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2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards

2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards


2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards 1 $81.952018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards 2
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For those collectors already itching for the start of the new collecting season, 2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football provides an early look at players likely to hear their names called at the 2018 NFL Draft.

The format sees a shift from 2017, which had 15 autographs, back to 12 autographs per hobby box like prior editions. Blasters offer two autographs per box.

Among the 2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series options, there is an exclusive Hobby parallel in each pack. Other choices include 5-Star, Aspire, In Focus, for the biggest names, and Instant Impact. Honoring the Hall of Fame running back for the Chicago Bears, the Walter Payton Promo cards have game-worn jersey versions, and these come in each case.

2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards 3

The 2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football checklist also includes standard Autographs, Gold Autographs (#/250), and signed editions of the Peak Performance Platinized, which is Sage's take on chromium, and Premium Portrait inserts. In addition, there are autographed Instant Impact cards for the 2017 pro rookies.

2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards 4

There is also a continuation set via 2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft High Series.

Release Date: 03/02/2018
Hobby Configuration: 6 cards per pack, 20 packs per box, 16 boxes per case
Blaster Configuration: 14 cards per pack, 4 packs per box, 20 boxes per case

2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Hobby Box Break

  • 1 Premium Portraits Autograph
  • 11 Additional Autographs
  • 20 Inserts
  • 20 Base Parallels

2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Blaster Box Break

  • 2 Autographs
  • 2 Premium Portraits
  • 1 Peak Performance
  • 8 Base Parallels
2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards 5
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Set Checklist

2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Checklist

Base Set Checklist

67 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue, Gold, Red, Silver.
2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards 3

1 Daurice Fountain - Northern Iowa
2 Jake Wieneke - South Dakota St.
3 Josh Rosen - UCLA
4 Derwin James - Florida State
5 Steven Mitchell Jr. - USC
6 Chris Hawkins - USC
7 Fred Warner - BYU
8 Cedrick Wilson, Jr - Boise State
9 Orlando Brown, Jr. - Oklahoma
10 Anthony Miller - Memphis
11 Riley Ferguson - Memphis
12 Nic Shimonek - Texas Tech
13 Logan Woodside - Toledo
14 John Wolford - Wake Forest
15 Leighton Vander Esch - Boise State
16 Marcell Ateman - Oklahoma State
17 Terry Swanson, Jr. - Toledo
18 Chase Litton - Marshall
19 Jeffery Wilson - North Texas
20 Michael Dickson - Texas
21 Adam Breneman - UMASS
22 Jeremiah Briscoe - Sam Houston St.
23 Poona Ford - Texas
24 Akrum Wadley - Iowa
25 Bo Scarbrough - Alabama
26 Saeed Blacknall - Penn State
27 John Franklin - FAU
28 Jack Cichy - Wisconsin
29 Auden Tate - Florida State
30 Mark Andrews - Oklahoma
31 Will Hernandez - UTEP
32 Cody O'connell - Washington State
33 Frank Ragnow - Arkansas
34 Conor Sheehy - Wisconsin
35 Kyzir White - West Virginia
Walter Payton Aspire
36 Walter Payton Aspire 1
37 Walter Payton Aspire 2
38 Walter Payton Aspire 3
39 Walter Payton Aspire 4
40 Walter Payton Aspire 5
In Focus
41 Roquan Smith
42 Mike Gesicki
43 Josh Allen
44 Harold Landry
45 Simmie Cobbs, Jr.
45 Cedrick Wilson Jr.
46 Bo Scarbrough
47 Dante Pettis
48 Auden Tate
49 Equanimeous St. Brown
50 Arkum Wadley
51 Riley Ferguson
51 Mason Rudolph
52 Ryan Nall
53 Sony Michel
Instant Impact
54 C.J. Beathard
55 Jake Elliott
56 Zay Jones
57 DeShone Kizer
58 Christian McCaffrey
59 Patrick Mahomes
60 Samaje Perine
61 Juju-Smith Schuster
62 Taywan Taylor
63 Trent Taylor
64 Dede Westbrook
65 Jamaal Williams


Base Autographs Set Checklist

35 cards.
VERSIONS: Black, Red, Gold #/250.
2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards 4

