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2015 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball Cards

2015 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball Cards

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Much tougher to track down than the main Topps Chrome set, 2015 Topps Chrome Update Baseball is a special product that is exclusive to retail. Similar to last year, the packs can only be found in Holiday Mega Boxes that also include regular packs of Topps Update Series.

Unlike last year, the base set is not numbered on the back with a different prefix. The cards instead feature the same number as their Update Series counterparts. However, it is quite easy to spot the cards given their Bubble/Pulsar Refractor finish. The exact number of base cards is not yet known, but collectors can also find numbered Gold (1:12 packs) and Black (1:29 packs) parallels.

In addition to the base and parallel cards, the limited release offers a few hits and one insert also featuring the Refractor design. Chrome All-Star Stitches Relics fall 1:32 packs and there is a signed version, Chrome All-Star Stitches Relics, that is numbered to 25 and averages 1:559 packs. Lastly, Chrome Rookie Sensations fall in every other pack and mirror the 25-card set in the base Update Series.

The release builds on the 2015 Topps Chrome Baseball product but features the subjects and images from 2015 Topps Update Series Baseball. The seasonal retail boxes are priced at $14.99 per box at Target and include five packs of Update Series and two packs of the exclusive Chrome Update packs.

2015 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball Cards 1

Product Configuration: 4 cards per pack, 2 packs per Holiday Mega Box (Plus 5 packs of Update)
Price Point: Low- to Mid-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Chrome Fans, Set Builders, Rookie Collectors

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Set Checklist

2015 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

RD = Rookie Debut, FS = Future Stars
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/250, Black #/99
2015 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball Cards 23

US9 Shane Greene - Detroit Tigers FS
US11 Evan Gattis - Houston Astros FS
US16 John Axford - Colorado Rockies
US23 Kevin Plawecki - New York Mets RC
US32 Blake Swihart - Boston Red Sox RC
US46 David Price - Toronto Blue Jays
US102 Chi Chi Gonzalez - Texas Rangers RC
US103 Joey Gallo - Texas Rangers RC
US119 Jacob Lindgren - New York Yankees RC
US127 Eduardo Rodriguez - Boston Red Sox RC
US135 Jason Heyward - St. Louis Cardinals
US136 Byron Buxton - Minnesota Twins RD
US144 Delino DeShields Jr. - Texas Rangers RC
US151 Colby Lewis - Texas Rangers
US155 Yoenis Cespedes - New York Mets
US157 Noah Syndergaard - New York Mets RC
US161 Jeff Samardzija - Chicago White Sox
US170 Mike Foltynewicz - Atlanta Braves RC
US174 Carlos Correa - Houston Astros RC
US181 Jimmy Paredes - Baltimore Orioles FS
US190 Shelby Miller - Atlanta Braves
US208 Addison Russell - Chicago Cubs RD
US220 Addison Russell - Chicago Cubs RC
US225 Keone Kela - Texas Rangers
US237 Craig Kimbrel - San Diego Padres
US238 A.J. Cole - Washington Nationals
US257 Josh Hamilton - Texas Rangers
US264 Brock Holt - Boston Red Sox
US272 Matt Duffy - San Francisco Giants FS
US280 Mike Bolsinger - Los Angeles Dodger FS
US283 Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs RD
US286 Francisco Lindor - Cleveland Indians RD
US291 Eddie Butler - Colorado Rockies
US294 Mark Trumbo - Seattle Mariners
US308 Joey Butler - Tampa Bay Rays
US309 Howie Kendrick - Los Angeles Dodgers
US319 Will Harris - Houston Astros
US320 Josh Donaldson - Toronto Blue Jays
US324 Carlos Rodon - Chicago White Sox RC
US325 Matt Kemp - San Diego Padres
US341 Eddie Rosario - Minnesota Twins RC
US350 Didi Gregorious - New York Yankees
US362 Rick Porcello - Boston Red Sox
US376 Joc Pederson - Los Angeles Dodgers RD
US377 Tijuan Walker - Seattle Mariners FS
US388 Kevin Pillar - Toronto Blue Jays FS
US392 Odrisamer Despaigne - San Diego Padres FS
US395 Dexter Fowler - Chicago Cubs
US396 Ichiro - Miami Marlins
US398 J.T. Realmuto - Miami Marlins

