Ultimate Guide to Michael Jordan Figures

Ultimate Guide to Michael Jordan Figures

Over a decade removed from the game, Michael Jordan is still everywhere. The accomplished former hoop star is a Hall of Fame player, NBA owner, and worldwide brand. While collectors have many options to celebrate "His Airness," Michael Jordan figures have emerged as an intriguing and valuable collectible.

Released throughout his career and continuing into his retirement, a diverse collecting market exists for Michael Jordan figures. The generic term "figures" might evoke a small toy meant for children, but most of these are anything but a Happy Meal trinket. The following guide looks at most of the major options for Michael Jordan figures. Like most things available for Michael Jordan, knockoffs are a possibility, so make sure to do your research.

Michael Jordan Figure Guide

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Danbury Mint Michael Jordan Figures

While they also make plates and cards for Michael Jordan, Danbury Mint released a set Michael Jordan figures in 2001 that highlights different points in his career. Coming in multi-figure sets, the "Michael Jordan: Lifetime of Achievement" sculpture pieces are arranged on a wooden base in varying degrees of action. The centerpiece of the display is a basketball hoop. One set includes three figures of Michael Jordan, and there is another with four. The individual figures are quite fragile and it is not uncommon to find broken fingers.

Danbury Mint Michael Jordan Figures

Enterbay Michael Jordan Figures

With the many options for figures, it may appear that most are very similar in quality and value. That might be true to an extent, but Enterbay is among the clear standouts for detail, quality and value. One of the few current producers, the various Enterbay Michael Jordan figures are fully posable and made to 1/6 scale, which is generally around 13" tall for Jordan. The impressive detail, especially on the facial features, is matched by the extensive accessories and attachments.

Providing a customizable option, figures offer interchangeable hands, official jerseys and warmups, Air Jordan shoes, various knee/elbow pads and equipment, and official 1/6 scale trophies and basketballs. Magnets are used with the hands to hold the basketball in place. Limited edition versions include exclusive accessories and a low production run. These figure command some of the highest retail prices and eBay values and can sellout quickly.

Enterbay Michael Jordan Figures

Kenner Starting Lineup (SLU) Michael Jordan Figures

One of the first official producers of Michael Jordan figures, Kenner's Starting Lineup figures covered multiple sports throughout the 1990s and late-1980s and has high recognition with sports fans. To no surprise, Michael Jordan remains one of the most popular Staring Lineup figures available.

The Michael Jordan figures come with a stand and official cards. In addition to the main yearly releases, "Slam Dunk Superstars," "One On One," and "Headline Collection" figures for Michael Jordan are also available. Most were issued yearly from 1988 until 1993 and there is also a complete set for the 1992 Olympic Dream Team that includes Jordan.

In addition to the figures, there is also decent interest in the Michael Jordan cards, especially the earlier releases. View those here.

Starting Lineup SLU Michael Jordan Figures

Starting Lineup (SLU) Michael Jordan Figures 1992 Dream Team

Mattel Michael Jordan Figures

One of the biggest mainstream brands to dabble in Michael Jordan figures, Mattel has produced several products for "Air Jordan" over the years. These definitely have more of a toy feel to them and the prices generally reflect that.

Mattel Hot Wheels Michael Jordan Figures

While it is likely not the centerpiece of any Michael Jordan Collection, "Radical Rides" provides Hot Wheels' interpretation of a of a Jordan figure. Released in 2000, the unique collectible comes complete with the upper torso of Michael Jordan, along with a functioning toy car and a tail.

Hot Wheels Michael Jordan Figures

Mattel Jams / Ultra Jams Michael Jordan Figures

Released from 1998 until 2000, "NBA Jams" and "NBA Ultra Jams" feature a small caricature design and some interesting poses. In addition to releases that just include Jordan, there are "One-on-One" and "Classic Matchups" editions, which feature multiple figures. Even the "limited" Ultra Jams feature huge production runs, with 25,000 figures. The Ultra Jams figures also include oversized cards.

