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2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. 0.23 Baseball Cards

2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. 0.23 Baseball Cards

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2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. 0.23 Baseball is a curated set for the young MLB phenom. The online-only product has limited autographs and relics from Fernando Tatis Jr., plus a small base set.

Previous options include curated sets for players Bryce Harper and Francisco Lindor, as well as entrepreneur Gary Vee.

2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. Baseball Set Details

Although injury derailed a promising rookie season and a hot market for Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie cards, 2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. 0.23 Baseball taps into the creativity of the budding star.

2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. 0.23 Baseball Cards 1

The 0.23 name in the set honors his jersey number and is the basis for 23 players "that encompass the quintessential style and swag that inspired Fernando throughout his baseball life." This includes his father (Fernando Tatis Sr.) along with other top players of past and present.

2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. 0.23 Baseball Cards 2

The 50-card base set also adds subsets for the Dominican Republic (15 cards), Mochalo - Best Celebrations (5 cards) and El Nino - Top Nicknames (7 cards).

2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. 0.23 Baseball Cards 32019 Topps X Tatis Jr. 0.23 Baseball Cards 4

While previous curated sets came in two versions—generally a basic factory set and a more premium format with hits–2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. 0.23 Baseball has just one option that walks the line between the two.

Shop curated boxes at Topps online.

Priced at $20, the 10-card box offers a chance for autographs and relics. Autograph cards average 1:2.5 boxes (2:5 boxes).

Available as supplies last, the countdown clock of over a month runs out in November 2019.

Release Date: October 3, 2019
Product Configuration: 10 cards per pack, 1 pack per box

2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. 0.23 Baseball Box Break ($20.00)

  • 10 cards

2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. 0.23 Baseball Cards 5

Set Checklist

2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. Baseball Checklist

  • Final Print Run - 7,503 packs. 

Topps x Tatis Jr. Base Set Checklist

50 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS (1:2): Blue, Black & White #/10.
2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. 0.23 Baseball Cards 6

Style & Swag
1 Fernando Tatis Jr
2 Fernando Tatis Sr
3 Francisco Lindor
4 Mookie Betts
5 Javier Baez
6 Manny Machado
7 Marcus Stroman
8 Deion Sanders
9 Rickey Henderson
10 Ken Griffey Jr
11 Reggie Jackson
12 Ronald Acuna Jr
13 Bo Jackson
14 Derek Jeter
15 Dee Gordon
16 Willie Mays
17 Bryce Harper
18 Ozzie Albies
19 Tim Anderson
20 Yasiel Puig
21 Ichiro
22 Charlie Blackmon
23 Giancarlo Stanton
Mochalo - Best celebrations in MLB
1 Fernando Tatis Jr
2 Khris Davis
3 Joc Pederson
4 Michael Conforto
5 Mike Yastrzemski
Dominican Republic
1 Fernando Tatis Jr
2 Fernando Tatis Sr
3 David Ortiz
4 Vladimir Guerrero
5 Vladimir Guerrero Jr
6 Albert Pujols
7 Sammy Sosa
8 Eloy Jimenez
9 Juan Marichal
10 Edwin Encarnacion
11 Gary Sanchez
12 Juan Soto
13 Rafael Devers
14 Pedro Martinez
15 Miguel Andujar
El Nino - Top Nicknames
1 Fernando Tatis Jr
2 Ken Griffey Jr
3 Pete Alonso
4 Mike Trout
5 Derek Jeter
6 Noah Syndergaard
7 Aaron Judge


2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. Baseball Autograph / Relic Checklist

Autograph Set Checklist

33 cards.
*Overall autograph/relic odds - 1.2.5 boxes.*
2019 Topps X Tatis Jr. 0.23 Baseball Cards 7

1 Ronald Acuna Jr
2 Pete Alonso
3 Miguel Andujar
4 Adrian Beltre
5 Charlie Blackmon
6 Michael Conforto
7 Khris Davis
8 Rafael Devers
9 Edwin Encarnacion
10 Ken Griffey Jr
11 Vladimir Guerrero Jr
12 Vladimir Guerrero Sr
13 Bryce Harper
14 Rickey Henderson
15 Bo Jackson
16 Reggie Jackson
17 Derek Jeter
18 Eloy Jimenez
19 Aaron Judge
20 Francisco Lindor
21 Manny Machado
22 Juan Marichal
23 Pedro Martinez
24 David Ortiz
25 Joc Pederson
26 Yasiel Puig
27 Albert Pujols
28 Gary Sanchez
29 Deion Sanders
30 Sammy Sosa
31 Juan Soto
32 Noah Syndergaard
33 Fernando Tatis Jr


Fernando Tatis Jr. Relic Checklist

7 options.
*Overall autograph/relic odds - 1.2.5 boxes.*

1 Batting Glove
2 Headband
3 Cleat
4 Armband
5 Socks
6 Hat
7 Jersey


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User Reviews

Alex Majors
Alex Majors

Just got mine in the mail. 8 packs/boxes were my bday present from my wife. Cards are pretty slick. Got 3 relics: 2 jersey 1 sock, and a 1/1 Kris Davis celebration autograph. It looks like there are several parallels, blue, gray(?) which are #’d to 10, and 5 or 6 of the base set have 0000 for the card # instead of it’s actual #. I have NO IDEA what that means. We paid 20 a pack/box but they’re up to 40-50 bucks on ebay already. Anybody who knows the info on the parallels PLEASE POST, I’m dying to know what I have…


Card design looks nice. I like the fact that topps is getting player input, but why change the format from the other topps x products. Now we have to buy multiple boxes to complete the set. ( money play)

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