topps Finest logo takes up the majority of the nameplate at the bottom of the card. The player's name is in small block letters at the very bottom. 1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball has a pair of subset themes. Series 1 has City Legend cards while Series 2 has Collegiate Best cards.

Base cards and most insert sets come with a protective coating. It can be peeled off, but most collectors have kept them in tact.

While there was only basic Refractors back in the mid 1990s, they remain popular today. In particular, Jordan and the key rookies remain strong on the secondary market. Refractor parallels

Inserts in 1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball have some unexpected themes, particularly in Series 1. Marathon Men (20 cards, 1:12 packs) and Iron Men (10 cards, 1:24 packs) honor those who logged lots of minutes and played in all 82 games. While the final checklists both have several superstars, there are also lots of less desirable names. Series 2 inserts hit the mark a little better. Lottery Prize (22 cards, 1:6 packs) looks back at some of the best lottery picks. Rack Pack (7 cards, 1:72 packs) has the top 1994-95 rookies. Finally, C0rnerstones (15 cards, 1:24 packs) takes on the best players from several franchises.

Key 1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball Cards:

1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball Cards 3

Set Checklist

1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball Checklist

Base Set Checklist

331 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Refractors 1:12 packs

Series 1
1 Chris Mullin City Legend
2 Anthony Mason City Legend
3 John Salley City Legend
4 Jamal Mashburn City Legend
5 Mark Jackson City Legend
6 Mario Elie City Legend
7 Kenny Anderson City Legend
8 Rod Strickland City Legend
9 Kenny Smith City Legend
10 Olden Polynice City Legend
11 Derek Harper
12 Danny Ainge
13 Dino Radja
14 Eric Murdock
15 Sean Rooks
16 Dell Curry
17 Victor Alexander
18 Rodney Rogers
19 John Salley
20 Brad Daugherty
21 Elmore Spencer
22 Mitch Richmond
23 Rex Walters
24 Antonio Davis
25 B.J. Armstrong
26 Andrew Lang
27 Carl Herrera
28 Kevin Edwards
29 Micheal Williams
30 Clyde Drexler
31 Dana Barros
32 Shaquille O'Neal
33 Patrick Ewing
34 Charles Barkley
35 J.R. Reid
36 Lindsey Hunter
37 Jeff Malone
38 Rik Smits
39 Brian Williams
40 Shawn Kemp
41 Terry Porter
42 James Worthy
43 Rex Chapman
44 Stanley Roberts
45 Chris Smith
46 Dee Brown
47 Chris Gatling
48 Donald Hodge
49 Bimbo Coles
50 Derrick Coleman
51 Muggsy Bogues City Legend
52 Reggie Williams City Legend
53 David Wingate City Legend
54 Sam Cassell City Legend
55 Sherman Douglas City Legend
56 Keith Jennings
57 Kenny Gattison
58 Brent Price
59 Luc Longley
60 Jamal Mashburn
61 Doug West
62 Walt Williams
63 Tracy Murray
64 Robert Pack
65 Johnny Dawkins
66 Vin Baker
67 Sam Cassell
68 Dale Davis
69 Terrell Brandon
70 Billy Owens
71 Ervin Johnson
72 Allan Houston
73 Craig Ehlo
74 Loy Vaught
75 Scottie Pippen
76 Sam Bowie
77 Anthony Mason
78 Felton Spencer
79 P.J. Brown
80 Christian Laettner
81 Todd Day
82 Sean Elliott
83 Grant Long
84 Xavier McDaniel
85 David Benoit
86 Larry Stewart
87 Donald Royal
88 Duane Causwell
89 Vlade Divac
90 Derrick McKey
91 Kevin Johnson
92 LaPhonso Ellis
93 Jerome Kersey
94 Muggsy Bogues
95 Tom Gugliotta
96 Jeff Hornacek
97 Kevin Willis
98 Chris Mills
99 Sam Perkins
100 Alonzo Mourning
101 Derrick Coleman City Legend
102 Glen Rice City Legend
103 Kevin Willis City Legend
104 Chris Webber City Legend
105 Terry Mills City Legend
106 Tim Hardaway City Legend
107 Nick Anderson City Legend
108 Terry Cummings City Legend
109 Hersey Hawkins City Legend
110 Ken Norman City Legend
111 Nick Anderson
112 Tim Perry
113 Terry Dehere
114 Chris Morris
115 John Williams
116 Jon Barry
117 Rony Seikaly
118 Detlef Schrempf
119 Terry Cummings
120 Chris Webber
121 David Wingate
122 Popeye Jones
123 Sherman Douglas
124 Greg Anthony
125 Mookie Blaylock
126 Don MacLean
127 Lionel Simmons
128 Scott Brooks
129 Jeff Turner
130 Bryant Stith
131 Shawn Bradley
132 Byron Scott
133 Doug Christie
134 Dennis Rodman
135 Dan Majerle
136 Gary Grant
137 Bryon Russell
138 Will Perdue
139 Gheorghe Muresan
140 Kendall Gill
141 Isaiah Rider
