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Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery

Still in the early part of his MLB career, Carlos Correa has largely lived up to expectations with the Houston Astros. The first-overall pick has emerged as an important part of the Astros' revival. Similarly, Carlos Correa rookie cards have enjoyed increased interest over the years.

Although it came later in the year than some would have liked, Carlos Correa finally made his big league debut in June 2015. This greatly limited his rookie card options, but collectors have several choices. As one of the most popular rookies of 2015, demand continues to build for the young shortstop and that extends to both his rookies and prospect cards.

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The top pick in the 2012 MLB Draft by the Houston Astros, Carlos Correa came into the league with plenty of hype and that only grew as he worked his way through the minors. Correa got off to a fast start in the MLB, putting his name in the mix as one of the best shortstops in the American League. He earned the Rookie of the Month Award in his debut month (June) and locked down the AL Rookie of the Year Award at the end of the season. 2017 saw an All-Star nod and World Series championship.

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While Carlos Correa quickly acclimated to the majors, his official rookie cards moved a little slower. The earliest option was a late inclusion in 2015 Topps Chrome and more rookie cards followed. Also taking place since his professional debut, Topps announced an exclusive agreement with Correa. This means that Topps is the only place to find signed Carlos Correa memorabilia. Check out the many signed choices, including photos, jerseys, baseballs, bats and jumbo cards at the Topps Online Store.

The following guide features all the official rookie cards for Carlos Correa. Track values or availability by following the links below.

Carlos Correa Rookie Card Guide

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2015 Bowman Chrome Carlos Correa RC #110

It will never match his earlier Bowman Chrome prospect cards, but the 2015 Bowman Chrome rookie card for Carlos Correa maintains consistent interest and budget pricing. Of course, there are also the many Refractor parallels that tend to be quite popular.

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 1

2015 Bowman's Best Carlos Correa RC #58

A blast from the past, 2015 Bowman's Best had not been seen for many years until it made its return in 2015. Correa is one of the top options and can also be found in a variety of Refractor parallels.

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 2

2015 Immaculate Collection Carlos Correa RC #130 Autographed Jersey #/49, #158 Autograph #/99

While the lack of logos and sticker autographs do hurt the overall value and appeal, the 2015 Immaculate Collection cards for Carlos Correa are still the first official rookies to bare his signature. Both limited to 99, the patch version is the more popular of the two. Because of his exclusive agreement with Topps, this may end up being one of the last non-Topps autographs of Correa for many years.

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 3

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 4

2015 National Treasures Carlos Correa RC #202 Jersey #/99

Due to the previously mentioned exclusive, the lack of autograph does hurt this Carlos Correa rookie card but the National Treasures name and low print still make this an interesting option despite the airbrushed logos. Plus, no autograph helps keep the price in check for those still looking to add the 2015 NT card.

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 5

2015 Topps Chrome Carlos Correa RC #205 SP

No matter what happens, 2015 Topps Chrome will always be the site of the first rookie card for Carlos Correa. This alone makes it notable for many collectors. However, when you add in the fact that it is a short print in a popular product, it is easy to see why his Topps Chrome rookie card continues to see strong interest and value. Although prices have cooled since release, it will likely remain the clear favorite among Correa's base rookie cards. In addition to the base short print, limited Refractor parallels are also available.

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 6

2015 Topps Heritage '51 Collection Carlos Correa RC #67

Found in a small factory set, the 2015 Heritage '51 Collection rookie card for Carlos Correa sports the 1951 Topps Red Backs design. In addition to several different parallels that change the color of the card backs, there are also signed versions with Correa among the most limited at just 50 copies for his base autograph.

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 7

2015 Topps Heritage High Number Carlos Correa RC #563

Updating the main Heritage product, 2015 Topps Heritage High Number abandoned the factory-set format for a traditional pack out. Collectors can track down base rookies for Carlos Correa along with signed versions and two variations. The Action Image option is shown below and there is also a Color Swap that switches the base banner and text colors so that black is the background color of the text portion.

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 8

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 9

2015 Topps High Tek Carlos Correa RC #HT-CC

The 2015 High Tek Carlos Correa rookie cards feature an acetate stock and a variety of background designs. In addition to his base Wave version, there are also Pipes, Chain Link, Diamonds and Grid options for Correa. Adding even more, an Asian-exclusive Sky Rainbow parallel is limited to 79 copies and there are also non-exclusive base parallels, as well.

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 10

2015 Topps Strata Autographs Carlos Correa RC #SA-CC

Perhaps debatable as an official rookie since there is no true base set, 2015 Strata only has hits and this is the Carlos Correa card from the primary autograph option. While most players have a base autograph version and several parallels, Correa has only appeared with a Green parallel (#/75) and the more limited options.

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 11

2015 Topps Triple Threads Carlos Correa RC #94

Curiously missing the RC logo, the Carlos Correa rookie card in 2015 Topps Triple Threads is one of the most ornate base rookies for the young star. While Correa does have some signed cards in the release, they were originally issued as redemptions. Despite the quality look, the logo omission will be a source of frustration for many collectors.

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 12

2015 Topps Update Series Carlos Correa RC #174

Featuring a very similar image to his Triple Threads rookie, collectors had to wait until 2015 Topps Update Series to snag their first flagship rookie card for Correa. There is a limited variation, showing Correa in the dugout with Altuve, in addition to the base card. He also has a special Chrome version of this card found exclusively in the 2015 Chrome Update Series boxes.

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 13

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 14

Carlos Correa Rookie Cards Checklist and Gallery 15Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
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