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2023 Sage Artistry Football Cards Checklist

2023 Sage Artistry Football Cards Checklist

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A Blaster-only product, 2023 Sage Artistry Football applies an artist's touch to a mix of top prospects.

Boxes include a bonus pack with two autographs and one Canvas parallel.

2023 Sage Artistry Football Set Details

The 2023 Sage Artistry Football checklist covers 133 players with base cards, Canvas stock versions and a few more parallels.

2023 Sage Artistry Football Cards Checklist 2

The same lineup is treated to base Autograph editions.

2023 Sage Artistry Football Cards Checklist 3

2023 Sage Artistry Football also has Next Level Debut foil inserts and autographs to track down.

Look for Hula Bowl Swatch cards containing game-used memorabilia pieces.

Release Date: August 15, 2023
Product Configuration: 12 cards per pack, 5 packs per box, 1 bonus pack

2023 Sage Artistry Football Blaster Box Break

  • 2 Autographs
  • 1 Canvas Card


Set Checklist

2023 Sage Artistry Football Checklist


**This is a preliminary checklist and subject to change.**


Email us or leave a comment below about any differences.



Base Set Checklist

133 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver, Gold, Canvas, Blue 1/1.

1 Adetomiwa Adebawore
2 Anthony Bradford
3 Avante Cox
4 Ahmari Huggins-Bruce
5 Austin Jones
6 Aidan O'Connell
7 A.T. Perry
8 Bryan Bresee
9 Brian Branch
10 Blake Corum
11 Blake Freeland
12 Bryce Ford-Wheaton
13 BJ Ojulari
14 Broderick Jones
15 Bijan Robinson
16 Brayden Willis
17 Bryce Young
18 Chase Brown
19 Colton Dowell
20 Christian Izien
21 Cephus Johnson III
22 Charles McClelland
23 Cody Mauch
24 Cameron Mitchell
25 Chris Rodriquez Jr.
26 Cam Smith
27 Christian Sims
28 Chris Smith
29 C.J. Stroud
30 Clayton Tune
31 Cedric Tillman
32 Caleb Williams
33 Devon Achane
34 Daewood Davis
35 Derius Davis
36 Daiyan Henley
37 Devin Haskins
38 DJ Turner
39 Dalton Kincaid
40 Durell Nchami
41 Drew Sanders
42 Daniel Scott
43 Dont'e Thornton
44 Darnell Washington
45 Dontayvion Wicks
46 Elijah Dotson
47 Eric Gray
48 E.J. Jenkins
49 Eli Ricks
50 Geno Hess
51 Griffin Hebert
52 Hassan Hall
53 Henry To'oTo'o
54 Israel Abanikanda
55 Isaiah Davis
56 Isaiah Foskey
57 Isaiah Land
58 Jordan Addison
59 Ji'Ayir Brown
60 Jalen Brooks
61 Jack Campbell
62 Josh Downs
63 Jovaughn Gwyn
64 Jaren Hall
65 Jake Haener
66 Jaylon Jones
67 JL Skinner
68 Jordan Mims
69 Jimmy Phillips
70 Jordan Perryman
71 Jayden Reed
72 Jammie Robinson
73 Justin Shorter
74 John Torchio
75 Joel Wilson
76 Josh Whyle
77 Karl Brooks
78 Kyu Blu Kelly
79 Kendre Miller
80 Kade Warner
81 Kendall Williamson
82 Logan Bonner
83 Luke Musgrave
84 Luke Schoonmaker
85 Lindsey Scott, Jr.
86 Lukas Van Ness
87 Matthew Bergeron
88 Michael Mayer
89 Myles Murphy
90 Marvin Mims
91 Michael Wilson
92 Marte Mapu
93 Noah Gindorff
94 Nick Hampton
95 Nikko Remigio
96 Nesta Jade Silvera
97 Noah Sewell
98 Nolan Smith, Jr.
99 Nathaniel "Tank" Dell
100 Owen Pappoe
101 Parker McKinney
102 Quentin Johnston
103 Quinshon Judkins
104 Ryan Greenhagen
105 Ronnie Hickman
106 Rakim Jarrett
107 Roschon Johnson
108 Rejzohn Wright
109 Sam Hartman
110 Scott Matlock
111 Tank Bigsby
112 Travis Dye
113 Tim Demorat
114 Troy Franklin
115 Tanner McKee
116 Tashawn Manning
117 Trey Palmer
118 Tyjae Spears
119 Titus Swen
120 Trenton Simpson
121 Trea Shropshire
122 Tre Tucker
123 Will Anderson Jr.
124 Will Levis
125 Xavier Hutchinson
126 Zaire Barnes
127 Zach Charbonnet
128 Zach Evans
129 Viliami "Junior" Fehoko
130 Zach Harrison
131 Jaxon Janke
132 Joe Milton III
133 Jadon Janke