A-1 Daurice Fountain - Northern Iowa
A-2 Jake Wieneke - South Dakota St.
A-3 Josh Rosen - UCLA
A-4 Derwin James - Florida State
A-5 Steven Mitchell Jr. - USC
A-6 Chris Hawkins - USC
A-7 Fred Warner - BYU
A-8 Cedrick Wilson, Jr - Boise State
A-9 Orlando Brown, Jr. - Oklahoma
A-10 Anthony Miller - Memphis
A-11 Riley Ferguson - Memphis
A-12 Nic Shimonek - Texas Tech
A-13 Logan Woodside - Toledo
A-14 John Wolford - Wake Forest
A-15 Leighton Vander Esch - Boise State
A-16 Marcell Ateman - Oklahoma State
A-17 Terry Swanson, Jr. - Toledo
A-18 Chase Litton - Marshall
A-19 Jeffery Wilson - North Texas
A-20 Michael Dickson - Texas
A-21 Adam Breneman - UMASS
A-22 Jeremiah Briscoe - Sam Houston St.
A-23 Poona Ford - Texas
A-24 Akrum Wadley - Iowa
A-25 Bo Scarbrough - Alabama
A-26 Saeed Blacknall - Penn State
A-27 John Franklin - FAU
A-28 Jack Cichy - Wisconsin
A-29 Auden Tate - Florida State
A-30 Mark Andrews - Oklahoma
A-31 Will Hernandez - UTEP
A-32 Cody O'Connell - Washington State
A-33 Frank Ragnow - Arkansas
A-34 Conor Sheehy - Wisconsin
A-35 Kyzir White - West Virginia


Instant Impact Autographs Set Checklist

12 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Bronze #/5, Gold 1/1.
2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards 24

IIA-CB C.J. Beathard
IIA-CM Christian McCaffrey
IIA-DK Deshone Kizer
IIA-DW Dede Westbrook
IIA-JE Jake Elliott
IIA-JW Jamaal Williams
IIA-PM Patrick Mahomes
IIA-SP Samaje Perine
IIA-ZJ Zay Jones
IIA-TT1 Taywan Taylor
IIA-TT2 Trent Taylor
IIS-JSS JuJu Smith-Schuster


Peak Performance Set Checklist

25 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red #/25, Blue/Silver #/10, Gold #/5, Cracked Ice 1/1.
2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards 25

PK-AB Adam Breneman
PK-AM Anthony Miller
PK-AT Auden Tate
PK-AW Arkum Wadley
PK-BS Bo Scarbrough
PK-CL Chase Litton
PK-CW Cedrick Wilson, Jr
PK-DF Daurice Fountain
PK-DJ Derwin James
PK-JB Jeremiah Briscoe
PK-JoW John Wolford
PK-JR Josh Rosen
PK-JW Jake Wieneke
PK-JWi Jeffery Wilson
PK-KW Kyzir White
PK-LVE Steven Mitchell, Jr.
PK-LVE Leighton Vander Esch
PK-MA Mark Andrews
PK-Mat Marcell Ateman
PK-MD Michael Dickson
PK-NS Nic Shimonek
PK-RF Riley Ferguson
PK-RJ Ronald Jones II
PK-SB Saeed Blacknall
PK-TS Terry Swanson


Peak Performance Autographs Set Checklist

25 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red #/25, Blue/Silver #/10, Gold #/5, Cracked Ice 1/1.
2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards 26

PKA-AB Adam Breneman
PKA-AM Anthony Miller
PKA-AT Auden Tate
PKA-AW Arkum Wadley
PKA-BS Bo Scarbrough
PKA-CL Chase Litton
PKA-CW Cedrick Wilson, Jr
PKA-DF Daurice Fountain
PKA-DJ Derwin James
PKA-JB Jeremiah Briscoe
PKA-JoW John Wolford
PKA-JR Josh Rosen
PKA-JW Jake Wieneke
PKA-JWi Jeffery Wilson
PKA-KW Kyzir White
PKA-LVE Steven Mitchell, Jr.
PKA-LVE Leighton Vander Esch
PKA-MA Mark Andrews
PKA-Mat Marcell Ateman
PKA-MD Michael Dickson
PKA-NS Nic Shimonek
PKA-RF Riley Ferguson
PKA-RJ Ronald Jones II
PKA-SB Saeed Blacknall
PKA-TS Terry Swanson


Premium Portrait Set Checklist

17 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red #/25, Silver #/10, Gold #/5, Blue 1/1.
2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards 27

PP-01 Nic Shimonek
PP-02 Cedrick Wilson, Jr.
PP-03 Akrum Wadley
PP-04 Auden Tate
PP-05 Anthony Miller
PP-06 Bo Scarbrough
PP-07 Ryan Nall
PP-08 Mark Andrews
PP-09 Cedrick Wilson, Jr.
PP-10 Jack Cichy
PP-11 Marcell Ateman
PP-12 Riley Ferguson
PP-13 Derwin James
PP-14 Adam Breneman
PP-15 Terry Swanson
PP-16 Jeremiah Briscoe
PP-17 Orlando Brown, Jr.


