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2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards

2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards

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2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 trading cards deliver a detailed look at one of the greatest television shows of all-time. And it's a lot faster to pour over these than it is to binge for three days on Netflix. The set charts the evolution of Walter White as he goes from a dorky high school chemistry teacher to a ruthless crystal meth kingpin.

2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards 2The base set has 134 cards, making it Cryptozoic's biggest entertainment set to date. It covers all five seasons of the show, offering the ins and outs of Walter (Bryan Cranston), his partner in crime, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), Skyler White (Anna Gunn), Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) and all of the show's other memorable characters. With its intricate story lines, often shocking developments, strong visuals and astounding characterization, there's a lot of material to draw from.

Every box of 2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 includes both an autograph and a Wardrobe card.

The release also has a trio of basic insert sets. Fan Art cards are inserted one per box. The journey of Gus Fring, one of the show's big bads, is charted in Los Pollos Hermanos (1:12 packs). Blue Sky (1:24 packs) centers on the show's most memorable characters.

Sold separately, a 2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad binder comes with an exclusive Wardrobe card not available in packs.

2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards 3

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Low- to Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Breaking Bad Fans, Autograph Collectors, Set Builders, TV Memorabilia Collectors

2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Box Break

  • 1 Autograph
  • 1 Wardrobe Card
  • 1 Fan Art Insert
  • 1 Blue Sky Insert
  • 2 Los Pollos Hermanos Inserts
  • 120 Total Cards
2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards 4Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission


Set Checklist

2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Checklist

Base Set Checklist

2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards 25

1 Walter White
2 Skyler White
3 Walter White Jr.
4 Jesse Pinkman
5 Hank Schrader
6 Marie Schrader
7 Saul Goodman
8 Gustavo “Gus” Fring
9 Mike Ehrmantraut
10 Overworked and Underappreciated
11 Walt’s 50th Birthday
12 The Death Sentence
13 Time for a Career Change
14 Maiden Voyage of the
Crystal Ship
15 Phosphine Gas
16 Walt’s Last Stand
17 A Disturbing Discovery
18 Chemical Disincorporation
19 Cleaning Up the Mess
20 Walt Owns Up
21 Gray Matter
22 Chemotherapy
23 Meeting Tuco
24 No More Bloodshed
25 Heisenberg
26 The Birth of Blue Sky
27 Tuco’s Madness
28 Where’s Walt?
29 Fugue State
30 Jesse and Jane
32 Better Call Saul
33 Big Changes
34 Los Pollos Hermanos
35 Delivery in One Hour or Less
36 Jane’s Death
37 The Cleaner
38 Separation
39 The Cousins
40 Rehabilitated
41 Skyler’s Affair
42 The Superlab
43 Hank’s Rage
44 One Minute
45 Hank’s Condition
46 Shortened Life Expectancy
47 Walt’s Gambling Problem
48 Jesse’s Back
49 The Fly
50 Bargaining for Jesse’s Life
51 The Replacement Cook
52 Leverage
53 Full Measure
54 Gale’s End
55 Killing Time
56 Box Cutter
57 Self-Defense
58 The Endless Party
59 A New Lead
60 Skyler’s Plan
61 Disappointing Act
62 Rude Awakening
63 New Partners
64 Jesse the Hero
65 Assistant No Longer
66 Meth Head Psychology
67 Buying Junior’s Affection
68 Fingerprinting Gus
69 Hank’s Heisenberg Theory
70 Divided Loyalties
71 Hank’s New Assistant
72 Trouble at the Farm
73 Challenging the Cartel
74 Dinner with Gus
75 A Falling Out
76 Welcome to Mexico
77 Cooking is Art
78 Don Eladio’s Victory Party
79 Gus’ Revenge
80 The Long Road Home
81 A Plea for Help
82 Gus’ Ultimatum
83 Crawl Space
84 The Missing Cigarette
85 Assassination Attempt
86 Unlikely Allies
87 Back to Work
88 Destruction of the Lab
89 Walt Wins
90 Remains of the Superlab
91 Talking Mike Down
92 What About a Magnet?
93 Three-Way Split
94 Hazard Pay
95 Dealing With Lydia
96 Vamonos Pest
97 Legacy Costs
98 Lydia‘s Betrayal
99 A Cry for Help
100 Listening in on Hank
101 The Great Train Robbery
102 Buyout
103 Family Dinner
104 Say My Name
105 Final Confrontation with Mike
106 Loose Ends
107 I’m Out
108 A Shocking Discovery
109 Jesse’s Problem
110 Blood Money
111 Cash Drive
112 Skyler’s Resolve
113 Desert Cache
114 A Change in Management
115 The Revelation
116 The Confession
117 Hotel Vacation
118 The Sting
119 A Better Plan
120 To’Hajiilee
121 My Name is ASAC Schrader
122 We’re a Family
123 Walt Disappears
124 It’s Over
125 Mr. Lambert
126 New Hampshire
127 Irrevocable Trust
128 Crashing the Meeting
129 I Did It For Me
130 Vengeance
131 Walt and Jesse
132 Lydia’s Fate
133 The End
134 Checklist

