Ultimate Fleer Jambalaya Insert Card Guide

Ultimate Fleer Jambalaya Insert Card Guide


1997-98 EX-2001 Basketball Jambalaya Kobe BryantJambalaya is one of the best known inserts in the hobby today. They debuted to a perfect hobby storm in 1997-98 E-X2001 Basketball. Jambalaya combined a wild design, extreme rarity and a killer checklist that included some guy named Michael Jordan and a youngster named Kobe Bryant. As time went by, more and more collectors started clamoring for the oddly named inserts, driving prices to almost unheard of levels for cards that have no autographs, memorabilia or ultra-low serial numbers. But when something is inserted 1:720 packs and there are 15 cards in the set, rarity's implied.

Fleer brought Jambalaya back six years later for 2003-04 E-X Basketball and its legendary rookie class. Although a little easier to find, 1:480 packs is still extremely tough. And so it has continued with ensuing Jambalaya insert sets, which have now carried over to other sports, maintaining their rarity, distinct look and popular.

No matter the year or sport, Jambalaya inserts have a few things in common (besides being valuable). They're all oval shaped except for 2008-09 Ultra Hockey Jambalaya, which is more like an ice rink. They also have a wavy foil background that adds some flash. Finally, there's the rarity factor. Insertion rates have varied, but nearly all of them are extremely tough.

With Upper Deck's Fleer Retro line, Jambalaya has seen a resurgence. Surrounded by other well known insert names from the 1990s, the cards have continued to be one of the brand's focal points.

It's not unheard of for top basketball Jambalaya basketball inserts to sell for four figures. The 1997-98 E-X2001 Jambalaya Michael Jordan is a modern classic that draws a ton of attention any time one surfaces. Several have sold on eBay for more than $3,000. Other top superstars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are also extremely popular, often changing hands for more than $1,000 for professionally graded copies. Just as shocking is the face that early Jambalaya cards sell for hundreds, even for the least popular players. While Fleer was onto something with these cards, it was the collectors who have taken them to where they are today, ultimately voting with their wallets that Jambalaya is one of the best inserts ever made.

Use the tabs above to get full checklists for every Fleer Jamabalaya set sorted by sport. The final tab is a real-time look at the 25 most watched Jambalaya inserts currently listed on eBay.

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1997-98 E-X2001 Basketball Jambalaya Checklist

15 cards. Inserted 1:720 packs.

1 Allen Iverson
2 Anfernee Hardaway
3 Dennis Rodman
4 Grant Hill
5 Kevin Garnett
6 Michael Jordan
7 Shaquille O'Neal
8 Tim Duncan
9 Keith Van Horn
10 Stephon Marbury
11 Shareef Abdur-Rahim
12 Kobe Bryant
13 Damon Stoudamire
14 Scottie Pippen
15 Eddie Jones

2003-04 E-X Basketball Jambalaya Checklist

15 cards. Inserted 1:480 packs.

1 LeBron James
2 Carmelo Anthony
3 Dwyane Wade
4 Darko Milicic
5 T.J. Ford
6 Chris Bosh
7 Mike Sweetney
8 Kobe Bryant
9 Jermaine O'Neal
10 Vince Carter
11 Allen Iverson
12 Tracy McGrady
13 Yao Ming
14 Shaquille O'Neal
15 Tim Duncan

2004-05 E-XL Basketball Jambalaya Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:216 packs.

PARALLEL: Jambalaya X-L 1:2160 packs.

1 Carmelo Anthony
2 Shaquille O'Neal
3 Kobe Bryant
4 Vince Carter
5 Tracy McGrady
6 Kevin Garnett
7 Amare Stoudemire
8 Allen Iverson
9 LeBron James
10 Tim Duncan

2006-07 E-X Basketball Jambalaya Checklist

20 cards. Inserted 1:48 packs.

J-AI Allen Iverson
J-BR Bil Russell
J-CD Clyde Drexler
J-DH Dwight Howard
J-DR David Robinson
J-DW Dwyane Wade
J-HO Hakeem Olajuwon
J-JE Julius Erving
J-JK Jason Kidd
J-JO Magic Johnson
J-JS John Stockton
J-LB Larry Bird
J-LJ LeBron James
J-MG Manu Ginobili
J-MJ Michael Jordan
J-PP Paul Pierce
J-PS Peja Stojakovic
J-SM Stephon Marbury
J-TD Tim Duncan
J-TM Tracy McGrady

2011-12 Fleer Retro Basketball Jambalaya Checklist

21 cards.

1 JB Michael Jordan
2 JB LeBron James
3 JB Bill Russell
4 JB Chris Paul
5 JB Grant Hill
6 JB Dominique Wilkins
7 JB David Robinson
8 JB Hakeem Olajuwon
9 JB James Worthy
10 JB Julius Erving
11 JB Larry Bird
12 JB Magic Johnson
13 JB Anfernee Hardaway
14 JB Dennis Rodman
15 JB Larry Johnson
16 JB Clyde Drexler
17 JB Alonzo Mourning
18 JB Walt Frazier
19 JB John Havlicek
20 JB Karl Malone
21 JB Jerry West

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2012 Fleer Retro Football Jambalaya Checklist

21 cards. Inserted 1:360 packs.