2023 Sage Artistry Football Autograph Checklist



Autographs Set Checklist

133 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red, Gold, Blue 1/1.

ART-AA Adetomiwa Adebawore
ART-AB Anthony Bradford
ART-AC Avante Cox
ART-AHB Ahmari Huggins-Bruce
ART-AJ Austin Jones
ART-AO Aidan O'Connell
ART-ATP A.T. Perry
ART-BB Bryan Bresee
ART-BB2 Brian Branch
ART-BC Blake Corum
ART-BF Blake Freeland
ART-BFW Bryce Ford-Wheaton
ART-BJ Broderick Jones
ART-BJO BJ Ojulari
ART-BR Bijan Robinson
ART-BW Brayden Willis
ART-BY Bryce Young
ART-CB Chase Brown
ART-CD Colton Dowell
ART-CI Christian Izien
ART-CJ Cephus Johnson III
ART-CJS C.J. Stroud
ART-CM Charles McClelland
ART-CM2 Cody Mauch
ART-CM3 Cameron Mitchell
ART-CR Chris Rodriquez Jr.
ART-CS Cam Smith
ART-CS2 Christian Sims
ART-CS3 Chris Smith
ART-CT Clayton Tune
ART-CT2 Cedric Tillman
ART-CW Caleb Williams
ART-DA Devon Achane
ART-DD Daewood Davis
ART-DD2 Derius Davis
ART-DH Daiyan Henley
ART-DH2 Devin Haskins
ART-DK Dalton Kincaid
ART-DN Durell Nchami
ART-DS Drew Sanders
ART-DS2 Daniel Scott
ART-DT Dont'e Thornton
ART-DW Darnell Washington
ART-DW2 Dontayvion Wicks
ART-ED Elijah Dotson
ART-EG Eric Gray
ART-EJJ E.J. Jenkins
ART-ER Eli Ricks
ART-GH Geno Hess
ART-GH2 Griffin Hebert
ART-HH Hassan Hall
ART-HT Henry To'oTo'o
ART-IA Israel Abanikanda
ART-ID Isaiah Davis
ART-IF Isaiah Foskey
ART-IL Isaiah Land
ART-JA Jordan Addison
ART-JB Ji'Ayir Brown
ART-JB2 Jalen Brooks
ART-JC Jack Campbell
ART-JD Josh Downs
ART-JG Jovaughn Gwyn
ART-JH Jaren Hall
ART-JH2 Jake Haener
ART-JJ Jaylon Jones
ART-JJ2 Jaxon Janke
ART-JJ3 Jadon Janke
ART-JLS JL Skinner
ART-JM Jordan Mims
ART-JM2 Joe Milton III
ART-JP Jimmy Phillips
ART-JP2 Jordan Perryman
ART-JR Jayden Reed
ART-JR2 Jammie Robinson
ART-JS Justin Shorter
ART-JT John Torchio
ART-JW Joel Wilson
ART-JW3 Josh Whyle
ART-KB Karl Brooks
ART-KBK Kyu Blu Kelly
ART-KM2 Kendre Miller
ART-KW Kade Warner
ART-KW2 Kendall Williamson
ART-LB Logan Bonner
ART-LM Luke Musgrave
ART-LS Luke Schoonmaker
ART-LSJ Lindsey Scott, Jr.
ART-LVN Lukas Van Ness
ART-MB Matthew Bergeron
ART-MM Michael Mayer
ART-MM2 Myles Murphy
ART-MM3 Marvin Mims
ART-MM5 Marte Mapu
ART-MW4 Michael Wilson
ART-NG Noah Gindorff
ART-NH Nick Hampton
ART-NR Nikko Remigio
ART-NS Nesta Jade Silvera
ART-NS2 Noah Sewell
ART-NSJ Nolan Smith, Jr.
ART-NTD Nathaniel "Tank" Dell
ART-OP Owen Pappoe
ART-PM Parker McKinney
ART-QJ Quentin Johnston
ART-QJ2 Quinshon Judkins
ART-RG Ryan Greenhagen
ART-RH Ronnie Hickman
ART-RJ Rakim Jarrett
ART-RJ2 Roschon Johnson
ART-RW Rejzohn Wright
ART-SH Sam Hartman
ART-SM Scott Matlock
ART-TB Tank Bigsby
ART-TD Travis Dye
ART-TD2 Tim Demorat
ART-TF Troy Franklin
ART-TM Tanner McKee
ART-TM2 Tashawn Manning
ART-TP Trey Palmer
ART-TS Tyjae Spears
ART-TS2 Titus Swen
ART-TS3 Trenton Simpson
ART-TS4 Trea Shropshire
ART-TT Tre Tucker
ART-VF Viliami "Junior" Fehoko
ART-WA Will Anderson Jr.
ART-WL Will Levis
ART-XH Xavier Hutchinson
ART-ZB Zaire Barnes
ART-ZC Zach Charbonnet
ART-ZE Zach Evans
ART-ZH Zach Harrison


