Ultimate Guide to Michael Jordan Golf Cards

Ultimate Guide to Michael Jordan Golf Cards

Michael Jordan has the Midas Touch in the collecting world and that extends even to his hobbies. MJ's basketball cards will always be the top choice for many collectors, but golf cards present an intriguing alternative and they can command strong interest in their own right.

While he played professional basketball and baseball during his storied career, Jordan always had a special place in his life for golf. Jordan could be found on the golf course regularly throughout his active playing days and he obviously has a lot more free time now.

The golf course is also the site of many of his gambling stories, with reports that his bets would reach into the hundreds of thousands and his debts would push into the millions. When Jordan was remarried in April of 2013, the reception took place at a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf club in Jupiter, Florida. Plus, he has a sweet golf cart.

To be clear, Michael Jordan golf cards do not carry the same values as his basketball cards. However, collectors have still taken notice and the cards can be viewed along the same lines as his baseball cards. While cards displaying Jordan's affinity for golf are not a new concept, 2012 saw an influx that captured the attention of many collectors and 2014 also was a strong year for Michael Jordan golf collectors.

The following list goes deep into the Michael Jordan golf card database but should not be considered a complete checklist given the many low-numbered cards. True golf sets are still not a regular occurrence, so several early cards on the list are oddball or unlicensed cards featuring "His Airness."

If you are looking for more than golf cards, check out our detailed Michael Jordan collecting profile here.

Top Michael Jordan Golf Cards

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1990-91 Skybox Michael Jordan #41

This might be stretching it a little, but the card does feature a Michael Jordan golf image on the back. These dollar bin cards helped first expose the collecting world to Jordan's love for the sport.

1994 Upper Deck Jordan Rare Air Michael Jordan

Paying tribute to Michael Jordan after his retirement (the first time), Upper Deck issued a "Rare Air" factory set that included 90 cards of Jordan. Four of these cards (#32, #33, #34, #35) featured Jordan engaging in some aspect of golf. Card #32 shows Jordan putting in work on his clubs. This less glamorous look at Jordan is a nice change from the dominant, aggressive persona he normally exudes. Also, he is wearing a crazy outfit.

1994-95 Collector's Choice Basketball Michael Jordan #23

Another cheap option for collectors, this Michael Jordan golf card came in the basketball version of Collector's Choice. Jordan was already playing baseball at this point, but Upper Deck learned quickly to include Jordan in every product possible. The basketball card shows Jordan playing baseball on the front and teeing off at the golf course on the back.

1994-95 Collector's Choice Basketball Michael Jordan #231994-95 Collector's Choice Basketball Michael Jordan #23 back

1994-95 Collector's Choice Basketball Michael Jordan #204

Also found in 94-95 Collector's Choice Basketball, this Michael Jordan card is part of the Profiles subset and features Jordan dressed in all-white golfing attire.

2012 SP Authentic Michael Jordan #61

While Michael Jordan was not included in any traditional releases as a golfer for some time, collectors were treated to several options in 2012. The Parade of Stars subset card for Michael Jordan was part of a short-printed 30-card set that averaged 1:2.5 packs.

2012 SP Authentic Michael Jordan #61

2012 SP Game Used Michael Jordan #23

This base card from 2012 SP Game Used features a nice current design. Unfortunately, as evidenced by his outfit, this card shows us that Michael Jordan cannot make everything look good.

2014 Exquisite Collection Michael Jordan #8 #/125

Easily the rarest base card, 2014 Exquisite offers a vintage Michael Jordan image and is limited to 125 copies.

2014 Exquisite Collection Michael Jordan #8

2014 SP Authentic Michael Jordan #23, #69 (w/ Tiger Woods)

Although he was left out of the base set in 2014, Jordan was included in the 2014 base set and also in the Authentic Moments subset with Tiger Woods.

2014 SP Authentic Michael Jordan #232014 SP Authentic Michael Jordan Tiger Woods Authentic Moments #69

2014 SP Game Used Michael Jordan #23

With a little more design elements in this 2014 SP Game Used base card for Michael Jordan, the card has just enough going on to keep it from being plain.

2014 SP Game Used Michael Jordan #23

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Inserts & Autographs

2012 SP Authentic Parade of Stars Michael Jordan #61 Autograph #/25

A very popular short print, this on-card autograph from Parade of Stars features a dialed-in Michael Jordan watching his shot. The card had several recorded sales on eBay during March and April of 2013, averaging around $650 per sale.

2012 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Michael Jordan #ST-MJ Autograph

The first of several autographed Michael Jordan golf cards, Sign of the Times from 2012 SP Authentic is a recurring insert used by Upper Deck in many of their products. This rare card is part of the Group A autographs, which were pulled at of a rate of 1:2714 packs and featured five total signers. Jordan was also featured in the Sign of the Times set in 2014 SP Authentic.

