Evolution of Nike's Air Jordan Shoe Series: 1984-2018

Evolution of Nike’s Air Jordan Shoe Series: 1984-2018

Shoes were just shoes for the first 80-some-odd years of the 20th century. Then in the mid-1980s, Nike released a pair of shoes featuring a certain ex-Tarheel...

As legend has it, the iconic sneaker series almost never lifted off. Soon after Michael Jordan debuted the Air Jordan I, the NBA stepped in and banned the shoe because they featured "non-regulation" colors. Suffice it to say, Jordan didn't listen and thusly, the great basketball shoe boom began.

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Below is a look at each and every pair of Air Jordan shoes released by Nike, a total of 33 in all (not counting the many colorways and variations). Next to each pair is Nike's motto for the shoe (if any) and the year in which they debuted.

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Air Jordan I - "Notorious" - 1985

Air Jordan II - "Italian Stallion" - 1986

Air Jordan III - "Gotta Be the Shoes" - 1988

Air Jordan IV - "Taking Flight" - 1989

Air Jordan V - "The Fighter" - 1990

Air Jordan VI - "Promised Land" - 1991

Air Jordan VII - "Pure Gold" - 1992

Air Jordan VIII - "Strap In" - 1993

Air Jordan IX - "Perfect Harmony" - 1993

Air Jordan X - "The Legacy Continues" - 1994

Air Jordan XI - "Class Act" - 1995

Air Jordan XII - "The Dynasty Continues" - 1996

Air Jordan XIII - "Black Cat Pounces" - 1997

Air Jordan XIV - "Race Ready" - 1998

Air Jordan XV - "Speed of Sound" - 1999

Air Jordan XVI - "Marching On" - 2001

Air Jordan XVII - "Jazzed Up" - 2002

Air Jordan XVIII - "Last Dance" - 2003

Air Jordan XIX - "Full Flex" - 2004

Air Jordan XX - "Living Greatness" - 2005

Air Jordan XX1 - "Performance Luxury DNA" - 2006

Air Jordan XX2 - "Hit the Afterburners" - 2007

Air Jordan XX3 - "The Number of Greatness" - 2008

Air Jordan 2009- "Beyond" - 2009

Air Jordan 2010- "Full Speed Ahead" - 2010

Air Jordan 2011 - 2011

Air Jordan 2012 - "Choose Your Flight" - 2012

2012 Nike Air Jordan

Air Jordan XX8 - "Dare to Fly" - 2013

Air Jordan XX8

Air Jordan XX9 - 2014

Air Jordan XX9 1

Air Jordan XXX - 2016

Air Jordan XXX

Air Jordan XXXI - 2016

NIke Air Jordan XXXI 31

Air Jordan 32 (XXXII) - 2017

Air Jordan 33 (XXXIII) - 2018

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  1. I am loving the Nike Jordans, my husband says if he and his kids can’t wear Jordans then it don’t make sense :) he has always worn them and now he even has me crazy about them and I’m a more flipflop/ sandal type girl. Also would love 2 know and see more of the jordan sneaker boots, especially love a cute pink and white pair my sis in law has a picture of. Keep bring the hot styles.

  2. I love the Jordans Phat low the most. Got 6 of them. The hightops is not my thing.

  3. Extremely helpful page… trying to figure this out in a store is impossible. thank you!

  4. Nice organization. Earlier model looks better than newer ones. :)

  5. You do not have a picture of the first Air Jordan. The first Air Jordan was white and was really just the Nike Air Airship model. I have pictures of both shoes in a folder on Facebook Dean Holsman.

  6. The Air Jordan XX8 “Dare to Fly” looks sick!!

  7. Trying to locate Nike air size 12 item 173134-141-00 UPC 1062442

  8. Jordan needs to produce more to put out in stores so that stores wont have to sell tickets or raffles. There should be enough for everyone that wants to purchase if they want. Thats one reason that people are starting to not want to buy. It cause a lot of conflick.

  9. I like the early jordans but the later ones aren’t as appealing visually. Although the Jordan 2010’s are a return to form.

  10. I agree Deidre. Especially considering the violence and even murders that have occurred as a result of people fighting to get them on release day (or night). I like that there is scarcity because it creates value, but certainly there has to be a better way to deal with it then this

  11. picture of the bred 12’s is fake

  12. no such thing as “bred” 12’s, they are call “flu game” 12’s lmfao

  13. There were 2 versions of the first jordans, i.e. the red white and blacks (shown above, first picture) and the red and blacks (not shown). Jordan would usually wear the latter with his away/road uniform, but very seldom wore the former. Instead, at home he would typically don the the version shown in the 2nd pic with the black front. This version however, was not available to the public. As a side note, my friend bought a pair of the red / blacks, and I bought the red/white/blacks, then we swapped one and had the cool mismatching one on each foot.

  14. I had a pair of every style 1- 16. After XVI the J’s were complete garbage. Even the 15’s and 16’s were questionable. My favorites are the 2, 9, 10, 11,12, 13, 14. Thats it.