Next Level Debut Autographs Set Checklist

25 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: One-of-One 1/1.

DA-AO Aidan O'Connell
DA-BJO BJ Ojulari
DA-BR Bijan Robinson
DA-BY Bryce Young
DA-CJS CJ Stroud
DA-CRJ Chris Rodriguez Jr
DA-DA Devon Achane
DA-DK Dalton Kincaid
DA-HT Henry To'oto'o
DA-JA Jordan Addison
DA-JB Jalen Brooks
DA-JW Josh Whyle
DA-LS Luke Schoonmaker
DA-MM Marvin Mims
DA-MM2 Dontayvion Wicks
DA-MM2 Israal Abanikanda
DA-MM2 Michael Mayer
DA-NS2 Nolan Smith Jr.
DA-QJ Quentin Johnston
DA-RJ Roschon Johnson
DA-TM Tanner McKee
DA-TT Tre Tucker
DA-WA Will Anderson, Jr.
DA-WL Will Levis
DA-ZC Zach Charbonnet


2023 Sage Artistry Football Memorabilia Checklist


Hula Bowl Swatch Set Checklist

5 cards.


HB-CM Charles McClelland
HB-EJJ EJ Jenkins
HB-KW Kade Warner
HB-TS Trea Shropshire
HB0TM Tim Demorat


2023 Sage Artistry Football Insert Checklist


Next Level Debut Set Checklist

25 cards.

NLD-1 Aidan O'Connell
NLD-2 Bijan Robinson
NLD-3 BJ Ojulari
NLD-4 Bryce Young
NLD-5 Chris Rodriguez Jr
NLD-6 CJ Stroud
NLD-7 Dalton Kincaid
NLD-8 Devon Achane
NLD-9 Dontayvion Wicks
NLD-10 Henry To'oto'o
NLD-11 Israal Abanikanda
NLD-12 Jalen Brooks
NLD-13 Jordan Addison
NLD-14 Josh Whyle
NLD-15 Luke Schoonmaker
NLD-16 Marvin Mims
NLD-17 Michael Mayer
NLD-18 Nolan Smith Jr.
NLD-19 Quentin Johnston
NLD-20 Roschon Johnson
NLD-21 Tanner McKee
NLD-22 Tre Tucker
NLD-23 Will Anderson, Jr.
NLD-24 Will Levis
NLD-25 Zach Charbonnet


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2023 Sage ARTISTRY Football Blaster Box Factory Sealed - 2 AUTOS per Box $17.992023 Sage Artistry Football Cards Checklist 4


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