Chrome All-Star Stitches Relics Set Checklist

25 cards. 1:32 packs.
2015 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball Cards 24

ASCR-AE Alcides Escobar - Kansas City Royals
ASCR-AJ Adam Jones - Baltimore Orioles
ASCR-AM Andrew McCutchen - Pittsburgh Pirates
ASCR-AP Albert Pujols - LA Angels
ASCR-BH Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals
ASCR-BP Buster Posey - San Francisco Giants
ASCR-CS Chris Sale - Chicago White Sox
ASCR-JA Jose Altuve - Houston Astros
ASCR-JDE Jacob deGrom - New York Mets
ASCR-JDO Josh Donaldson - Toronto Blue Jays
ASCR-JPD Joc Pederson - Los Angeles Dodgers
ASCR-JPR Jhonny Peralta - St. Louis Cardinals
ASCR-KB Kris Bryant - Chicago Cubs
ASCR-LC Lorenzo Cain - Kansas City Royals
ASCR-MB Madison Bumgarner - San Francisco Giants
ASCR-MM Manny Machado - Baltimore Orioles
ASCR-MTE Mark Teixeira - New York Yankees
ASCR-MTR Mike Trout - LA Angels
ASCR-NC Nelson Cruz - Seattle Mariners
ASCR-PF Prince Fielder - Texas Rangers
ASCR-PG Paul Goldschmidt - Arizona Diamondbacks
ASCR-SM Shelby Miller - Atlanta Braves
ASCR-SP Salvador Perez - Kansas City Royals
ASCR-TF Todd Frazier - Cincinnati Reds
ASCR-ZG Zack Greinke - Los Angeles Dodgers

Chrome All-Star Stitches Autograph Relics Set Checklist

10 cards. Serial numbered #/25. 1:559 packs.
2015 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball Cards 25

ASCAR-AG Adrian Gonzalez - Los Angeles Dodgers
ASCAR-BP Buster Posey - San Francisco Giants
ASCAR-CS Chris Sale - Chicago White Sox
ASCAR-DP David Price - Detroit Tigers
ASCAR-JA Jose Altuve - Houston Astros
ASCAR-JD Jacob deGrom - New York Mets
ASCAR-MM Manny Machado - Baltimore Orioles
ASCAR-MT Mike Trout - LA Angels
ASCAR-PG Paul Goldschmidt - Arizona Diamondbacks
ASCAR-SP Salvador Perez - Kansas City Royals

Chrome Rookie Sensations Set Checklist

25 cards. 1:2 packs.
2015 Topps Chrome Update Series Baseball Cards 26

RSC-1 Hanley Ramirez - Florida Marlins
RSC-2 Ichiro - Seattle Mariners
RSC-3 Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels
RSC-4 Mike Piazza - Los Angeles Dodgers
RSC-5 Carlton Fisk - Boston Red Sox
RSC-6 Nomar Garciaparra - Boston Red Sox
RSC-7 Troy Tulowitzki - Colorado Rockies
RSC-8 Jose Fernandez - Miami Marlins
RSC-9 Jacob deGrom - New York Mets
RSC-10 Fernando Valenzuela - Los Angeles Dodgers
RSC-11 Dwight Gooden - New York Mets
RSC-12 Ted Williams - Boston Red Sox
RSC-13 Jeff Bagwell - Houston Astros
RSC-14 Jose Abreu - Chicago White Sox
RSC-15 Dustin Pedroia - Boston Red Sox
RSC-16 Jackie Robinson - Brooklyn Dodgers
RSC-17 Cal Ripken Jr. - Baltimore Orioles
RSC-18 Derek Jeter - New York Yankees
RSC-19 Neftali Feliz - Texas Rangers
RSC-20 Tom Seaver - New York Mets
RSC-21 Albert Pujols - St. Louis Cardinals
RSC-22 Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals
RSC-23 Buster Posey - San Francisco Giants
RSC-24 Livan Hernandez - Florida Marlins
RSC-25 Mark McGwire - Oakland Athletics

Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

User Reviews

It appears that there are 50 cards. I have 50 cards.

