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Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide

Luis Robert rookie cards are seeing considerable attention as the superstar-in-the-making gets his career underway with the Chicago White Sox.

Although players normally have to reach their debut before receiving official rookie cards, COVID-19 resulted in a very volatile collecting season.  When he finally swung a bat as an MLB player in a regular-season game for the first time (on July 24), there were already over 20 Luis Robert rookie cards.

The first official RC from a pack came in 2020 Donruss Baseball (Rated Rookie) and 2020 Topps Opening Day Baseball. The floodgates opened from that point on.

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While his rookie cards can be found in most 2020 baseball sets, his most valuable and popular release arrived a few years earlier in 2018 Bowman Baseball.

The guide below highlights the official Luis Robert rookie cards, with more updates coming throughout the season.

Luis Robert Rookie Card Checklist and Gallery

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2020 Bowman Luis Robert RC #18

If you're looking for an inexpensive Luis Robert rookie card from a mainstream set, there's his base card in 2020 Bowman Baseball. Values are low and supply is high so this is an easy add. He has a Chrome Rookie Autograph redemption, as well.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 1

There are also rookie-year Luis Robert cards in 2020 Bowman 1st Edition and 2020 Bowman Mega Box Chrome, but these are technically prospect cards.

2020 Bowman Sapphire Luis Robert RC #BCP-150

Taking the base Bowman card into the high-end realm, 2020 Bowman Sapphire Baseball is a Topps-online release with a very distinct Chrome Refractor style. These can get very pricey, especially the limited parallels.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 2

2020 Donruss Luis Robert RC #264 Rated Rookie

A late add to the 2020 Donruss Baseball checklist, the Rated Rookie card for Robert is his first overall rookie card. It's also pretty generic. However, if you are wanting something easy on the wallet, the Donruss card is worth a look.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 3

2020 Donruss Optic Luis Robert RC #62 Rated Rookie

Optic puts the Optichrome shine on the base Donruss card. Of course, the 2020 Donruss Optic Baseball parallels result in a large Rated Rookie rainbow to track down.

Oddly enough, the Luis Robert autographs in the set include hard-signed Rated Prospect cards.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 4

2020 Panini Absolute Luis Robert RC #113 Autograph Relic (Redemption)

Part of the Rookie Baseball Material Signatures subset in 2020 Absolute Baseball, this Luis Robert rookie is issued as a redemption. However, he does have live autographs in Absolute Ink and Tools of the Trade.

2020 Panini Diamond Kings Luis Robert RC #95

Using an art-heavy style, 2020 Diamond Kings Baseball is home to one of the most unique rookie cards under the Panini banner. This is another base card found for very little.

Collectors can locate a sticker autograph in the DK Originals insert. In addition, the Downtown insert is a popular chase SSP card.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 5

2020 Panini Prizm Luis Robert RC Autograph #RA-LT

Although left out of the main 2020 Prizm Baseball set, Luis Robert has a signed card in the Rookie Autograph lineup with a flood of Prizm parallels.

He's also in the Prospect Signatures set. Those still needing a base-type card can snag the Now on Deck insert.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 6

2020 Panini Select Luis Robert RC #141

Like Prizm and Optic, 2020 Select Baseball pairs the cardboard shine with multiple parallels. Robert is included in the Premier Level subset.

Popular autographs include cards from Rookie Signatures and Rookie Jersey Autographs, with both arriving as redemptions.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 7

2020 Topps Series 2 Luis Robert RC #392

Likely to remain the go-to base Luis Robert rookie card for many collectors, 2020 Topps Series 2 Baseball is the place to find the flagship rookie for the White Sox phenom. There are also three different Series 2 variations of varying rarity.

The 3D version comes in the online-only 2020 Topps On Demand series.

Base RC

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 8

Variation SP

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 9

Variation SSP

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 10

Variation SSSP - No Name

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 11

He also has a fifth option using the same base number via the three-player Rookie Stars SSSP. These sell for huge sums.

Bo Bichette / Luis Robert / Yordan Alvarez - Rookie Stars

Variation SSSP

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 12

On top of that, his hard-signed 1985 autograph insert, originally issued as a redemption, is another key choice.

