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2015 Sage Hit Football Cards

2015 Sage Hit Football Cards

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As always for the brand, 2015 Sage Hit Football offers a moderately priced option for collectors looking for some of the first cards and autographs of upcoming prospects. Low Series boxes have ten autographs from players headed to the 2015 NFL Draft. This jumps to 12 autographs per High Series box.

Both Low Series and High Series have different cards, similar to a product with separate Series 1 and Series 2 releases.

The base set has 150 cards, 75 each for Low Series and High Series. Besides basic player cards, there are a pair of subsets called Next Level and Spotlight. Jameis Winston also has a five-card Five Star subset at the end of the High Series checklist.

Players in the base set plus a few more also have basic Autographs that are numbered to 250 or less. Jameis Winston, Amari Cooper and Todd Gurley are among those signing for 2015 Sage Hit Football. It is worth noting that Marcus Mariota is not in the product.

Write Stuff inserts return for another year, landing two per hobby box. Autographed versions come numbered to 25.

Also available are Artistry Autographs (#/100 or less).

All autographs in 2015 Sage Hit Football are included in boxes. There are no redemptions.

Product Configuration: 70 cards per box
Price Point: Low- to Mid-End Football Card
Target Audience: Autograph Collectors, Prospectors

2015 Sage Hit Low Series Box Break

  • 10 Autographs
  • 2 Write Stuff Inserts
  • 70 total cards

2015 Sage Hit High Series Box Break

  • 12 Autographs
  • 2 Write Stuff Inserts
  • 70 total cards
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2015 Sage Hit Low Series Football Checklist

Base Set Checklist

150 cards. Low Series - #1-75, High Series - #76-150

#66-90 Next Level (NL) subset.

Low Series
1 Devin Funchess
2 Quinten Rollins
3 Josh Harper
4 Randy Gregory
5 Jameis Winston
6 Tevin Coleman
7 Brandon Bridge
8 Nate Orchard
9 Zack Hodges
10 DaVaris Daniels
11 Dorial Green-Beckham
12 Dres Anderson
13 Josh Robinson
14 Ifo Ekpre-Olomu
15 Trae Waynes
16 Tyler Lockett
17 Dylan Thompson
18 Sammie Coates
19 Hutson Mason
20 Gary Nova
21 Akeem Hunt
22 Andre Davis
23 Brandon Wegher
24 Sean Mannion
25 Kevin Parks
26 Landon Collins
27 P.J. Williams
28 Malcolm Brown
29 Malcom Brown
30 Synjyn Days
31 Rory Anderson
32 John Crockett
33 Markus Golden
34 Taylor Heinicke
35 Shane Carden
36 Dante Fowler Jr.
37 Tony Lippett
38 Maxx Williams
39 Charles Gaines
40 TJ Yeldon
41 Bo Wallace
42 Jaxon Shipley
43 Mike Hull
44 Cameron Artis-Payne
45 Levi Norwood
46 Clive Walford
47 Jake Ryan
48 Anthony Harris
49 Lorenzo Mauldin
50 Grady Jarrett
51 Jake Waters
52 Duke Johnson
53 Gabe Holmes
54 MyCole Pruitt
55 Cedric Reed
56 Quandre Diggs
57 Bryan Bennett
58 Geneo Grissom
59 Marcus Murphy
60 Dominique Brown
61 Lorenzo Doss
62 Darren Waller
63 Donatella Luckett
64 Josh Shirley
65 Todd Gurley
66 Sammie Coates NL
67 Tevin Coleman NL
68 Amari Cooper NL
69 Todd Gurley NL
70 Dorial Green-Beckham NL
71 Randy Gregory NL
72 Devin Funchess NL
73 Brett Hundley NL
74 Maxx Williams NL
75 Jameis Winston NL
High Series
76 Cameron Artis-Payne NL
77 Vic Beasley NL
78 Landon Collins NL
79 Dante Fowler Jr. NL
80 Garrett Grayson NL
81 Duke Johnson NL
82 Tyler Lockett NL
83 Sean Mannion NL
84 Bryce Petty NL
85 Devin Smith NL
86 Clive Walford NL
87 Trae Waynes NL
88 Kevin White NL
89 Leonard Williams NL
90 TJ Yeldon NL
91 Sammie Coates Spotlight
92 Amari Cooper Spotlight
93 Garrett Grayson Spotlight
94 Todd Gurley Spotlight
95 Brett Hundley Spotlight
96 Bryce Petty Spotlight
97 Devin Smith Spotlight
98 Kevin White Spotlight
99 Maxx Williams Spotlight
100 James Winston Spotlight
101 Quinton Dunbar
102 Matt Miller
103 Vic Beasley
104 Adrian Amos
105 Amari Cooper
106 Gus Johnson
107 Shaq Thompson OLB
107rb Shaq Thompson RB
108 Jordan Richards
109 Devin Smith
110 Dee Hart
111 Kevin White
112 Steven Nelson
113 Derron Smith
114 Pete Thomas
115 DeAndre Smelter
116 Jordan James
117 Brett Hundley
118 Garrett Grayson
119 Kenny Cook
120 Chris Hackett
121 Marcus Hardison
122 Christion Jones
123 Prince-Tyson Gulley
124 Bryce Petty
125 Amarlo Herrera
126 Xavier Cooper
127 Rannell Hall
128 Deshazor Everett
129 Austin Hill
130 Davis Tull
131 Trey DePriest
132 Randall Telfer
133 Justin Coleman
134 Kenny Williams
135 Tavaris Barnes
136 Michael Bennett
137 Lynden Trail
138 Kaelin Clay
139 Grant Hedrick
140 Eddie Goldman
141 Cam Worthy
142 Detrick Bonner
143 Ryan Delaire
144 Darious Cummings
145 Leonard Williams
146 James Winston 5-Star
147 James Winston 5-Star
148 James Winston 5-Star
149 James Winston 5-Star
150 James Winston 5-Star