Autographs Checklist

21 cards. Inserted 1:24 packs.
2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards 26

A1 Dean Norris as Hank Schrader
A2 Betsy Brandt as Marie Schrader
A3 RJ Mitte as Walter White Jr.
A4 Giancarlo Esposito as Gustavo "Gus" Fring
A5 David Costabile as Gale Boetticher
A6 Matt Jones as Badger
A7 Mark Margolis as Tio Salamanca
A8 Michael Shamus Wiles as ASAC George Merkert
A9 Daniel Moncada as Leonel Salamanca
A10 Luis Moncada as Marco Salamanca
A11 Jere Burns as Group Leader
A12 Nigel Gibbs as Detective Tim Roberts
A13 Larry Hankin as Old Joe
A14 Michael Bowen as Uncle Jack
A15 Emily Rios as Andrea Cantillo
A16 Tina Parker as Francesca
A17 Jim Beaver as Lawson
A18 Tess Harper as Mrs. Pinkman
A19 Michael Bofshever as Mr. Pinkman
A20 Christopher Cousins as Ted Beneke
A21 Anna Gunn as Skyler White

Blue Sky Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:24 packs.

HSBG-01 Walter White
HSBG-02 Saul Goodman
HSBG-03 Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
HSBG-04 Hank Schrader
HSBG-05 Skyler White
HSBG-06 Jesse Pinkman
HSBG-07 Marie Schrader
HSBG-08 Mike Ehrmantrout
HSBG-09 Walter White Jr.
2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards 27

Fan Art Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:24 packs.

BBFA-01 Better Call Saul
BBFA-02 Flight 515
BBFA-03 Los Pollos Hermanos
BBFA-04 The Cousins
BBFA-05 Don Eladio
BBFA-06 Lily of the Valley
BBFA-07 Tio
BBFA-08 Gus
BBFA-09 Breaking Bad
2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards 28

Los Pollos Hermanos Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:12 packs.

LPH-01 The Man with No Past
LPH-02 The Chicken Brothers
LPH -03 Not in Chile Anymore
LPH-04 A New Locale
LPH-05 Supporting the Sciences
LPH-06 The Catalyst
LPH-07 The Plan Unfolds
LPH-08 The End of Don Eladio
LPH-09 Completing His Revenge
2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards 29

Prop Cards Checklist

2 cards. Inserted 1:576 packs. Each card has a piece of a Los Pollos Hermanos cup.

PC-01 Walter White
PC-02 Gustavo "Gus" Fring
2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards 30
2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards 31

Wardrobe Cards Checklist

22 cards. Inserted 1:24 packs. M22 exclusive to binder and not in packs.

M1 Walter White
M2 Hank Schrader
M3 Jesse Pinkman
M4 Gustavo "Gus" Fring
M5 Skyler White
M6 Walter White
M7 Hank Schrader
M8 Mike Ehrmantraut
M9 Skyler White
M10 Mike Ehrmantraut
M11 Saul Goodman
M12 Walter White
M13 Gustavo "Gus" Fring
M14 Gustavo "Gus" Fring
M15 Mike Ehrmantraut
M16 Hank Schrader
M17 Jesse Pinkman
M18 Gustavo "Gus" Fring
M19 Saul Goodman
M20 Mike Ehrmantraut
M21 Saul Goodman
M22 Walter White
2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards 32

Wardrobe-Prop Over-Sized Redemption Checklist

25 produced. Good for 4” x 6” dual costume-prop card. Each has a piece of Jesse Pinkman’s hoodie and a piece of a production-used Valenzia’s pizza box.
2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards 33

Promo Card Checklist

P1 Non-Sport Update
2014 Cryptozoic Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5 Trading Cards 34
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

Anthony Liali
Anthony Liali

I’m just trying to complete one basic set. I was able to trade for some, but I’m still missing cards: #38 and #106.

If anyone knows how to acquire these, please let me know. This is a tough set to put together.


They are too rich to care about 50 K or what have you for an autograph contract!


no walter white or jesee pinkman autos…..why??

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Eric For whatever reason, they chose not to sign. I spoke with Cryptozoic a couple of times and asked them about it and they said they did all they could do.

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