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Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect

The 1990s were an interesting period for sports cards in general, but especially for basketball cards. The top 1990s basketball rookie cards offer key options for the biggest NBA names to debut during the decade.

The influx of rookie talent in the 1980s led to considerable growth for the NBA. In the following decade, Michael Jordan was the main name for fans and collectors, and he helped carry the league to new heights. But the period also saw the emergence of several young players and a whole new collecting world.

Basketball rookie cards from the 1990s have it all: current and future Hall of Fame players, perennial All-Stars and the hobby elite. This period was also part of the collecting revolution that eventually resulted in a hobby geared more to the high-end realm. New technology and rare inserts transformed the industry and the way people collected. Autograph and memorabilia cards became much more common and even rookie cards were treated as inserts.

However, the decade started off with a whimper, as the "junk-wax era" carryover from the 1980s combined with only a few top rookie players. The end result is that there are tons of early-1990s cards and generally low values across the board. The early-to-mid-'90s saw the move to higher quality cards and brands, but the decade began to shift dramatically in 1996-97 basketball products based on a loaded rookie class and popular new products. From there, more young talent added to the mix and ended with serial-numbered base rookie cards.

Another new development was the increased number of brands and basketball card products. Previously, collectors were lucky if just one major card company covered the NBA each season. But in the 1990s, most new players had anywhere from three to 20 different rookie cards. This variety allowed fans many newfound options for building their collections.

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The following list includes the top basketball rookie cards from the 1990s. The many parallels and inserts from this time produce some of the highest values, but to simplify things, the list only includes one card from each player and only features base rookie options. While only the top card from this list would be considered an elite rookie card, the list includes many big names and several players that are still relevant today.

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Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect

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15 (tie). 1993-94 Finest Anfernee Hardaway RC #189

15 (tie). 1993-94 Finest Chris Webber RC #212

Finest rookie cards for Anfernee Hardaway and Chris Webber can be had for a few dollars now, but these were some big rookie cards in their heyday. 1993-94 Finest NBA was the first basketball release for the product and the bright colors and shiny finish made for an intriguing card design. While neither player fully lived up to their respective expectations, they enjoyed on-court success, with multiple All-Star games between the two, and a Rookie of the Year award for Webber. Off the court, Anfernee Hardaway, or "Penny," has one of the most popular basketball shoe lines of all-time, and Chris Webber has found a spot as an NBA analyst in his post-playing career.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 1Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 2

14. 1990-91 Fleer Update Gary Payton RC #U92

The first Hall of Fame player from the bunch, Gary Payton made his debut in the era of plain cards and overproduction. There are three different Gary Payton rookie cards, but they can all be easily found for just a few dollars. The 1990-91 Fleer Update rookie offers the most classic design, but all three are solid options.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 3

13. 1992-93 Upper Deck Shaquille O’Neal RC #1

Shaquille O'Neal was responsible for one of the biggest rookie chases from the 1990s. His on-court dominance and off-court personality made for a dynamic combination, and Shaq rookie cards moved a ton of product. Over time, prices came down a lot and now most can be found for reasonable amounts. The 1992-93 Upper Deck Shaquille O'Neal rookie card is arguably his best because it is a short print. There are actually two versions since one came as a redemption. The base card is #1 while the Trade Upper Deck card yielded #1b.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 4

12. 1994-95 Finest Grant Hill RC #240

Injuries kept him from being so much more, but Grant Hill remains a hobby favorite and his 1994-95 Finest Basketball rookie card is one of his best. Shown below with the protective covering still on, the colorful design helped cement Finest as an appealing product for rookie collectors.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 5

11. 1994-95 Finest Jason Kidd RC #286

Like Grant Hill, Jason Kidd enjoyed a long NBA career. The two players shared the Rookie of the Year award during their first season and both retired following the 2012-13 season. His Finest rookie card below is shown without the protective coating. The base card won't break the bank, but the Refractor parallels (1:12 packs) yield a decent bump in value.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 6