Tough set to complete.I have 37 cards and according to your list I am short 9 cards.You can add 362 350 325 272 135 59 46 16 9.I am short 388 383 341 320 272 264 136 16 & 9.


Best bang for your buck! Got a Kris Bryant and All-Star Stitches Manny Machado in one pack!


Can’t complain – got a box for Christmas and pulled a De From Auto #25 from one of the two chrome packs!

NorCal Sport Cards & Memorabilia
NorCal Sport Cards & Memorabilia

We pulled a 2015 Topps Update Chrome All Star Stitches Autographs ASCARBP Buster Posey 25/25 yesterday. Tough to build the sets we are experiencing though. This is a great product and even better than last years!

john veith
john veith

pulled a david price all-star stitches auto #’d 14/25! his jersey # add him to the list!


With only 50 cards in the set, the big name chance is fantastic and a fun & reasonable set build. Card looks were a VERY pleasant surprise and a great appendix to the base set.

Pulled an Altuve(ASCR-JA) Relic today, so add that one to the list as well.


Fun product. Bought 6 boxes today chasing a Correa chrome card and got one! Also was SO lucky to get a Jacob deGrom All Star Stitches auto relic 21/25 so you can add him to the list. I love this in box format so it cannot be searched! Happy hunting all! :-)

Ed M.
Ed M.

Add Bryce Harper to the All-Star Stitches Relic Checklist. Pulled that today from a number of boxes I purchased.


By early indications with sales on ebay, looks like this issue is being treated like the 2011 Update Diamond/Cognac issue. And Correa = Trout. Bryant = Goldschmidt.

Ches Jones
Ches Jones

Need to add to the checklist:
362 Rick Porcello

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Ches Jones, Daniel Thanks!


291 Eddie butler
325 Matt Kemp
350 Didi Gregoroius

That’s 47 verified


11 Evan Gattis
23 Kevin Plawecki
32 Blake Stewart
46 David Price
59 Shane Greene
102 chi chi Gonzalez
103 Joey Gallo
119 Jacob lindgren
127 Eduardo Rodriguez
136 Byron Buxton
144 Delino Deshields Jr
151 Colby Lewis
155 Yoenis Cespedes
157 Noah Syndergaard
161 Jeff Samardzija
170 Mike Fontynewicz
174 Carlos Cabrera
181 jimmy parades
190 Shelby Miller
208 Addison Russell
220 Addison Russell
225 Keone Kela
237 Craig Kimbrell
238 AJ Cole
257 Josh Hamilton
264 Brock Holt
272 Matt Duffy
280 Mike Bolsinger
286 Francisco Lindor
294 Mark Trumbo
308 Joey Butler
309 Howie Kendrick
319 Will Harris
320 Josh Donaldson
324 Carlos rodon
341 Eddie Rosario
376 Joc Pederson
377 TiJuan Walker
283 Kris Bryant
388 Kevin Pillar
392 Odraisamer Despaigne
395 dexter fowler
396 ichiro
398 JT Realmuto

Eddie Butler is also in the set. It looks complete at 45 instead of 55 in previous years

Kris Bryant
prince Fieldler

The packs all pack out the same coalition wise. You get the same 4 cards unless the pack has the rookie sensation or a gold/black
Jersey packs have a jersey and 1 card

Looks like 65000 boxes made so about 10000 to 12000 of each card if everything packed out

Ed M.
Ed M.

Bought a box of this today. Among the Chrome Update cards:


There seem to be a few on ebay, with Correa far outperforming Bryant in auction formats.

Seriously thinking of going back to Target tonight and buying the rest of their boxes, especially since we are trying to work on finishing the Topps Update set anyway.

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