Jams Michael Jordan Figures David Robinson

Mattel Maximum Air Michael Jordan Figures

Making their debut in 1999, Maximum Air Michael Jordan figures immortalize the basketball great with a 10-figure commemorative series. There is also a dual-figure "Showcase" edition. The fixed-posed figures cover a variety of milestones, including Jordan's Rookie of the Year award ("HOOP HIGHLIGHTS" Series) and several of his NBA All-Star MVP awards ("ALL-STAR MVP" Series) and NBA titles ("CHAMPIONSHIP" Series). The figures all have the same basic deisgn except for the smaller "SILVER EDITION," which looks like an NBA Jams figure that has been dipped in silver. Each option is "limited" to a production run of 23,045 figures.

Maximum Air Michael Jordan Figures

Mattel Super Stars of the NBA Michael Jordan Figures

A more traditional Michael Jordan figure, "Superstars of the NBA" are similar to the Starting Lineup figures, and features Jordan in both a home and away jersey version. The 1998-99 release also includes a Michael Jordan card. A limited edition exclusive from the 2000 New York Toy Fair features a gold base and is one of the few pricier options from Mattel.

Superstars of the NBA Michael Jordan Figures

Mattel Then and Now Michael Jordan Figures

Another Michael Jordan retrospective, "Then & Now Collection: Career Highlights" offers four different figures in the Super Stars set from 1999-00.

Then and Now Michael Jordan Figures

WB Toy Space Jam Michael Jordan Figures

While the movie might have been largely panned by critics, Space Jam remains one of the most popular basketball movies in history, and that is mostly due to Michael Jordan. A large line of Michael Jordan Space Jam figures were produced when the movie released in 1996 and many can be found for cheap today.

The most common figures paired him with various Looney Tunes characters, including Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. There is also a larger "Triple Play" Playmates set that honored his three sporting loves with a basketball, baseball and golf figure. In addition, various 9"+ Michael Jordan figures, figurines and plush dolls are available.

Space Jam Michael Jordan Figures Bugs Bunny

Space Jam Michael Jordan Figures Triple Play

Sports, Accessories & Memorabilia (SAM) Michael Jordan Bobbleheads

Each limited to 10,000 copies, this 1994 bobblehead from the now-defunct Sports, Accessories & Memorabilia has become scarce over the years. There are both home and away jersey versions.

Sports, Accessories & Memorabilia (SAM) Michael Jordan Bobbleheads Red Sports, Accessories & Memorabilia (SAM) Michael Jordan Bobbleheads White

Storm Toys Michael Jordan Figures

Like Enterbay, Storm Toys bring a high level of quality and detail to the market for Michael Jordan Figures. The current figures are 1/6 scale and are even more rare than Enterbay. Unlike Enterbay, Storm Toys are not licensed, but still use licensed logos and brands on their figures. The lack of licensing has not hurt values. Various accessories offer a wide range of customizability and Storm Toys takes it a step further with the "The Legend," which has a replaceable head showcasing the trademark MJ tongue wag. The tongue itself is also removable.

Storm Toys Michael Jordan Figures

Upper Deck Michael Jordan Figures

Most of the figures on the list include Upper Deck cards and are authenticated by UDA. That has not kept them from making their own Michael Jordan figures. Following the card mentality, there are both hobby and retail versions of the figures.

Upper Deck Pro Shots Michael Jordan Figures

Released in 2008, Pro Shots offers 7" Michael Jordan display figures with various fixed poses. There is also an Ultimate Pro Shots release that includes a 12" figure and limited run of 2,023.

Pro Shots Michael Jordan Figures

Upper Deck Tributes Michael Jordan Figures

Combining a snow globe and a Michael Jordan fixed-pose figure might seem odd, but that is exactly what Upper Deck did with their 1999 Tributes figure. Honoring his "Farewell Shot," following his second retirement, they do not seem to pop up often.

Tributes Michael Jordan Figures

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