  15. i want the columbiansssssssssssss

  16. i just have a AJXX9 , red color. i want get more . anybody know where to get ?

  17. i have a pair of nike air shoes and on the tongue it says SIX453…the shoes are white and black new with sticker tags never worn ….i cannot find these anywhere on the internet checked nike.com and googled nike air SIX453 shoes and still cant find anything out about these….can someone help me and let me know if these are valuable shoes and where i can research them? thank you

  18. how can i find the sneakers mj wore in gator aide commercial while running threw desert , meeting the monk? i had a pair with matching shirt & shorts s.o.s

  19. I love Jordan’s because they are the center of the world for basketball shoes. I have four Jordan, and let me just say that I would never trade any of them, no madder how much money they offer. what im trying to say is that Jordans shoes really changed my life.

  20. i think these shoes are ugly and not something i would wear.

  21. Back in 1996 I was in high school and got my first pair, the “Class Act” in black and white…Brings back a lot of memories…

  22. You forgot the Grey Ones from 2011!

  23. How I wish I can afford any one of the Jordan Nike air sneakers, but financial status is not helping matter, but not with standing Jordan is a great shoes though I might not gotten any but those that wore, I cherish it on them.?? to jordan

  24. What’s the author’s name of this? I need it for a project…

  25. K.G You can just attribute it to Cardboard Connection as this was compiled by multiple authors.

  26. So im so crazy in looking for a pait of J’s i had back in the 90’s so can’t find the model why can’t that be? Is it that they weren’t that popular i teally dont remember the model all i rember is they were all white hi tops

  27. I have a pair of jordans got them around 2001 trying to find out what they are called as iv not been able to find them any where

  28. So i have these grey black and salmon jordans i would like to see if anyone could possibly recognize them at all her is a link to the picture.

  29. have black and white Jordan 11s dont know what they are called

  30. Which Jordan shoe is the best comfortable and nicest to wear ?

  31. My family had a sporting goods store that we sold 10 years ago. I recently found a pair of Air Jordan BGS size 5 youth in my basement that are still in the box and have never been worn. I believe they are Air Jordan VII from 1992. Blk.Lt Grph-Bordeu These are original and not Retro. Is there a market for these. Any suggestions of where I should attempt to sell them at?

  32. this is sooo amazing and cool .

  33. All the shoes are good for sports lover. They are comfortable and trendy. The colors and design looks wonderful.

  34. Nice Blog! Jordan shoes are very attractive and beautiful. Colors of the shoes are good. Thanks for Blog!

  35. Good One! Shoes are best and nice. Best for the sports. More comfortable and durable shoes. Thanks for the blog!

  36. i had a great experience of these pair of shoes just loved it. its so comfortable and flexible to wear.my whole family liked this shoes a lot.

  37. How much do a pair of Jordan 1 sneakers in mint condition with the box cost today.

  38. Love the 13 felt so good on my feet and they were crazy when it came to the look. I have 2 pairs white ones and black ones keep them in the box and wouldn’t trade for nothing, and can’t wait for them to come back out, 2 more pair. Ya heard.

  39. Jordan’s are hottt
    But have you ever seen jordan heels
    OMG so sexy an my new love for Jordan’s
    Are now n heel form😁👍

  40. Theses Jordan’s are like so cool. But the Jordan heels are just so dumb. The heels do not look right. If I got Jordan’s I Defantley would not get them cause they are ugly. But Jordan’s are fresh on the real. Fr fr

  41. What has the greatest player ever done with all the money he makes off his shoes? It’s his money but making them more affordable for people would maybe feed some starving people who would rather have the shoes than a meal. $200++ for a pair is getting old. Nobody but me cares about my opinion bur if MJ came up hard then maybe he would give more back! Instead he gonna buy stock in jails and prisons. Sellout! Every inmate rocking his s***. Stephon Marbury ain’t no friend of mine but he didn’t make his shoes go at a discounted price, HE made them damn near dirt cheap for the fans who wanted a pair. 2 different people but Marbury don’t have JORDAN money. I’d rather be broke and happy than be on my s*** list and a guilty conscience.
    Good info in the shoes but MJ as a person is something else

  42. Lebron>Jordan

  43. I loveeee Jordans! They are beautiful and very easy to love. However, they are costly. They take up more than half of my weekly wages :( But, I will spend whatever to get my hands on the latest pair! :)

  44. The release year of all the Jordan’s is one year behind the real release dates, I graduated Army Basic training September 1994 at Fort Knox, KY my family took me to one of the mall in Louisville, Ky because I want to buy a pair of cloths and some Jordan’s and I bought the Jordan 10’s

  45. Can somebody help me figure out what kind of shoes I got? I traded somebody for Jordans and they look like retro 7s but I know nothing about retros, why I can’t identify these. I would really appreciate some help if anybody knows what they are. The red Jordans in my profile picture. Thanks!

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