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2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Baseball Cards

Sep 19, 2009 |

2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Baseball Card Reviews, Information, and Deals.

2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Football

Sep 18, 2009 |

2009 Upper Deck Philadelphia Football Product Review and Set Information.

2009 TRISTAR Obak Baseball

Sep 18, 2009 |

Price: $79 per hobby box
Product Review: 3.5 out of 5 (Very Good)

2009-10 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey

Sep 14, 2009 |

Release Date: November 2009
Hits Per Box: 9 (including rookie cards)
Hobby Configuration: 10 Boxes per case, 9 packs per box, 5 cards per pack

2009-10 Donruss Elite Basketball

Sep 13, 2009 |

Release Date: November 25th, 2009
Hits Per Box: 5
Hobby Configuration: 12 Boxes per case, 20 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
Price (Average): $6.00 / Pack

Buyer Beware: Counterfeit Sketch Cards

Sep 10, 2009 |

I received a concerning email from friend, and sketch card artist Brian Kong last week. It seems that a certain seller on eBay has forged his artwork, and is selling it as his own. Brian did what he thought was the right thing and reported the seller to eBay immediately. Here is a comparison between […]

2009 Topps Heritage American Heroes

Sep 08, 2009 |

2009 Topps Heritage American Heroes Brand: Topps Release Date: Now Available Hits Per Box: 2 Hobby Configuration: 24 packs / 8 cards per pack Price (Average): $60 / Hobby Box Staff Review User Reviews Staff Review 2009 Topps Heritage American Heroes Review Summary The Good: 2009 Topps Heritage American Heroes is easily the deepest, most […]

2009 Upper Deck Icons Baseball

Sep 05, 2009 |

Price: $72 -$79 per hobby box
Review: 2.5/5 (Average)

Basketball Autograph Lawsuit Provides Revealing Look at the Cost of Producing Sports Cards

Sep 04, 2009 |

One of the most common complaints about the current state of sports cards is that it’s too expensive, making it a hobby that only those with a lot of disposable income can enjoy. Though manufacturers have attempted to provide products at a range of price points, there’s no getting around the fact that it costs […]

2009 Topps Finest Rookie Redemption Set Checklist

Sep 02, 2009 |

2009 Topps Finest Rookie Redemption Set Checklist

2009-10 Topps Basketball

Sep 01, 2009 |

2009-10 Topps Basketball Product Review, Product Information, and Shopping Deals.

Sleeper Rookie Cards: Five 2009 Second Day NFL Draft Picks to Watch

Aug 31, 2009 |

All fantasy football players are familiar with the concept of a sleeper: the guy who can be drafted late and still be a valuable contributor under the right circumstances. Finding one or two can make the difference between a decent team and a championship squad. There are sleepers in the world of football cards too, […]

Card Companies Use Different Methods to Produce First Brett Favre Vikings Cards

Aug 25, 2009 |

It’s going to take a little time to get used to seeing Brett Favre in purple. Though he made his first appearance in a Minnesota Vikings uniform on August 21, football card collectors will have a longer wait to see him that way on cardboard – but not too much longer. Topps, Upper Deck and […]

2001 Upper Deck Golf Tiger Woods e-Volve Auto Rookie Card

Aug 20, 2009 |

Tiger Woods rookie cards and autographs are among the most sought after modern day sports cards. The 2001 Upper Deck Golf Tiger Woods e-Volve Autographed Rookie Card #TW-ES Serial Numbered #/100 is among the best of the bunch: This is a true Tiger Woods 2001 Upper Deck rookie card that features an on-card autograph from […]

Bark In The Park

Aug 19, 2009 |

There’s nothing quite like going to a Single A baseball game. The price is right, the food is cheap, and the players use the same restrooms as you do. Throw in your pooches, your seven year old daughter, a couple cheap doggie treats from Wally World, and PRESTO – you got one hell of a […]

Why Sports Card Exclusives Aren’t the End of the World

Aug 12, 2009 |

If the last part of this decade in sports cards can be defined by a single trend, it’s sports leagues signing exclusive deals with trading card manufacturers. The NHL was first, deciding to go solely with Upper Deck coming out of its 2004-05 lockout season. A more surprising announcement came this January when the NBA followed suit. […]

Michael Jordan’s Popularity Soars Among Collectors as he Prepares to Enter the Hall

Aug 10, 2009 |

It’s hard to believe that Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest NBA player of all time, has been in retirement long enough to be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame next month. It doesn’t feel like Jordan’s been gone long enough to be enshrined because he’s still so visible. Turn on a television […]

Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Class of 2009 a Relative Bargain for Collectors

Aug 10, 2009 |

The brand new batch of Hall of Famers inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this past weekend includes several gentlemen with impressive credentials. The NFL’s all-time sack leader (Bruce Smith), it’s single-game sack king (Derrick Thomas), a former world’s fastest man (Bob Hayes), and arguably the greatest cornerback ever to roam the gridiron […]