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SAGE Collectibles Inc. was founded in 1998 by a former employee of Upper Deck, Tom Geideman and friend Robert Sadlak. The two capitalized on their experiences as team members of the now defunct Scoreboard Inc. in developing their company. The SAGE brand of trading cards was born out of the desire to operate a small and nimble company that could develop trading cards that provided collectors an unprecedented level of value. Today, SAGE is a well know manufacturer of collegiate football cards, however the company’s first product was 1998 SAGE Autographed Basketball. The well-received product was followed up by the company’s first football release in 1999.

Growing a Brand

By producing cards in smaller print runs and using creative photography and design elements to circumvent costly licensing fees, SAGE literally passes the money saved on those product elements directly to the collector in the form of additional content in their products. This typically comes in the form of bonus autographs. In 2011, the company delivered one of the most massive autographed products ever conceived in SAGE 5-Star Football. The product was a higher end offering with each box delivering a total of forty- (40) autographs of the top NFL draft picks. Since the company’s first release almost 15-years ago, SAGE has developed other well-know brands in the hobby including, HIT, Aspire, and NEXT.

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