1 JB Robert Griffin III
2 JB Trent Richardson
3 JB Aaron Rodgers
4 JB Jerry Rice
5 JB John Elway
6 JB Dan Marino
7 JB Barry Sanders
8 JB Troy Aikman
9 JB Steve Young
10 JB Joe Namath
11 JB Drew Bledsoe
12 JB Bo Jackson
13 JB Roger Staubach
14 JB Tony Dorsett
15 JB Doug Flutie
16 JB Jim Kelly
17 JB Tim Tebow
18 JB Archie Griffin
19 JB Dan Fouts
20 JB Earl Campbell
21 JB Ryan Tannehill

2014 Flair Showcase Football Jambalaya Checklist

21 cards.

1 Johnny Manziel
2 Sammy Watkins
3 Joe Montana
4 Derek Carr
5 Blake Bortles
6 Jerry Rice
7 John Elway
8 Ben Roethlisberger
9 Marqise Lee
10 Joe Namath
11 Eric Ebron
12 Jimmy Garoppolo
13 Dan Marino
14 Matthew Stafford
15 Drew Brees
16 Peyton Manning
17 Barry Sanders
18 Bishop Sankey
19 Bo Jackson
20 Mike Evans
21 Teddy Bridgewater
2014 Flair Showcase Football Jambalaya Bo Jackson

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2008-09 Ultra Hockey EX Jambalaya Checklist

20 cards. Inserted 1:864 packs.

JAM-1 Wayne Gretzky
JAM-2 Bobby Orr
JAM-3 Gordie Howe
JAM-4 Mark Messier
JAM-5 Mario Lemieux
JAM-6 Teemu Selanne
JAM-7 Joe Sakic
JAM-8 Mike Modano
JAM-9 Sidney Crosby
JAM-10 Alexander Ovechkin
JAM-11 Evgeni Malkin
JAM-12 Ilya Kovalchuk
JAM-13 Vincent Lecavalier
JAM-14 Jarome Iginla
JAM-15 Marian Gaborik
JAM-16 Dany Heatley
JAM-17 Simon Gagne
JAM-18 Jaromir Jagr
JAM-19 Mats Sundin
JAM-20 Jonathan Toews

2009-10 Ultra Hockey EX Jambalaya Checklist

20 cards. Inserted 1:288 packs.

JAM-1 Alexander Ovechkin
JAM-2 Roberto Luongo
JAM-3 Vincent Lecavalier
JAM-4 Patrick Marleau
JAM-5 Evgeni malkin
JAM-6 Mario Lemieux
JAM-7 Sidney Crosby
JAM-8 enrik Lundqvist
JAM-9 Martin Brodeur
JAM-10 Carey Price
JAM-11 Patrick Roy
JAM-12 Mark Messier
JAM-13 Gordie Howe
JAM-14 Henrik Zetterberg
JAM-15 Joe Sakic
JAM-16 Jonathan Toews
JAM-17 Patrick Kane
JAM-18 Jarome Iginla
JAM-19 Bobby Orr
JAM-20 Ilya Kovalchuk

2012-13 Fleer Retro Hockey Jambalaya Checklist

21 cards. Inserted 1:360 packs.

1OF21JB Teemu Selanne
2OF21JB Bobby Orr
3OF21JB Jonathan Toews
4OF21JB Joe Sakic
5OF21JB Patrick Roy
6OF21JB Evgeni Malkin
7OF21JB Taylor Hall
8OF21JB Jordan Eberle
9OF21JB Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
10OF21JB Wayne Gretzky
11OF21JB Carey Price
12OF21JB Martin Brodeur
13OF21JB Jonathan Quick
14OF21JB Eric Lindros
15OF21JB Mario Lemieux
16OF21JB Sidney Crosby
17OF21JB Brett Hull
18OF21JB Pelle Lindbergh
19OF21JB Mats Sundin
20OF21JB Pavel Bure
21OF21JB Alexander Ovechkin

2013-14 Fleer Showcase Hockey Jambalaya Checklist

42 cards. Inserted 1:180 packs.

1 Tony Esposito
2 Mario Lemieux
3 Ron Hextall
4 Peter Forsberg
5 Tuukka Rask
6 Marcel Dionne
7 Wayne Gretzky
8 Pavel Bure
9 Ray Bourque
10 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
11 Steve Yzerman
12 Nazem Kadri
13 Corey Crawford
14 Taylor Hall
15 Zdeno Chara
16 Jonathan Toews
17 Zach Parise
18 Carey Price
19 P.K. Subban
20 Evander Kane
21 Sidney Crosby
22 Jonathan Quick
23 Antti Niemi
24 James van Riemsdyk
25 Anze Kopitar
26 Patrick Roy
27 Nathan MacKinnon
28 Marc-Andre Fleury
29 Henrik Lundqvist
30 Sean Monahan
31 Ryan Miller
32 Doug Gilmour
33 Teemu Selanne
34 Evgeni Malkin
35 Tomas Hertl
36 Bobby Orr
37 Alexander Ovechkin
38 Alex Galchenyuk
39 Brendan Gallagher
40 Henrik Zetterberg
41 Jonathan Huberdeau
42 Nail Yakupov

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2013 Marvel Fleer Retro Jambalaya Checklist

21 cards. Inserted 1:200 packs.

1 JB Mr. Fantastic
2 JB Invisible Woman
3 JB Thing
4 JB Human Torch
5 JB Spider-Man
6 JB Iron Man
7 JB Captain
8 JB Thor
9 JB Hulk
10 JB Wolverine
11 JB Cyclops
12 JB Iceman
13 JB Storm
14 JB Silver Surfer
15 JB Daredevil
16 JB Deadpool
17 JB Punisher
18 JB Doctor Doom
19 JB Venom
20 JB Loki
21 JB Magneto

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