142 Terry Mills
143 Willie Anderson
144 Hubert Davis
145 Lucious Harris
146 Spud Webb
147 Glen Rice
148 Dennis Scott
149 Robert Horry
150 John Stockton
151 Stacey Augmon City Legend
152 Chris Mills City Legend
153 Elden Campbell City Legend
154 Jay Humphries City Legend
155 Reggie Miller City Legend
156 George Lynch
157 Tyrone Hill
158 Lee Mayberry
159 Jon Koncak
160 Joe Dumars
161 Vernon Maxwell
162 Joe Kleine
163 Acie Earl
164 Steve Kerr
165 Rod Strickland
Series 2
166 Glenn Robinson RC
167 Anfernee Hardaway
168 Latrell Sprewell
169 Sergei Bazarevich RC
170 Hakeem Olajuwon
171 Nick Van Exel
172 Buck Williams
173 Antoine Carr
174 Corie Blount
175 Dominique Wilkins
176 Yinka Dare
177 Byron Houston
178 LaSalle Thompson
179 Doug Smith
180 David Robinson
181 Eric Piatkowski RC
182 Scott Skiles
183 Scott Burrell
184 Mark West
185 Billy Owens
186 Brian Grant RC
187 Scott Williams
188 Gerald Madkins
189 Reggie Williams
190 Danny Manning
191 Mike Brown
192 Charles Smith
193 Elden Campbell
194 Ricky Pierce
195 Karl Malone
196 Brooks Thompson
197 Alaa Abdelnaby
198 Tyrone Corbin
199 Johnny Newman
200 Grant Hill College Best
201 Kenny Anderson College Best
202 Olden Polynice College Best
203 Horace Grant College Best
204 Muggsy Bogues College Best
205 Mark Price College Best
206 Tom Gugliotta College Best
207 Christian Laettner College Best
208 Eric Montross College Best
209 Sam Cassell College Best
210 Charles Oakley
211 Harold Ellis
212 Nate McMillan
213 Chuck Person
214 Harold Miner
215 Clarence Weatherspoon
216 Robert Parish
217 Michael Cage
218 Kenny Smith
219 Larry Krystkowiak
220 Dikembe Mutombo
221 Wayman Tisdale
222 Kevin Duckworth
223 V ern Fleming
224 Eric Mobley RC
225 Patrick Ewing Collegiate Best
226 Clifford Robinson Collegiate Best
227 Eric Murdock Collegiate Best
228 Derrick Coleman Collegiate Best
229 Otis Thorpe Collegiate Best
230 Alonzo Mourning Collegiate Best
231 Donyell Marshall Collegiate Best
232 Dikembe Mutombo Collegiate Best
233 Rony Seikaly Collegiate Best
234 Chris Mullin Collegiate Best
235 Reggie Miller
236 Benoit Benjamin
237 Sean Rooks
238 Terry Davis
239 Anthony Avent
240 Grant Hill RC
241 Randy Woods
242 Tom Chambers
243 Michael Adams
244 Monty Williams RC
245 Chris Mullin
246 Bill Wennington
247 Mark Jackson
248 Blue Edwards
249 Jalen Rose RC
250 Glenn Robinson Collegiate Best
251 Kevin Willis Collegiate Best
252 B.J. Armstrong Collegiate Best
253 Jim Jackson Collegiate Best
254 Steve Smith Collegiate Best
255 Chris Webber Collegiate Best
256 Glen Rice Collegiate Best
257 Derek Harper Collegiate Best
258 Jalen Rose Collegiate Best
259 Juwan Howard Collegiate Best
260 Kenny Anderson
261 Calbert Cheaney
262 Bill Cartwright
263 Mario Elie
264 Chris Dudley
265 Jim Jackson
266 Antonio Harvey
267 Bill Curley RC
268 Moses Malone
269 A.C. Green
270 Larry Johnson
271 Marty Conlon
272 Greg Graham
273 Eric Montross RC
274 Stacey King
275 Charles Barkley Collegiate Best
276 Chris Morris Collegiate Best
277 Robert Horry Collegiate Best
278 Dominique Wilkins Collegiate Best
279 Latrell Sprewell Collegiate Best
280 Shaquille O'Neal Collegiate Best
281 Wesley Person Collegiate Best
282 Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf Collegiate Best
283 Jamal Mashburn Collegiate Best
284 Dale Ellis Collegiate Best
285 Gary Payton
286 Jason Kidd RC
287 Ken Norman
288 Juwan Howard RC
289 Lamond Murray RC
290 Clifford Robinson
291 Frank Brickowski
292 Adam Keefe
293 Ron Harper
294 Tom Hammonds
295 Otis Thorpe
296 Rick Mahorn
297 Alton Lister
298 Vinny Del Negro
299 Danny Ferry
300 John Starks
301 Duane Ferrell
302 Hersey Hawkins
303 Khalid Reeves RC
304 Anthony Peeler
305 Tim Hardaway
306 Rick Fox
307 Jay Humphries
308 Brian Shaw
309 Danny Schayes
310 Stacey Augmon
311 Oliver Miller
312 Pooh Richardson
313 Donyell Marshall RC
314 Aaron McKie RC
315 Mark Price
316 B.J. Tyler RC
317 Olden Polynice
318 Avery Johnson
319 Derek Strong
320 Toni Kukoc
321 Charlie Ward RC
322 Wesley Person RC
323 Eddie Jones RC
324 Horace Grant
325 Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
326 Sharone Wright RC
327 Kevin Gamble
328 Sarunas Marciulionis
329 Harvey Grant
330 Bobby Hurley
331 Michael Jordan
1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball Cards 24

