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2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Trading Cards

2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Trading Cards

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2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 is the first set of trading cards for the popular cable dramedy. Besides covering the first bunch of episodes, the release includes a broad mix of autographs, costume cards and other inserts.

The 68-card base set provides a broad recap of the 63 episodes that aired between 2006 and 2010. The show, which broadly blends the comedy and crime genres, stars James Roday and Dule Hill as Shawn and Gus, a pair of crime consultants. The main premise of the series is that Shawn has tricked the police into thinking that he's psychic. Rather, he's just really good at observing things.

The 2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 chase is led by autographs and Wardrobe Cards, both of which fall one per box. Confirmed signers include Hill, Ally Sheedy and Robert Patrick. Wardrobe cards come with swatches of costumes used in the show. Collectors can also look for prop cards.

The release has three basic insert sets as well. Incognito showcases some of the undercover gear worn on the show. Henry's Wisdom covers the life lessons given by Shawn's dad, who is played by Corbin Bernsen. Finally, Psychic Moments focuses on Shawn's greatest "visions."

Sold separate, there is also a binder designed specifically for the set.

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Low- to Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Psych Fans, Autograph Collectors, TV Memorabilia Collectors

2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Box Break

  • 1 Autograph
  • 1 Wardrobe Card
  • 120 Total Cards
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2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Checklist

Base Set Checklist

01 Title Card
02 Number 15 with Chicken
03 Life Lesson
04 Magic Hands
05 Angry Spirits
06 Gus's Glory
07 Shawn and Magic Head
08 Blast from the Past
09 Little Green Men
10 Pro Bono Legal Consultants
11 Exercise in Trust
12 BigKitty75
13 Sticky Icky on the Case
14 An Unlikely Culprit
15 The Player Gets Played
16 Fresh to Death
17 And The Race is On
18 Teeniuses: In The Mix
19 Phsysics: The Physics of Psychics
20 The Nanny Priority
21 Kangaroo Paste Evidence
22 A Family Affair
23 The Talmadge McGulager Cover
24 Explosion Gigantesca de Romance
25 Salesreptitude
26 Tales of the Psychic Paleo-Sleuth (and Bruton Gaster)
27 Gus's Choice
28 Fearless Guster
29 Circumstantial at Best
30 The Brat Pack
31 Like Father, Like Son
32 Dutch's Secret
33 Fool Me Once
34 Case History
35 Groovy Threads
36 A Risky Move
37 Maniac
38 Safety Deposit
39 A Very Guster Christmas
40 Pa Does Not Love Fa
41 Training Camp
42 Infiltrator
43 Badge of Justice
44 Kernels of Truth
45 Lassie's Tomorrow
46 Shawn's Despereaux-ation
47 Binky's Plight
48 Underhanded Stinky Feet
49 Holy Ghost Jingle
50 Long List of Suspects
51 A Father’s Grief
52 Fatal Attraction
53 Gus’s Blackapella
54 The Occultapus and a Vampire Geisha
55 Shawn Goes Missing
56 In Pursuit
57 Major General
58 Extreme Dating
59 Shawn Helps a Felon
60 Thornburg Virus
61 Same Basic Principle
62 Buttersnaps Is on the Job
63 Shawn Almost Kills
a Billionaire
64 Detective Dipstick
65 Yin and Yang
66 Psych-O
67 On the Edge
68 Checklist
2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Trading Cards 1

Autographs Checklist

11 cards. A10 does not exist. Inserted 1:24 packs. Click here for a detailed look at the entire set.

2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Trading Cards 2

Henry's Wisdom Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:12 packs.

HL01 Follow Through
HL02 The Art of Disguise
HL03 The Psychic's in the Details
HL04 Pride of Ownership
HL05 Plan B
HL06 Mixed Metaphors
HL07 Always Prepared
HL08 Wild and Free
HL09 A Viable Ruse
2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Trading Cards 3

Psychic Moments Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:12 packs.

PM01 Eyes of the Serpent, Ears of the Bat
PM02 Maid of Dishonor
PM03 Varsity Murderer
PM04 He Said, She Said
PM05 Bounty Hunters!
PM06 Upstaging Assistants
PM07 M-U-R-D-E-R
PM08 Zippy the Dinosaur
PM09 Beast of the Night
2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Trading Cards 4

Undercover Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:12 packs.

UC01 Weekend Warriors
UC02 An Unlikely Duo
UC03 Chad's Delivery
UC04 Bad Mother - Shut Your Mouth
UC05 Off Road Warriors
UC06 There’s a New Sheriff
in Town
UC07 Majestic Brotherhood
UC08 Danger Enthusiasts
UC09 Maniac Unleashed
2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Trading Cards 5

Wardrobe Checklist Checklist

22 cards. Inserted 1:24 packs. M22 exclusive to the set's binder and is not in packs.

M1 Shawn Spencer
M2 Burton Guster
M3 Detective Juliet O'Hara
M4 Detective Carlton Lassiter
M5 Henry Spencer
M6 Chief Karen Vick
M7 Shawn Spencer
M8 Burton Guster
M9 Detective Juliet O'Hara
M10 Detective Carlton Lassiter
M11 Henry Spencer
M12 Detective Juliet O'Hara
M13 Shawn Spencer
M14 Officer Buzz McNab
M15 Burton Guster
M16 Detective Juliet O'Hara
M17 Detective Carlton Lassiter
M18 Henry Spencer
M19 Chief Karen Vick
M21 Burton Guster
M22 Detective Juliet O'Hara
2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Trading Cards 6

Dual Wardrobe Card Checklist

5 cards. Inserted 1:96 packs.

DM1 Shawn Spencer and Detective Juliet O'Hara
DM2 Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster
DM3 Shawn Spencer and Henry Spencer
DM4 Detective Juliet O'Hara and Detective Carlton Lassiter
DM5 Detective Carlton Lassiter and
Chief Karen Vick
2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Trading Cards 7

Oversized Dual Wardrobe Card Checklist

Available via redemption.

OM1 James Roday as Shawn Spencer and Dule Hill as Burton GUster
2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Trading Cards 8
2013 Cryptozoic Psych Seasons 1-4 Trading Cards 9

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews


Really sucks that they never did a Juliet autograph in either set.


I’m sure we all know who A10 is… Wonder why the card didn’t happen though?

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Ryan On their site, Cryptozoic said they had been waiting on it but it came time to release. It happened with Walking Dead S1. There was a gap that was later filled when Laurie Holden signed her Season 2 cards as well. So it’s possible it’ll be filled at a later date.


How much will they cost when they come out and where can I buy them?

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Angela Looks to be about $70 per box. We have links to eBay auctions arranged by price at the top and bottom of the article. More boxes and singles will be offered as the set releases.

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