2012 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Duals Michael Jordan Tiger Woods #ST2-TM Autograph

In addition to the base version, there is also a limited dual autograph that pairs Jordan with Tiger Woods. Two greats on one card makes this card very popular with collectors. The two were also matched up in 2014 SP Authentic.

2012 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Duals Tiger Woods Michael Jordan Autograph

2012 SP Game Used Inked Drivers Michael Jordan #ID-MJ Autograph

This very unique design in 2012 SP Game Used  made big waves when collectors first caught a glimpse. The card incorporates a slab of metal that is designed to resemble the club face of a driver.

In the base silver version, Jordan signed using a blue pen. The print run was never announced but the Michael Jordan golf card was in Group B, along with four other golfers. The overall odds for Group B were 1:143 packs and the individual odds for the Jordan card fell at 1:715 packs.

Other versions include Persimmon Blonde (#/15), Black (#/10), Red & White (#/5), and Persimmon Dark (#/3). All versions of this card sell very well.

2014 Exquisite Collection Dimensions Autographs Michael Jordan #D-MJ

Exquisite Collection made its golf debut in 2014 and Michael Jordan was included in several autograph sets. Dimensions remains one of the best cards designs in recent years and the on-card autograph and shadowbox effect make for a very distinct Michael Jordan card.

2014 Exquisite Collection Dimensions Autographs Michael Jordan #D-MJ

2014 Exquisite Collection Endorsements Autographs Michael Jordan #EE-MJ #/75

Endorsements has long been a staple of the Exquisite brand and it is clear why they continued it in the high-end golf product. A large signature area and limited run are enough to overcome the sight of Michael Jordan in striped shorts. There are also more limited Dual and Triple Endorsements that include Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods.

2014 Exquisite Collection Endorsements Autographs Michael Jordan #EE-MJ

2014 Exquisite Collection Endorsements Autographs Michael Jordan Tiger2014 Exquisite Collection Endorsements Autographs Michael Jordan Rory Tiger

2014 Exquisite Collection Signature Masterpieces Michael Jordan #ES-MMJ

One of the most ornate Michael Jordan cards available, the Exquisite Collection Signature Masterpieces cards are heavy on gold foil and takes things even further with gold ink.

2014 Exquisite Collection Signature Masterpieces Michael Jordan #ES-MMJ

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1990 Aamer Sport Jordan Knows Michael Jordan / Air II Knows Michael Jordan

Likely the first Michael Jordan golf cards, these unlicensed cards are popular despite an unknown origin. The yellow-bordered "Jordan Knows Golf" card from Aamer Sport was printed in "Taiwain" and includes Jordan's full name on the front of the card. The black and white card alludes to Jordan's Nike shoe line and provides no background information.

1990-91 Slam Dunk Best of the Best Michael Jordan

The Slam Dunk cards feature two different Michael Jordan golf cards. The cards are all part of larger Michael Jordan sets that mostly include basketball and baseball images.

1991 Caesars Palace Lake Tahoe Heavy Hitters Michael Jordan #1

One of the rarest Michael Jordan cards of all-time, this promotional release covered the celebrity participants in a golfing event at Caesars Palace. Michael Jordan was the first card in the set and they rarely surface. A PSA 10 copy sold for $2,325 in 2014.

1991 Caesars Palace Lake Tahoe Heavy Hitters Michael Jordan #1

1994 Sports Sensations National Convention Michael Jordan

This card always makes me chuckle. Perhaps the least intimidating image of Jordan, this was a promotional card issued by Sports Sensations for the 1994 National Sports Collectors Convention in Houston, TX. Despite being limited to a reported print run of 5000, these can be found for pretty cheap. This was part of a set of Michael Jordan cards issued for the event and are found in gold and silver versions. The silver card is shown below.

1994 Sports Sensations National Convention Michael Jordan

1997 Sports Illustrated for Kids II Michael Jordan #571

Sports Illustrated for Kids is an interesting product that was unlikely to ever have much collectible value. However, some cards have become quite popular, namely the 1996 Sports Illustrated for Kids Tiger Woods card. This Michael Jordan golf card was actually an April Fools mashup that featured the torso of Tiger Woods and the head of Michael Jordan.

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  3. Paul >> Upper Deck released the “Rare Air” 90-card set in 1994, with Jordan cleaning his clubs as #32. In 1997, they re-printed/re-released this set, this time with only 85 cards, and the set came with a golf ball with facsimile signature. Most all the cards were re-numbered. If you check the bottom on the back of your card, I’ll bet it will say 1997, not 1994.

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