Cornerstone Set Checklist

15 cards. Inserted 1:24 Series 2 packs.

CS1 Shaquille O'Neal
CS2 Alonzo Mourning
CS3 Patrick Ewing
CS4 Karl Malone
CS5 Kenny Anderson
CS6 Latrell Sprewell
CS7 Dikembe Mutombo
CS8 Charles Barkley
CS9 John Stockton
CS10 Reggie Miller
CS11 Jamal Mashburn
CS12 Anfernee Hardaway
CS13 Jim Jackson
CS14 David Robinson
CS15 Hakeem Olajuwon
1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball Cards 25

Iron Men Set Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:24 Series 1 packs.

1 Shaquille O'Neal
2 Kenny Anderson
3 Jim Jackson
4 Clarence Weatherspoon
5 Karl Malone
6 Dan Majerle
7 Anfernee Hardaway
8 David Robinson
9 Latrell Sprewell
10 Hakeem Olajuwon
1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball Cards 26

Lottery Prize Set Checklist

22 cards. Inserted 1:6 Series 2 packs.

LP1 Patrick Ewing
LP2 Chris Mullin
LP3 David Robinson
LP4 Scottie Pippen
LP5 Kevin Johnson
LP6 Danny Manning
LP7 Mitch Richmond
LP8 Derrick Coleman
LP9 Gary Payton
LP10 Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
LP11 Larry Johnson
LP12 Kenny Anderson
LP13 Dikembe Mutombo
LP14 Stacey Augmon
LP15 Shaquille O'Neal
LP16 Alonzo Mourning
LP17 Clarence Weatherspoo
LP18 Robert Horry
LP19 Chris Webber
LP20 Anfernee Hardaway
LP21 Jamal Mashburn
LP22 Vin Baker
1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball Cards 27

Marathon Men Set Checklist

20 cards. Inserted 1:20 Series 1 packs.