Premium Portrait Autograph Set Checklist

17 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red #/25, Silver #/10, Gold #/5, Blue 1/1.
2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards 28

PPA-01 Nic Shimonek
PPA-02 Cedrick Wilson, Jr.
PPA-03 Akrum Wadley
PPA-04 Auden Tate
PPA-05 Anthony Miller
PPA-06 Bo Scarbrough
PPA-07 Ryan Nall
PPA-08 Mark Andrews
PPA-09 Cedrick Wilson, Jr.
PPA-10 Jack Cichy
PPA-11 Marcell Ateman
PPA-12 Riley Ferguson
PPA-13 Derwin James
PPA-14 Adam Breneman
PPA-15 Terry Swanson
PPA-16 Jeremiah Briscoe
PPA-17 Orlando Brown, Jr.


Walter Payton Sportkings Game-Worn Jersey Set Checklist

1 card per hobby case.
2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards 29

WPP2 Walter Payton


Walter Payton Sportkings Promo Set Checklist

1 card per hobby box.
2018 Sage Hit Premier Draft Low Series Football Cards 30

WPP1 Walter Payton


Author Trey Treutel  |  E-Mail Author
Trey Treutel is an Ole Miss grad and a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options. Find Trey on Twitter at @datreute or Google+.

User Reviews

  1. Author


  2. Author

    Surprisingly cool cards. Nice autos from what looks to be an epic draft class

  3. Author

    Tom and Robert, two life-long collectors created this company to offer a “different look” to the football card market. Robert, a lifetime Walter Payton fan, has been wonderful in providing samples of his common cards to my classroom, as give- always for excellent work done by my students. Both guys are approachable, and love what they are doing. Its a much smaller operation than a Topps or Panini, but their customer service is second to none!

  4. Author

    This is horrible, please someone help me. I sent responses before now I am pleading for help. My 8 year old grandson does chores gets a little cash runs to the store picks up the brand new.2018 Sage Hit rookie rookie packs 2 packs he sees 11 insets per pack and look for auto cards. Wow he opens them in the car, me driving of course he was disappoint you could not make out the face on some pawpaw, thats me, gave him 1980’s Topps with better quality the inserts were the same cards with a little cheesy silver crayon color around them no auto card which I don’t think those would even be lagit, come on some on in their 50’s that remembers going to their local corner stor e buying a pack and drawing their favorite in hopes it may be worth something before they go to collage. Please tell me were to start him off

  5. Author

    Scott Fairman, if you want something cheap with a guaranteed auto you can get either 2017 contenders draft picks which has 2 autos for $20 or you could pay around $35 and buy a 2017 classics hobby box and get 1 auto 1 memorabilia card. These are a great way to start little kids off with a chance of something good.

  6. Author

    Love getting cards of early prospects before the draft, but what is up with 2 different cards having the same number for different players? Come on SAGE

  7. Author

    Bulls***! I just bought a blaster and 1 peak performance auto and base are NOT included.. says on box, 1 peak performance every 5 blastersor auto every 20.. plus, auto or base peak performance subtracts one premium portraits card per blasfer..

  8. Author

    Looks like they changed the Blaster output from what was originally revealed.

  9. Author

    Again, then Blaster Box card nos. are not matching up with the lists. I got an auto of RB Jeffery Wilson which on here is A-19. Mine on the back is #A-16.

    The other auto from the High Series Blaster Box was of WR Saeed Blacknall of Penn State which is listed as no. A-26 on here but on the back of mine it’s A-44. Thanks.

  10. Author

    As a long-time Sage supporter/collector, I would like to know when and why they changed their focus from a Hobby “micro-printer” to a “blaster box” focused mediocrity…Perhaps time to “pack” it in! They take weeks in between Twitter posts and their website is a year ago. Will they do a Sage “Autographed” set this year? Any clue when Sport Kings might be released? And I have spent thousands on their products through the years. If they care so little, why should we?

  11. Author

    while i cant say the same for everyone else i struck Autograph Gold with 3 pulls from the Blaster pack a John Wolford “black”, a Jack Cichy “red” and a Micheal Dickson Peak Performance

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