2020 Topps Baseball's Finest Flashbacks Luis Robert RC #59

It may not seem like it, but the retro-inspired Luis Robert rookie card in 2020 Baseball's Finest Flashbacks Baseball is one of his most valuable base cards out there. And his Refractor cards push even higher. Demand is increased due to the online-only availability and surging box price.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 13

2020 Topps Big League Luis Robert RC #232

For the budget fans, 2020 Big League Baseball has an affordable base rookie for Robert. The horizontal layout gives it a different feel compared to most of his other rookies.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 14

2020 Topps Chrome Luis Robert RC #60

Of course, the shiny release from 2020 Topps Chrome Baseball is a key choice. The base set has multiple Refractor parallels, plus Robert's #60 card is featured as an image variation and SSP card.

He is part of the main Rookie Autographs insert, as well.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 15

2020 Topps Clearly Authentic Luis Robert RC Autograph #CCA-LR

You normally can't go wrong with hard-signed acetate, and that's all that 2020 Clearly Authentic Baseball has. The on-card Luis Robert autograph displays the flagship design and comes encased.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 16

2020 Topps Definitive Collection Luis Robert RC Autographs (Redemption)

On the high-end side, 2020 Definitive Baseball has two different cards for Robert in the Definitive Rookie Autograph insert. Both are hard-signed with a print run of 50 copies apiece.

2020 Topps Diamond Icons Luis Robert RC Autographs

Similarly, 2020 Diamond Icons Baseball bypasses base cards for premium, on-card signatures. All numbered to 25 or less, Luis is available in the main Autographs set, as well as Diamond Icons Autographs, Red Ink Autographs and Silver Ink Autographs.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 17

2020 Topps Finest Luis Robert RC #97

It may be a bit busy for some, but the Luis Robert RC in 2020 Finest Baseball is another strong base rookie. This card is greatly boosted by the Refractor parallels. One thing to note is that while Robert is listed on the autograph checklist, that appears to be incorrect as none have surfaced.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 18

2020 Topps Gypsy Queen Luis Robert RC #122

One of several retro-themed sets, 2020 Gypsy Queen Baseball has an inexpensive Luis Robert rookie card with an old-school feel.

His popular on-card GQ rookie autograph originally came as a redemption.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 19

2020 Topps Inception Luis Robert RC Autograph #RESA-LR (Redemption)

Yet another redemption for Luis Robert is found in 2020 Inception Baseball. Included in the Base Rookie and Emerging Stars Autograph set, the on-card autograph features several parallel colors.

2020 Topps Museum Collection Luis Robert RC #53

The high-end 2020 Museum Collection Baseball has a few quality choices for Luis Robert collectors. In addition to the base card, there are hard-signed options in Archival Autographs and Museum Framed Autographs.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 20

2020 Topps Opening Day Luis Robert RC #201 SP

While it is very similar to his base flagship rookie in Series 2, the 2020 Opening Day Baseball rookie is actually a short print and the first pack-pulled rookie from a Topps set.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 21

2020 Topps Tier One Luis Robert RC Autograph

The hit-only 2020 Tier One Baseball features a Luis Robert rookie signature in the Break Out Autographs insert. It's done on-card and numbered to 199 copies with low-numbered ink versions as an added chase. This includes Bronze Ink (#/25), Silver Ink (#/10) and Gold Ink (1/1).

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 22

2020 Topps Tribute Luis Robert RC Autographs

Left out of the base rookie lineup, Topps still managed to get Luis Robert rookie autographs into 2020 Tribute Baseball.

His main Tribute Autograph card is numbered to 199. He is also in the League Inauguration Autograph insert, numbered to 99.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 23

2018 Bowman Chrome Luis Robert Autograph #CPA-LR (Redemption)

It's not a rookie, but it's still a very important card for Luis Robert collectors. The on-card 2018 Bowman Baseball autograph is producing big numbers, especially his low-numbered Refractors. These on-card prospect autographs were inserted as redemptions.

Luis Robert Rookie Cards Guide 24

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Frank Heiligenstein
Frank Heiligenstein

Wouldn’t the 2019 Bowman Platinum card (#88) be considered a rookie card as well for Luis Robert.

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

His MLB debut was in 2020. Everything before that is technically a prospect card.

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