1 Latrell Sprewell
2 Gary Payton
3 Kenny Anderson
4 Jim Jackson
5 Lindsey Hunter
6 Rod Strickland
7 Hersey Hawkins
8 Gerald Wilkins
9 B.J. Armstrong
10 Anfernee Hardaway
11 Stacey Augmon
12 Eric Murdock
13 Clarence Weatherspoo
14 Karl Malone
15 Charles Oakley
16 Rick Fox
17 Otis Thorpe
18 Dikembe Mutombo
19 Mike Brown
20 A.C. Green
1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball Cards 28

Rack Pack Set Checklist

7 cards. Inserted 1:72 Series 2 packs.

RP1 Grant Hill
RP2 Wesley Person
RP3 Juwan Howard
RP4 Lamond Murray
RP5 Glenn Robinson
RP6 Donyell Marshall
RP7 Jason Kidd
1994-95 Topps Finest Basketball Cards 29

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User Reviews

  1. Just thinking if 1995 is the year they started the refractor test cards in baseball.The cards were for 1995 season and printed and sold in 1996 right?. Then was same in basketball? I know they had sets similar in 1993 season made and sold in 1994 in baseball . I think they made the chrome in blue and red themes. and finest had green with added Co)or variations right?. Then in 1995 the regular green finest and refractors came out.with some test cards with multiple refractors and a little rainbow themes refraction and different colored combination refraction came out.then I think they started basketball in 1994-1995 season that was made and sold in 1996 right?.was this the year they started with the serialed test refractors and rainbow refractors as the refractor test refractors..? Or the years Im thinking are wrong. Question if the back of the states the season is that the cards supposed seasons. Example if the back states 93-94 are those cards the 93-94 season cards or are they for t;e 94-95 season or the years printed ?.some cards have 94-95 season and printed in 96. But are placed with the 96 season..can you make sense of this issues…thanks …


  2. I think am the only one that writes about the PTPers refractor and test sets inserted in various topps basketball card packs. I keep on connecting the dots and I alwAys come up short somehow. Always that lingering unresolved question.I have all sets completed. And almost complete sets from all types of trading cards in the 1992-1996 time frame. I have them replaced in containers holders and sheets with their own checklist.and always I have the no # PTPers header card of Michael J. Shaquille O Neal’s advance rainbow refractor for this year. And 25 topps finest cards .that I think are gold refractor because I have some refractor in those years in all my sets. And they dont have the R on back except Shaqs.now after i replaced the cards in their each designated spots according to owns checklist. Cards are piling without any sense cards not supposed to come outt that year. Others just doesn’t add at all. Now the variations and test and so called error is in the picture for resolutions.Then what about prototypes or samples sold. Add it up again.Now this will be redundant but with the digital reprinting of cards how can we really connec twhat is missing if missing are being printed and modified . The rare and singularities of cards is losing its edge.whas t this intentional for the cards authenticated .am 4 this but for me only on transactions if requested because I know mine are genuine. But if youhave extra money go for it but most or a few of us might not be able to keep paying for grade if items ate not bought. And some might not have accounts for any monetary transactions. A dilemma indeed. So am back to square 1 if not mistaken you wrote ..about accidentally or intentionally inserted very few in packs not where it belongs or it really doesn’t belong. And also the 1/1 cards (advance sample) .now I call the unknown variation (s) for my own placements and 4 all your headaches..why it came to this is 1 simple real incident with my close friend who collects sometimes like me . He has more and has more years expended in this hobby.I show my cards he buys immediately same cards as mine because he said was advertise as such. And stated I think he said ebay checks the products and will refund if fake was sold.I dont have a problem with it. But how could you buy 8-10 cards as test refractor and graded for $ 100 . a 1994 -1995 supposedly rare .and he got 10 ofthem. I told him and nothing happened except losing our voices from screaming with each other to prove our points.I told him about reprints. He answered it doesn’t matter my cards are graded and everybody has the same card .even when I pointed sameitems being sold 10 to 15 x more than his. Sameanswer mines graded and he just got a good deal. Okay Psa fees 10-15 $ per card do the math… ????.

  3. To me this was the pinnacle of designs by Topps Finest basketball. Led by the rookie cards of Kidd and Hill its a must have especially since its very affordable to collect unless your going after refractors.

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