Autographs Checklist

Low Series
A1 Devin Funchess
A2 Quinten Rollins
A3 Josh Harper
A4 Randy Gregory
A5 Jameis Winston
A6 Tevin Coleman
A7 Brnadon Bridge
A8 Nate Orchard
A9 Zack Hodges
A10 DaVaris Daniels
A11 Dorial Green-Beckham
A12 Dres Anderson
A13 Josh Robinson
A14 Ifo Ekpre-Olomu
A15 Trae Waynes
A16 Tyler Lockett
A17 Dylan Thompson
A18 Sammie Coates
A19 Hutson Mason
A20 Gary Nova
A21 Akeem Hunt
A22 Andre Davis
A23 Brandon Wegher
A24 Sean Mannion
A25 Kevin Parks
A26 Landon Collins
A27 P.J. Williams
A28 Malcolm Brown
A29 Malcom Brown
A30 Synjyn Days
A31 Rory Anderson
A32 John Crockett
A33 Markus Golden
A34 Taylor Heinicke
A35 Shane Carden
A36 Dante Fowler Jr.
A37 Tony Lippett
A38 Maxx Williams
A39 Charles Gaines
A40 TJ Yeldon
A41 Bo Wallace
A42 Jaxon Shipley
A43 Mike Hull
A44 Cameron Artis-Payne
A45 Levi Norwood
A46 Clive Walford
A47 Jake Ryan
A48 Anthony Harris
A49 Lorenzo Mauldin
A50 Grady Jarrett
A51 Jake Waters
A52 Duke Johnson
A53 Gabe Holmes
A54 MyCole Pruitt
A55 Cedric Reed
A56 Quandre Diggs
A57 Bryan Bennett
A58 Geneo Grissom
A59 Marcus Murphy
A60 Dominique Brown
A61 Lorenzo Doss
A62 Darren Waller
A63 Donatella Luckett
A64 Josh Shirley
A65 Todd Gurley
A66 Cameron Erving
A67 Rob Hevenstein
A68 Akeem King
A69 Cole Manhart
A70 Cedric Ogbuehi
A71 Laken Tomlinson
High Series
A95 Geoff Swaim
A96 Bronson Hill
A97 David Mayo
A98 Joshua McCain
A99 Isiah Myers
A100 Garry Peters
A101 Quinton Dunbar
A102 Matt Miller
A103 Vic Beasley
A104 Adrian Amos
A105 Amari Cooper
A106 Gus Johnson
A107 Shaq Thompson
A108 Jordan Richards
A109 Devin Smith
A110 Dee Hart
A111 Kevin White
A112 Steven Nelson
A113 Derron Smith
A114 Pete Thomas
A115 DeAndre Smelter
A116 Jordan James
A117 Brett Hundley
A118 Garrett Grayson
A119 Kenny Cook
A120 Chris Hackett
A121 Marcus Hardison
A122 Christion Jones
A123 Prince-Tyson Gulley
A124 Bryce Petty
A125 Amarlo Herrera
A126 Xavier Cooper
A127 Rannell Hall
A128 Deshazor Everett
A129 Austin Hill
A130 Davis Tull
A131 Trey DePriest
A132 Randall Telfer
A133 Justin Coleman
A134 Kenny Williams
A135 Tavaris Barnes
A136 Michael Bennett
A137 Lynden Trail
A138 Kaelin Clay
A139 Grant Hedrick
A140 Eddie Goldman
A141 Cam Worthy
A142 Detrick Bonner
A143 Ryan Delaire
A144 Darious Cummings
A145 Leonard Williams
2015 Sage Hit Football Cards 22