10. 1995-96 Finest Kevin Garnett RC #115

Known for his surly demeanor and intense play, the wide smile of a young Kevin Garnett on his Finest rookie card is incredibly misleading. The teenage rookie was the first high school player drafted straight to the NBA since 1975. It would start a trend of high school draftees that would continue until the rules were altered to force high school graduates to wait one year before they could enter the draft. Although the vivid colors remained, the 1995-96 Finest NBA card design saw a considerable update from 1994-95.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 7

9. 1996-97 Topps Chrome Ray Allen RC #217

The 1996 NBA Draft was a draft for the ages. It included a handful of All-Star players and that list is kicked off by Jesus Shuttlesworth himself, Ray Allen. Most known for his time with the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat, Allen began his career with the Milwaukee Bucks and Seattle SuperSonics. The rookie card shown below is from the inaugural edition of Topps Chrome Basketball. This release would help usher-in Chrome-mania for basketball cards and become one of the top options for rookie collectors.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 8

8. 1996-97 Topps Chrome Steve Nash RC #182

Next in line from the historic 1996 NBA Draft, Steve Nash is one of the top point guards from the past 20 years. Like all the players debuting that year, 1996-97 Topps Chrome Basketball has the top Steve Nash rookie card available. Refractor parallels fall 1:12 packs, on average, and command significant premiums.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 9

7. 1997-98 Topps Chrome Tracy McGrady RC #125

It already seems like an eternity ago, but Tracy McGrady was the face of the NBA for several seasons. Although he came up short in his quest for NBA greatness, McGrady still maintains a devoted following, even in retirement. The design for his 1997-98 Topps Chrome Basketball rookie card is even more low-key than the previous season.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 10

6. 1998-99 SPx Finite Vince Carter RC #215 #/2,500

The 1998-99 product line saw the first inclusion of serial numbered base basketball rookie cards. SPx Finite was one of those brands and offered a card design that exudes pure class. A print run of 2,500 seems incredibly high today, but it was noteworthy at the time. Vince Carter was also noteworthy at this time, and he won the Rookie of the Year award in his first season. His highlight-reel dunks and incredible athleticism had him on the shortlist for NBA greatness, but his teams could never deliver postseason success. Radiance (#/1500)  and Spectrum (#/25) parallels add to the appeal of this ornate rookie card design.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 11

5. 1998-99 SP Authentic Paul Pierce RC #100 #/3,500

Despite featuring a slightly higher print run, 1998-99 SP Authentic Basketball rookie cards generally hold more value with collectors than their SPx Finite counterparts. The design is both simple and complex and includes the serial numbering on the front, printed directly on the card like a receipt. Paul Pierce was one of the biggest stars to emerge from this rookie class, and "The Truth" continues to be a popular player in the collecting world.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 12

4. 1998-99 SP Authentic Dirk Nowitzki RC #99 #/3,500

During the 2010-11 season, Dirk Nowitzki finally prevailed as an NBA champion, escaping the reputation as a player who could not win when it counted. He is considered to be one of the key players from the 2000s. The German superstar's top rookie is found in SP Authentic and is arguably the best option.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 13

3. 1996-97 Topps Chrome Allen Iverson RC #171

While Kobe Bryant has surpassed him, Allen Iverson was long considered to be the top player from the 1996 NBA Draft class. A lack of titles and an unceremonious end to his career kept him from that elusive top group, but Iverson was a fan and hobby favorite for many years. This 1996-97 Topps Chrome Basketball rookie perfectly showcases the intensity and emotion that carried him to NBA success.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 14

2. 1997-98 Topps Chrome Tim Duncan RC #115

Without any flash or ego, Tim Duncan thrived as a member of the Spurs. It took the majority of his career before his greatness was recognized, but collectors eventually came around to the dominant player. His 1997-98 Topps Chrome rookie card is second only to Kobe Bryant.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 15

1. 1996-97 Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant RC #138

With Allen Iverson, Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant at the top, one thing is clear, open-mouthed photos and Topps Chrome cards are an unbeatable combination. Kobe Bryant's 1996-97 Topps Chrome Basketball rookie card is the one big rookie on the list and even ungraded cards sell for a premium with the Refractor parallels going for much, much more.

Top 1990s Basketball Rookie Cards to Collect 16

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