Top Juan Soto Rookie Cards and Prospect Cards

Top Juan Soto Rookie Cards and Prospect Cards

The Juan Soto rookie cards are coming and collectors can hardly contain themselves. His explosive MLB start at such a young age has fans salivating and has directed a lot of hobby attention toward the teenage talent.

After signing with the Washington Nationals as an international free agent in 2015, the first Juan Soto cards came in 2016. Additional prospect cards in 2017 and 2018 gave way to the Juan Soto rookie cards following his MLB debut in May 2018.

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While he has a few RC options already thanks to the print-to-order sets from Topps, most of the late-season 2018 Baseball Products should make him a priority.

The guide below highlights all the rookie cards available and the key prospect cards for Soto.

Juan Soto Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery

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2018 Topps Archives Juan Soto RC #73

The first pack-pulled Juan Soto rookie card arrived in 2018 Topps Archives Baseball. The retro-inspired set pays homage to multiple Topps designs of the past, including the 1959 design shown for Soto. The card will be remembered as the first and for the odd Archives release schedule that saw Retail boxes come out about a month before Hobby boxes

2018 Topps Living Set Juan Soto RC #43 (PR=28,572)

Featuring Mayumi Seto artwork done in the style of 1953 Topps, 2018 Topps Living Set offers a very unique Soto rookie card. Part of an online-only release sold for just one week, collectors pushed the print run to 28,572 copies.

2018 Topps Now Juan Soto RC #235 (PR=6,815)

The earliest card for Soto to display the RC logo, the print-to-order 2018 Topps Now Baseball release sold just over 6,800 copies. Issued for his May 21 start, the card notes that he made early noise in the league with a home run on his first pitch. Soto has multiple Topps Now cards since then.

Soto was also the Card of the Month subject for June. Although part of the on-demand brand, these once-per-month cards can only be redeemed by select collectors who are members of the Topps Now loyalty program.

2018 Topps Now Card of the Month

Key Juan Soto Prospect Cards

2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs Juan Soto #CPA-JS

Found in 2016 Bowman Chrome, many collectors view this as the most important and true Juan Soto rookie card. Of course, it's not a rookie card, but the on-card signature, Bowman Chrome Prospect brand strength and colorful Refractor parallel assortment put it in a league of its own. If there is one criticism to point out, Soto looks to be very unhappy with something. Perhaps Topps could have picked a better image.

2016 Bowman International Ink Juan Soto #II-JS Autograph #/99

The International Ink insert in 2016 Bowman comes in both an unsigned base version and a limited autograph version. Capped at 99 copies, Soto was issued as a redemption. He also has signed parallels numbered to 10 and one-of-one.

2016 Panini Elite Extra Edition Juan Soto #165 #/999

If you want an early Juan Soto card that is a bit more affordable, take a look at 2016 Elite Extra Edition. Soto has a base card displaying the distinct "X" design. While values are reasonable, prices are helped by the main print run of 999 copies, and the various Aspirations and Status parallels, including die-cuts.

2017 Bowman Chrome Prospects Juan Soto #BCP-180

Two more noteworthy Juan Soto base prospects released in 2017 Bowman products. 2017 Bowman Chrome came first with Soto running in a red jersey. Naturally, there are multiple Refractor parallels, as well. There is a smaller option of this card in the 2017 Bowman Chrome Mini factory set.

2017 Bowman Draft Chrome Prospects Juan Soto #BDC-162

There is also a 2017 Bowman Draft base prospect card for Soto. He has a paper version with parallels and a Chrome option with multiple Refractors.

2017 Bowman Chrome Scouts' Top 100 Juan Soto #BTP-60 Autograph #/50

Inserted into 2017 Bowman Baseball, the Bowman Scouts' Top 100 line features up-and-coming stars in a base set with a signed version for Soto numbered to just 50 copies. There is also a one-of-one Superfractor.

2017 Bowman Platinum Top Prospects Autographs Juan Soto #TP-JS

Outside of the BCP card, the earliest Juan Soto autographs have very low print runs. Although the base Top Prospects autograph in 2017 Bowman Platinum is not numbered, these still don't appear in huge supply on the secondary market. Part of that can be attributed to the Walmart-only release. Soto has several rare parallel tiers, as well.

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  1. How is it you folks refer to the 2016 Bowman Chrome as the “most important and true rookie card” ? It may be the most important, but it’s not a rookie card. Wish this whole prospect card vs rookie card issue would get resolved. They are not the same.

  2. Hi Bob, it reads “many collectors view this as the most important and true Juan Soto rookie card.” Some do. Some don’t. The brilliance of collecting is that everyone can do it the way they want.

  3. Yes…forgot the word “many.” I guess I just keep remembering all the hoop-de-do years ago when the RC term was a hot topic. Has anything changed about what constitutes a true RC? Still has to have the symbol and inserts don’t count? I feel like it’s getting way out of control in the last few years, particularly on eBay. As long as buyers are aware of what the deal is, I guess it doesn’t matter. Btw, you do a great job and I value your insights and opinions.

  4. Thanks, Bob. The 2016 Bowman Chrome autograph for Soto is not an official rookie which is why it is grouped with the prospects. In general, the official rookies are numbered into the base set and come after the player’s actual MLB debut. And they usually have the RC logo. But now, nearly everything (base or insert) from their rookie season has the RC logo and even the manufacturers don’t follow the “official” guidelines. For example, Ohtani had Topps RC cards before he played a regular-season game. And then you bring in parallels and variations and it can get really messy.

  5. You have to figure the Topps Update will have a Soto RC, agree? If so, would his 2019 Topps base set have the RC or not?

  6. We won’t know for sure until the checklist comes out, but I think it’s a lock that Soto is in Update. He’s already in Archives with an RC, so they wouldn’t hold his flagship rookie until 2019.

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