Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide

As one of the top-rated prospects heading into the 2019 season, Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie cards have already jumped quite a bit in the early part of his MLB career.

Born in the Dominican Republic, Tatis signed as an international free agent with the Chicago White Sox in 2015, but was traded to the San Diego Padres in 2016. He spent a few seasons with the Padres' minor league affiliates before making the move to prime time.

Following his MLB debut on March 28 (Opening Day), the rookie card needle moved to the positive. Other than the first MLB sets of the year, collectors can look for his RC options during most of the 2019 baseball card season.

However, there are notable pre-rookie options to add to your collection, including his initial Bowman Chrome cards from 2016.

See available Fernando Tatis Jr. cards with the most bids on eBay.

All the available Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie cards are shown below along with his key prospects. If you are looking for signed memorabilia, Topps has a solid selection.

Check back for updates as new cards are released.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Card Checklist and Gallery

Click on the card listings below to shop for specific cards or track prices on eBay. Bolded sets go directly to detailed product profiles. 

2019 Panini Leather & Lumber Fernando Tatis Jr. RC #140 Autograph #/149 (3 versions)

2019 Leather & Lumber offers a trio of Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie cards. Collectors can take their pick of trapped autographs signed on baseball, bat or leather glove-like surfaces. All three cards are numbered to 149 copies, so the overall supply is not as limited as it may appear. The main downside is that part of the signature can get blocked by the design, so make sure you look out for that.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 1

2019 Panini Prizm Rookie Autograph Fernando Tatis Jr. RC #RA-FT

Although not in the base set for 2019 Prizm Baseball, Tatis has a signed card in the Rookie Autograph lineup. The generic-looking sticker autograph card adds a little flair with the various Prizm parallels, such as the black-and-white striped Zebra version.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 2

2019 Topps Series 2 Fernando Tatis Jr. RC #410

Likely to be one of his more mainstream options, the Tati's Jr. card in 2019 Topps Series 2 Baseball marks his flagship MLB debut.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 3

2019 Topps Big League Fernando Tatis Jr. RC #6 SP

The first pack-pulled base Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie card dropped in the inexpensive 2019 Big League. This variation short print has the same card number as Kevin Gausman of the Atlanta Braves, but they are not hard to find.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 4

2019 Topps Finest Fernando Tatis Jr. RC #85

2019 Finest Baseball has the first rookie card for Tatis that is not a short print or signed. More popular and valuable are the limited Refractor parallels and the on-card autograph that use the same image. The signed cards have Refractor parallels, as well.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 5Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 6

2019 Topps Tier One Break Out Autograph Fernando Tatis Jr. RC #BA-FTJ #/100

2019 Tier One Baseball is home to the earliest Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie card autograph pulled from a pack. The main version is hard-signed and numbered to only 100 copies.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 7

2019 Topps Living Set Fernando Tatis Jr. RC #173 (PR=10,099)

The print-to-order Topps Living Set rookie for Tatis Jr. saw considerable interest during its one-week selling period. The end result was over 10,000 copies sold, becoming one of the few players to hit the five-figure mark.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 8

2019 Topps Now Fernando Tatis Jr. RC #16 (PR=3,061)

While not pack-pulled, 2019 Topps Now Baseball offers the first Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie card with the RC logo. It was issued in honor of his MLB debut and sold 3,061 copies.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 9

There is also a limited Now on-card autograph with a game-used base relic from the same date. This version is numbered to 99 with several low-numbered parallels. While the main edition (#/99) originally sold for $149.99, the collector that took home the one-of-one card paid $2,999.99.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 10

2019 Topps Throwback Thursday Fernando Tatis Jr. #79 RC (PR=955)

Another print-to-order card arrived in 2019 Topps Throwback Thursday. Although it has the same image of Tatis as his first Now offering, the design is taken from the Coming Attraction cards in 1993 Topps Baseball. The six-card set includes key rookies from the 2019 season.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 11

Top Fernando Tatis Jr. Prospect Cards

2015 Elite Extra Edition Prospects Autographs Fernando Tatis Jr. #175

EEE does not carry the same weight as Bowman Chrome, but there is still value in being first. This 2015 Elite Extra Edition card comes in a base version and with a sticker autograph. Most cards are signed using red ink. There are versions with green ink, but these are much less common.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 12

2016 Bowman Chrome Fernando Tatis Jr. #BCP17

When something has "1st Bowman" noted on the card, collectors take notice. This was the case for Tatis' Bowman Chrome Prospect card in 2016 Bowman Baseball. His base card with the Chicago White Sox is very affordable and the many Refractor parallels provide rarity and higher prices. He also has a paper version with a few parallels.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 13

Another notable choice is the International Ink autograph in the same set. Numbered to 99, these were ultimately the appetizer ahead of the main Bowman course.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 14

2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autograph Fernando Tatis Jr. #CPA-FT

The real treat for collectors came in 2016 Bowman Chrome Baseball. This hard-signed autograph is the top Fernando Tatis Jr. card to own. It is one that sees the most attention and highest values. On top of that, the parallels offer even more to chase.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 15

2018 Bowman's Best Fernando Tatis Jr. Autograph #B18-FT

Arriving a little later to the game, the on-card 2018 Bowman's Best autograph for Tatis is an affordable substitute if the 2016 Bowman Chrome card is out of reach. The parallel rainbow is smaller than BC but there are several Refractor editions that yield strong prices. Another key aspect for some is that it features Tatis with the Padres.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 16

2019 Bowman Topps Industry Summit Autograph Fernando Tatis Jr. #/50 (3 versions)

Provided at Topps' annual convention for card shop owners in 2019, there are three different poses that each carry a print run of 50 copies. This includes a running image, batting pose and what appears to be a mid-throw photo. I guess he could be vigorously waving. In any event, all three styles are hard-signed.

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 17

Fernando Tatis Jr. Rookie Cards Guide 18
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  1. Can we really count Topps Now?

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  4. Maybe this is a dumb question but could someone tell me how they get the pictures of players in mlb uniforms before they have ever had a single AB in a major league game? For example, Tatis Jr. Bowman chrome shows him in a white Sox uniform in 2016 but he he did not appear in the majors until 2018, how does that happen?

  5. Sorry I mis-spoke, Tatis Jr had his major league debut in March 2019, not in 2018 as I said in my previous statement but my overall question still holds true.

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