Artistry Checklist

24 cards.

Low Series
ART1 Cameron Artis-Payne
ART2 Sammie Coates
ART3 Tevin Coleman
ART4 Devin Funchess
ART5 Dorial Green-Beckham
ART6 Randy Gregory
ART7 Todd Gurley
ART8 Josh Harper
ART9 Duke Johnson
ART10 Maxx Williams
ART11 Jameis Winston
ART12 TJ Yeldon
High Series
ART13 Shane Carden
ART14 Amari Cooper
ART15 Dante Fowler Jr.
ART16 Garrett Grayson
ART17 Brett Hundley
ART18 Sean Mannion
ART19 Bryce Petty
ART20 Devin Smith
ART21 Clive Walford
ART22 Kevin White
ART23 Leonard Williams
ART24 Odell Beckham Jr.

Rookie of the Year Checklist

1 card. Inserted in High Series boxes.

ROY Odell Beckham Jr.

Write Stuff Checklist

12 cards. Inserted two per box.

Low Series
WS1 Sammie Coates
WS2 Devin Funchess
WS3 Dorial Green-Beckham
WS4 Todd Gurley
WS5 Maxx Williams
WS6 Jameis Winston
High Series
WS7 Amari Cooper
WS8 Garrett Grayson
WS9 Brett Hundley
WS10 Bryce Petty
WS11 Devin Smith
WS12 Kevin White

Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

User Reviews


About the worst I have seen. The cards look like they were printed on a paper grocery bag. Not nearly worth the cost.


1star the 4 autographed cards box has a duplicate and their cards are like cardboard I recommend not buying them.


The cards aren’t bad, like people said before the cardboard is flimsy and cheap. My issue with these sets is that it takes 7-10 boxes ($20 boxes) if your lucky to make a complete set, compared to 3 2015 Leaf boxes I bought and got 2 full sets. I’m only missing one card in the high series (54), I think its ridiculous that Ill have to spend $20 to hopefully get one card, and end up with a million doubles and triples.


really ugly and cheap looking cards and of course no logo — why bother


VERY pleased. Got 3 semi decent autos and a Jameis Winston five star /50 auto in my first box !

Landon De Long
Landon De Long

Finally found some boxes and purchased 2. I’m glad that they greatly reduced the number of cards per box so that I didn’t have 5+ of the same cards after two boxes. Also, four autographs per blaster box is a great bonus. The autographs looks very nice and still have a modern feel and look to them. However, the base cards have an “old school” feel and look. Personally I don’t like cards like that, but to each his own. I am glad that they added a subset that’s nice looking for base set builders like me. Overall, I like the number of cards and the autographs, but I really do not like the cheap cardboard cards. The card designs aren’t bad, I’m just not a big fan of it.


i just never learn. opened 10 boxes, most from Walmart in KC were i live , a few from FL while on vacation. I am still 3 cards short of making low series set. !! R U Kidding ?? 8, 17, & 61 if anybody wants to trade for an artistry set. i have 3 of those.

Landon D
Landon D

What does a blaster/retail box go for in store? I noticed that people are selling blaster boxes on eBay for $40. That’s double than what they were last year, so are the people on ebay overpricing them, or did they jump in price?


Very flimsy and cheap cardboard set/cards. If you harken back to the days packs of cards were .25/pack then this is for you. To pay what you pay to get a pack of 4 cards cheaply made then go for it. Otherwise don’t waste your money.

David D.
David D.

Beautiful, colorful cards- looking like the 1948 Leaf football series

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