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Cryptozoic Entertainment exploded onto the entertainment trading card scene in 2010. Capitalizing on their wildly successful and critically acclaimed trading card game (TCG), World of Warcraft, the company dove head first into the lucrative non-sport trading card market. The company quickly leveraged their relationships with Warner Brothers and other Hollywood studios to secure licensing rights to niche TV shows that possess some of the most rabid fan bases in the world.

Licensed Brands

The list of licensed brands is extensive and reflects their dedication to being the dominant manufacturer in the non-sport trading card marketplace. Included in their portfolio are: The Walking Dead, Archer, The Big Bang Theory, Castle, The Vampire Diaries, Fringe, Revenge, Psych, Smallville and DC Comics, to name several of their larger and more popular brands.


Cryptozoic Entertainment maintains the philosophy “Fans First” when it comes to every aspect of their operations and product development. Headed by fans and collectors of the genres and brands which they build, the care and value incorporated into their product configurations are easily discernable with every release the company manufacturers. The popular practice in the entertainment trading card marketplace of producing “promo” cards to promote future releases, has helped to reinvigorate that niche of collecting as well as contributed to the well received attendance at card shows and entertainment conventions across the country.

Cryptozoic Entertainment’s ability to quickly identify niche entertainment trends in TV, movies, comics and gaming, has been a big benefit to collectors. Their arrival in the marketplace has provided fans the opportunity to collect trading cards of properties that had no prior hobby support from other manufacturers. Cryptozoic’s ability to continue to secure relationships with major entertainment properties insures that collectors will have unprecedented product offerings to add to their collections for years to come.

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